The risks that may endanger employee safety and

The global Marketplace is immense and
requires fortitude and tolerance to be prolific. Human Resource Managers need
to be aware of the risks that may endanger employee safety and well-being,
whether it is a home-country national strategy or a host-country national
strategy. You must weigh the risk and reward daily. You will need to create
updated policies as well as training to alleviate workplace violence and safety
hazards alike. (Dias, 2011) There are many
issues that can arise at a moment’s notice and your job is to prepare for any
issue that may ascend. Sure, there is no such thing as a 100% success rate in
dealing with the many complex issues in the workplace, yet you can be 100% prepared
for any issues that can derail your company’s success.

OSHA fined a Southern Indiana Rural King $14,000 in leu of 7 safety violations
in the workplace. Of the seven violations six were serious and may have
resulted in accidents or illness (Indiana OSHA fines Rural King $14k, 2017) The website did not
go into precise detail as to the violations exhibited by the Rural King, yet
there are preemptive measures that can be taken to diminish the risk of
maltreatment to employees in the workplace. Rural King can train their employees
to be efficient and safe at the same time. Safety training is the human
resource managers first line of defense when contesting risk in the workplace.
If you meet resistance from the administration when presenting the idea of
training due to the expense factor, remind them of the expense that may arise
from OSHA fines and possible lawsuits from employees that are injured in the
workplace. (Dias, 2011)


       In the past few days there has been OSHA
violations at in Oak Barrel plant in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The company was found
to be in violation of two OSHA laws, the violations at this company put
employees at risk as well as the residents of the local community (Diedrich,
Both of the violations put individuals in harm’s way, and can cause possible death
with regards to sparks near the fumes produced by guns. These fumes are
extremely volatile and can ignite causing harm and possible death to
individuals or groups of individuals.

       The other violation relates to lose
respirators that the Painters use while spraying. The faulty masks can lead to
lung disease resulting in a painful death. (Diedrich, 2017) My father has
sprayed lacquer in his Woodshop for decades using cheap ineffective respirators
and he now suffers from pulmonary fibrosis that will eventually take his life
from him. The oak barrel company needs to invest in the safety of its employees
by purchasing better quality equipment for their safety. Once the investment is
made you must make sure that the employees are trained in the proper use of
such equipment. In all reality, companies have a duty to ensure the safety of
its employees. Most of the time issues occur due to negligence caused by
expenses. It doesn’t pay to be frugal when it comes to safety.

       There are many risks in the workplace in these
risks can be avoided. Health issues can be addressed and, yet they will still
happen. Let’s say that a company stores hazardous materials that can cause
injury or death to an employee if there are no safety measures to alert the
employees to dangerous leaks of hazardous liquids or gases. than the employee
can become sick from the leaks or perish from the leaks. In any situation it
can be easily thwarted through training, updating equipment, and following
safety procedures and policies. It may cost a great deal to implement a leak
detection system in your plant, yet a life cannot be replaced. Be diligent in
the pursuit of safety and never let price deter you from achieving safety

       Workplace violence is defined as a tendency of
individuals or groups to use persistent aggressive or unreasonable behavior
against a co-worker or subordinate. Again, your first line of defense as a
human resource manager is training. Make sure to establish workplace violence
prevention policies and a zero-tolerance policy. (Dias, 2011)
Once the training on these policies is complete have the employee sign a
document stating that they acknowledge the policy at hand and they are aware of

       Another workplace violence detractor would be
the placement of cameras and extra lighting in the plant make it common
knowledge to employees that they are on camera at all points of time. (Dias, 2011) The majority will
not partake in workplace violence knowing that they are being monitored in the
workplace. The camera never lies. Lastly, we have the” buddy system” at work. (Dias, 2011) Employees that have
violence issues are much less likely to act aggressively in front of witnesses.
Most of the bullies are cowards, that’s why they need to lash out at others to
make themselves feel better. A lot of workplace violence issues can be avoided
through training and the implementation of zero tolerance policies.
Consequences for bad actions in the workplace could deter people from workplace

 There are three types of Staffing strategies
that one can use internationally. In the beginning we have the Home-Country
National strategy which uses employees from the home country to live and work
abroad. Secondly, there is the host-country national strategy which uses
employees from the country that the company is operating in. The host country.
Finally, we have the third- country national strategy which is when you hire
employees from a completely different country. An advantage when using a
home-country national strategy is a greater control of the company, and a
disadvantage would be, language barriers, expirates lack of cultural
sensitivity and cost of visa and hiring. (Dias, 2011)

       A host-country national strategy can eliminate
the language barrier and the employees are hip to the local culture and its
laws. It also eliminates Visa cost. There’s one glaring disadvantage the
creation of a “US” versus “Them” rivalry, possibly developing a sense of
animosity with the employees. The Third-Country National strategy advantages
are that the employees can be better suited to bring an international perspective
to the firm, lower hiring cost, and must consider traditional local
hostilities. The two disadvantages being that the government or local business
may resent hiring a third-country national and can affect employee morale. (Dias, 2011)

There are many pros and cons to these
different International strategies. Company to decide which International
strategy is best for them. Using the Home-Country National strategy there are
expirates. Expirates are the employees from the home country, the main reason
for failure is exhibited during the resistance phase. (Dias, 2011)
The employee becomes frustrated with comparisons of home, these differences in
everyday conveniences, language and culture can consume a person from within to
a point of negativity. Expirates even reject their own culture at some point. (Dias, 2011) Moving to a new
culture where no one understands you and vice versa can be caustic to a
workplace relationship. Don’t become a victim of it. Educate yourself and be
prepared for your new existence.

       In conclusion it is your duty as a human
resources manager to instill training and implementation of policies to keep
the workplace safe, workplace violence free, and efficient. Here at home and
abroad in the global Marketplace to do so. Do your homework and be prepared for
any and all risk that made place. You are responsible for your employee’s
education safety so take the time to ensure that the workplace is Copa static.


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