The Repeal of the Clean Power Plan is

The Repeal of the Clean Power Plan is a violation of the EPA’s sole purpose of protecting the environment and all its inhabitants. President obama had this act initiated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power generators. Repealing this act will increase carbon emission from dirty power plants, and that will increase extreme weather events that continue to threaten our environment . Repealing the Clean Power Plan conflicts with what your agency stands for, and you, Mr.Pruitt would be held responsible for the undermining of our health and our wildlife. National limits on carbon pollution from power plants is absolutely necessary and encourages the development of clean, renewable energy. By moving to repeal the Clean Power Plan, Administrator Pruitt is undermining vital health protections that reduce air pollution and curb the effects of climate change. We need the EPA to strengthen safeguards that address climate change, not tear them down. Administrator Pruitt should immediately reconsider this reckless and harmful action. Rejecting the EPA’S mission in protecting public health stands against everything the agency is built upon. It is clear that carbon emissions have lead to climate change, and disregarding the various health risks in carbon emissions is a very irresponsible decision. The EPA’s basis that the prior administration’s application of the Clean Air Act was illegal is not an appropriate basis to overturn the rule. The legality of the rule should be left up to the courts to decide. As such, I am requesting a hearing on the matter be conducted.The repeal itself seems to only benefit the coal industry corporations, not the workers or the public. The largest coal producing states’ worker wage is 4% below the national average. These workers should be retrained and migrate to other jobs or occupations. These profitable corporations can afford the cost of carbon capture and should be made to do so. Furthermore, Repealing this regulation without a suitable replacement to protect the environment from excessive carbon pollution is irresponsible for a well known agency that stands with the protection of the environment. Repealing an act created by a previous President, simply because you do not support them is not the way to go. In doing so, you are placing a major crime against our environment. We are already facing climate change, and it’s what is causing the wildfires and hurricanes we have been seeing. Without this act, we would face more threats from the carbon pollution you are allowing into our air. Our asthma rates are twice as high as the rest of the United States. In addition, we have five oil refineries adjacent to our community that also contribute to local pollution. There is pressure from the community to go to renewal energy as quickly as possible to reduce the negative health impacts of these industries.Renewable power is our future, you, Mr.Pruitt are going to be responsible for taking away the future of millions of people. These decisions should involve the voice of we- the people. And not being attentive to the lives you are putting on the line is selfish and irresponsible as an administrator of the EPA.I oppose the repeal of the Clean Power Plan and any other change that will loosen regulations on pollution, and request a hearing to be held on behalf of the people for the cancellation of the repeal. The Clean power plan  protects our air and water from power plant emissions that are unhealthy for our plants, wildlife, and our people.


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