The role of a sheriff’s department varies between different state

The sheriff is an elective county functionary ; therefore deputies and those who work for the section tend to hold a closer relationship with the citizens in that peculiar metropolis. Harmonizing to LaFrance and Placide ( 2009 ) , article on the different leading manners of constabulary and sheriff, most of the clip, Sheriffs have risen through the ranks of the sheriff ‘s office over clip before running for election therefore they are place-bound. Because they are elected, they might experience more of an duty to stay at their stations even when there is an adversarial relationship with the county and its board.

The bureau provides service to the full county of Cherokee. Harmonizing to the Sheriff ‘s Department web site, they provide their services to an estimated 190,000 people. There are five precincts in the county ; nevertheless I was genuinely fortunate to hold the chance to intern at four. Those four precincts were Hickory Flat, Oak Grove, Waleska, and Free Home. The Cherokee County Sheriff ‘s Department has a assortment of occupation descriptions, cliental, and staff members. Each of these sections is actively engaged in keeping order throughout the assorted countries in the community. Deputies respond to name for different services and look into all major and minor offenses. The sheriff section besides transports arrestees to adult detainment centre and attest at tribunal. The cognition base and accomplishments of forces of Cherokee County is singular. Along with the stuff obtained from categories ; a major portion of the bureau professionalism comes from the sheriff. In an article about the importance of the right sheriff, the writer states that “ the values of the sheriff either are irrelevant to acceptance of processs, or serve to reenforce the form because of the sort of adult male recruited to the office. ” ( Thomas Henderson, 1975 ) The deputies are top notch and are truly professionals. The section ‘s slogan is “ Puting a New Standard for Law Enforcement ” ; the bureau aims to transcend all demands and to put the section apart from others. They represent the bureau in a great mode.

Rowan D. Williams states that “ Bad human communicating leaves us less room to turn ” , good I grew from this internship with the sheriff ‘s office. They were willing to allow me witness and be a portion of any call that would non set my life in any danger. They answered all inquiries and allowed me to take part and see the process of make fulling out paper work. The internship with the Cherokee County Sheriff ‘s Office was everything I expected an internship to be. I went into this internship with an unfastened head willing to larn and detect every bit much as possible, irrespective of the warnings that it was more cattles and Equus caballuss so people. Expecting to make a assortment of things which would non merely give me a paper to compose but besides an thought of what I wanted to make with my condemnable justness grade. All of my personal acquisition aims were answered. If the person I was with at the clip could non reply a inquiry, so I was directed to the individuals who could. Interning with the Cherokee County Sheriff Department was a really informative experience doing me more cognizant of what my life ‘s ends were and were non. I gained a batch of firsthand experience and was able to web with a batch astonishing persons. From the observations I made while interning with such enlightening persons gave me new regard for the mode in which the legal procedure is reviewed.

I started my internship as the drive along and the displacement was 6:00am-6:00pm, nevertheless the deputies ‘ displacement started at 5:45am. The convergence help the deputies who were approximately to plug out acquire off Oklahoman. Roll call is held every forenoon. This is where the deputies receive any information from the dark crew or any policies and processs which changed while they were away. They inspect their arms, autos, and any other device which may impede them from making their occupation. After the axial rotation call, the supervisor at each precinct briefed the deputies on what was traveling on within their zone and who I would be siting with. Then the deputies would scatter and began districting or policing.

Stan Crowder

The Cherokee County Sheriff ‘s Office runs their bureau with high criterions. Deputy Hackard describes the sheriff ‘s section as taking to be “ Ternary Crown ” holder with its accreditations. The preparation which every deputy participates in prepares the deputy for his occupation and besides their spouses ‘ occupation. This bureau goes beyond all demands for accreditation. Cherokee County, which was the first bureau in Georgia to hold accreditation through The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies ( CALEA ) , is besides Peace Officer Standards and Training ( POST ) certified and Georgia certified. Each enfranchisement holds its ain intent within the bureau ‘s policy and processs. The bureau builds its policy and processs around the criterions and demands of CALEA and POST. The bureau has non yet received accreditation from American Correctional Association ( ACA ) ; nevertheless they have criterions similar to those that are already required. This bureau strives to keep and travel beyond all criterions to put itself apart from the remainder as it relates to its citizens. Constantly being in preparation helps the section set up a head, within the deputies, able to critically analyze state of affairss in different scenarios. Wesley Phillips and Darrell Norman write in their article that by prosecuting in critical thought, jurisprudence enforcement professionals should make multiple solutions to jobs by invariably oppugning and disputing their strengths, and analyzing decision-making penchants and patterns ( 2009 ) . The preparation which is required by the bureau besides helps the deputies help each other in their occupation.

Even though the bureau is certified through other plans the two which truly have a big impact on how the section will carry on concern are POST and CALEA. POST is an indispensable plus to the Cherokee Sheriff ‘s office. It is a plan which fundamentally trains the section on gun use and moralss that are compulsory and every bureau in Georgia must be certified in. Even though CALEA is non compulsory, it does so much more for an bureau. Harmonizing to the section ‘s website holding this signifier of accreditation strengthen an bureau ‘s answerability, both within the bureau and within the community. However, with CALEA it is more of a criterion and regulations. This accreditation is non compulsory and more than a few bureaus in Georgia do non hold this accreditation within the section. There are two grounds why many bureaus do non hold ; money or adult male power. Cherokee ‘s Sheriff Office possesses an highly hardworking and serious group of persons whose occupation is to be rather knowing about CALEA and aid in them keeping their accreditation.

Another difference between the major two accreditations, POST and CALEA, is the procedure. With CALEA the deputies sit in categories and learn. They become cognizant of the policies and processs to manage different scenarios. They besides learn different ethical picks to do. Again CALEA is non compulsory but it does state a batch about an bureau. Cherokee was the first bureau in the province of Georgia to be accredited through CALEA. The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies set the processs and criterions on things such as how to manus turnup or hunts and seizures an single right to how to compose out studies. POST is a different entity in itself. To keep your enfranchisement through POST you must travel through preparation one time a twelvemonth, nevertheless Cherokee requires their deputies to travel through preparation twice a twelvemonth. Harmonizing to the sheriff ‘s section web site, they require each officer to procure 45 hours of P.O.S.T. approved preparation during the calendar twelvemonth. Everything the bureau does to better the section, exceeds the lower limit. P.O.S.T. merely requires 25 hours to retain.

Every deputy in the province of Georgia must be POST certified to even transport a piece. Peace Officer Standards and Training categories normally last about 12 to 13 hebdomads. Military officers who finish so become to the full pledged officers after they complete. Deputies besides receive ethical preparation here every bit good. They go through a assortment of academies and classs. Cherokee County maintains their accreditation by making the followers: “ The office coordinates scheduling of forces attending at province and local preparation installations, provides in-service preparation and proctors figure of hours forces receive yearly to guarantee minimal demands of the P.O.S.T. Council and the Sheriff ‘s Office are met. ” Bing in jurisprudence enforcement requires a batch of paper work, but the preparation the deputies receive prepare and develop them in make fulling out all paper work.

When it comes to keeping their accreditation, Cherokee County Sheriff ‘s section exceeds the demands. The deputies must re-qualify with their pieces every twelvemonth and the minimal mark is 80 per centum. They must hold 40 hours of preparation which is more so what CALEA requires. The section besides leaves the option to subscribe up for more category if the deputies would wish. The section goes beyond its demands for the protection of the bureau. If something was to go on on behalf of one their employees non following protocol so the bureau would be able to demo that they provided preparation to that person to do the right picks. I feel that the preparation and enfranchisements are used by the section to be able to distance itself from jurisprudence suits and unneeded tribunal engagement.

Cold instances in the Cherokee County Sheriff ‘s section are reviewed yearly. Cold instances come about when there is non adequate information to convey the instance to a shutting. These are offenses or an accident that has non yet been solved to the full and is non the topic of a recent condemnable probe. Merely the serious offenses fall under cold instances if they are non solved. However some serious offenses have statues of restrictions, such as colza. Rape is merely a cold instance for seven old ages. Homicide and slaying do non hold any statues of restrictions they can be reopen at any clip. However, if there is non a culprit so there is non instance and no instance means another cold instance.

The lone manner the instance can be reopen is with new information or with new informant testimony. In order for the deputy to acquire a warrant they merely need likely cause nevertheless the territory lawyer needs beyond a sensible uncertainty to win the instance. So if the sheriff ne’er gets the warrant because there is non adequate grounds so the territory lawyer ne’er gets the file and the instance becomes cold. The research workers re-examined archives and retained material grounds, every bit good as fresh activities of the suspect to reopen the instance. “ Conduct of offense probe and sensing work has undergone important and deep reform in recent twelvemonth. In big portion this is attributable to important progresss that have been made across the forensic scientific disciplines, particularly in regard to the quickly speed uping capacity to turn up, roll up, and analyze familial stuffs ” this is why the sheriff ‘s section is now able to reopen and work out more instances than in old old ages ( Innes and Clarke, 2009 ) . In order to reopen a instance there must be new information.

Cherokee county has a assortment of civilizations with the county line. The deputies come in contact with linguistic communication barriers and civilization differences. You have the immense Hispanic community and so you have the white and black communities. The preparation which the deputies receive is more of an ethical preparation. Standards for ethical preparation are set by The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. Then the section adds onto the criterions set by CALEA. They do non have any preparation on how to talk to the Hispanic community, nevertheless there are Spanish speech production persons who work for the section. The section besides now makes certain that every displacement has an person who is fluent in Spanish working with them. Some of the deputies I spoke with even said that they experienced a civilization daze. That they were non prepared for the civilization and community they now had to supply service to. The section does non offer any signifier of skill developing to fix their deputies for the diverseness within the county. Heather Wyatt-Nichol and George Franks ( 2009 ) found in their article that “ Many professionals and organisations in the jurisprudence enforcement community hold that moralss developing bridges the spread between written policies and existent behaviour by presenting or reenforcing regulations and outlooks of behaviour. Ethical motives direction exposes officers to ethical quandary and scenarios through preparation prior to “ hitting the streets ” or traveling up in rank. ” The ethical preparation is what keeps Cherokee County deputies grounded and professional. How the civilization differences in the county besides play a major function in the composing of the grownup detainment centre inmates every bit good.

Jennifer McMahon-Howard

The grownup detainment centre system in Cherokee is really little compared to other big detainment centre systems. With over 544 inmates, there are eight lodging cods in the grownup detainment centre and 14 inmates on each floor. There are both females and males in the grownup detainment centre. The gender composing of the grownup detainment centre is about 86.21 % male and 13.79 % female. Out of the male ‘s per centum the racial composings is 66.10 % white, 19.19 % black, 14.50 % Hispanic, and 0.21 % other. The female composing is racially divided with 81.33 % being white, 16.00 % black, 2.67 % Hispanic, and 0.00 % other. The racial composing of the grownup detainment centre is a contemplation of the county. In the 2009 Census, Cherokee County population was composed of 81.1 % white, 6.2 % black, 9.4 % Hispanic, and 3.3 % other. If bulk of the county is of the white race than the bulk of the composing of the grownup detainment centre will be of the white race. With composing of the grownup detainment centre being so drastic officers have to be to the full cognizant of their environment.

Victims in Cherokee County are treated like victims irrespective if they are legal or illegal. The section offers different services with aid line Numberss to the victims of offenses. One of the services they provide to victims of household force is The Cherokee Family Violence Center ( CFVC ) . The information for their services comes on a little concern card, which deputies are able to manus out if there is a victim. The concern card list contact information as good information on how to manage a instance of household force. CFVC is an exigency shelter which provides a 24 hr crisis hotline. They besides have other valuable services such as therapy for kids and they even serve as a legal protagonism. CFVC has even taking their service to the following measure by doing their services available to Hispanics. Cherokee County besides has a plan where they keep the victim inform of the whereabouts of the wrongdoers, The Cherokee County Victim-Witness Assistance Program.

The plan is called Victim Information & A ; Notification Everyday ( VINE ) . These plan uses computing machine engineering and the telephone system to supply offender detention information 24 hours a twenty-four hours. The system provides the detention position to the victim, including apprehension, release, and reassign information. The victim is known merely by a pin figure. The deputies participate in different activities prepare them for these sort of events ; the deputies ne’er know what they are about walk into when called out to domestic difference. The preparation which the section provides to its deputies is really necessary it prepares them for different state of affairss, including victims which may be undocumented or illegal. There is non a constabulary written on how to manage a victim, so many of the deputies rely on their discretion, preparation, and ethical values. When covering with any victim along with the policies set Forth by the section, the preparation received plays a function every bit good. On the section ‘s web site it states that “ CALEA Accreditation facilitates an bureau ‘s chase of professional excellence ” , so the deputies are ever showing and stand foring the section in a mode which is really professional.

Cherokee Sheriff ‘s Department receives developing in categories on moralss to acquire them prepared for the victims who may be here illicitly or those of a different civilization. In Kenneth Dowlera and Raymond Sparks ( 2008 ) article, on the relationship between jurisprudence enforcement and victims, provinces that “ victims might hold direct contact with constabulary by describing their victimization, although some victims choose non to describe the offense. Thus the attitudes of some offense victims toward constabulary might be influenced by the quality of their contact with constabulary. ” The manner that deputies and the section present themselves to victims of offense must be professional. This is the lone manner to construct a relationship with the undocumented victims or those of a different civilization.

One of the deputies stated that sometimes it is hard to acquire across to a victim “ that you are at that place to assist them ” because they are frightened. He went on to state that in many Mexican countries the constabulary are corrupt so there is non a victim-police relationship. Jennifer Chacon states that “ unauthorised peoples are more vulnerable to menaces because they [ culprits ] know that attempts to seek legal resort can consequences in drawn-out in-migration detainment, condemnable prosecution, and, of class remotion. “ , the deputies of Cherokee County believe that any individual, irrespective of their citizenship, is a victim if a offense has being committed against them, before they are an illegal. So they use their discretion and to keep a healthy relationship with the victims of offenses.

Ella Ballard

Discretion is defined by Terenceas Daintith as “ a lawfully established power of determination. It is a staple component in both administrative and contractual agreements, but whereas its judicial control provides the nucleus of administrative jurisprudence, it is barely even acknowledged as an issue in the standard governments on contract ” ( 2005 ) . Discretion can be found in an officer ‘s determination to utilize a legal countenance. That is, an officer exercises discretion in whether to halt a traffic wrongdoer, to give a ticket, or to do an apprehension. Some constabulary officers operate in an environment where they are often entirely in their contacts with citizens doing them to travel efficiently to spread state of affairss. Each officer is different and may hold pet peeves about certain misdemeanors whether in the community or while in parturiency, community perceptual experiences are of import because the section wants the bulk of the community to be supportive. However, officers that work more from emotions instead than factual representation tend to mistreat the usage of discretion. In communities where the officers knew the people in community the misdemeanors may be dealt with otherwise because they are familiar those persons. The perceptual experience of the discourtesy to the officer is what influences the intervention of the party involved. The usage of discretion can be closely related to how the officers worked with one another, being that they spend a important sum of clip on instances together causes them to seek equal advice.

An officer influence on discretions can deduce from many elements. When the nature of the offense has a kid involve the deputy may be given to be more aggressive toward the alleged felon, particularly if they have a kid of their ain. Another major component is the section policy. If the section makes it a policy that everyone who is stopped in a traffic halt gets a ticket so that is what the officer must follow. In Cherokee County, the sheriff has made it where no one gets a ticket drive over 10 mile per hr. Scott Phillips ( 2008 ) makes a point in his article about the usage of discretions when he states, “ Military officers use discretion in traffic-stop determinations, but many province legislative assemblies now require sections to garner traffic-stop informations to analyze and potentially deter racial profiling ” . Many bureaus make it really hard for deputies to utilize their ain discretion, particularly since profiling can go an issue.

The organisational construction of the Cherokee County Sheriff ‘s Office is decentralized. Before the decentralised construction the section was centralized. The construction of the bureau is really of import because it dictates who report to whom and it besides determines the response clip. In the decentralised construction everything goes through a concatenation of single before it comes to the desk of Sheriff Garrison. The captain runs merely the displacement in the decentralised construction. This includes all precincts. Each displacement has one captain, so it is more work for the captain in the decentralised construction. In the centralised construction the captain ran merely the precinct. Every deputy in that precinct would describe to that captain. With the centralised construction everyone was on one page and was able to cognize what was traveling on in the precinct at the beginning of each displacement because they were being ran by one individual. With the decentralised construction each displacement is ran otherwise and the accommodation from one displacement to another is hard.

Each organisational construction plants, nevertheless bulk of the person I spoke with idea that the centralised construction worked better for the bureau. At the top of the organisational chart is Sheriff Garrison and at the underside of the chart is the detainment centre ‘s Chaplin. Before you get to the sheriff, there is Chief Vic West and the particular operations unit. Beside the particular operations units are besides the person over the accreditation and enfranchisement. Particular operations, which is ran by Captain Satterfield, and Headquarters Operation, ran by Captain Martin, works together and really closely with each other. Underneath preparation and accreditation are big detainment centre operations, unvarying patrol operations, fact-finding operations, and exigency direction.

The bureau ‘s organisational construction has many sections to keep. I was assigned to the preparation section, but I got to rush bulk of my clip with the patrol unit. From the patrol unit, I spent some clip within the detainment centre and so the tribunals. The clip spent in the detainment centre was the worse for me, nevertheless there I got to see the other sections of the bureau. Within the bureau you have the S.W.A.T unit, V.I.P.E.R, CID, K-9, the GCIC, patrol, and intelligence ; merely to call a few. V.I.P.E.R, which is acronym for Violent Incident Pro-active Enforcement Response, marks high offense countries in Cherokee. They are in concurrence with SWAT, CMANS ( narcotics unit ) , and the pack unit. Their chief intent is to cut down condemnable activities and certain countries. They besides assist other units in the bureau. CID is the bureau probe division. They investigate all offenses after the study has being made by the deputies. S.W.A.T is the section ‘s most prestige unit. The unit trains on a day-to-day bases and besides take part in different mock deliverance drills. The bureau ‘s web site provinces that, “ all squad members are required to go through a strict physical fittingness trial and demonstrate elevated hiting accomplishments with a assortment of specialised arms ” . There are presently 10 members, nevertheless there is merely one lady apart S.W.A.T. Cherokee County Sheriff ‘s Office has so many different units, but it developing unit is what fix the deputies for those state of affairss where their life depend on it.

Before the start of my internship with this bureau, I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Captain Joe Satterfield. He explained to me all the houseman ‘s responsibilities and duties and gave me the signifiers in which I needed to make full out. Captain Satterfield appeared to b really consecutive forward, and from the tone in his voice it appeared he truly enjoyed what he does. I subsequently learned that the emotions I experienced during my clip with Captain Satterfield were feelings I would experience with everyone in the section I came in contact with.

Captain Satterfield began his calling in jurisprudence enforcement 19 old ages ago when he was the age of 22 old ages old. He chose this calling because he felt like it was an exciting manner of life and that seemed like something merriment to make. Before he started his calling he attended Abraham Baldwin College. There he received his associate ‘s grade in condemnable justness and a proficient grade in jurisprudence enforcement. Once Captain Satterfield got a occupation with Cherokee he received a scholarship to foster his instruction. The scholarship came through the section from Reinhardt College. Satterfield received his unmarried man ‘s grade in history and he besides graduated magna cum laude. After graduating he enrolled into Columbus State ‘s alumnus plan, where he received his maestro ‘s grade in public disposal.

Satterfield has had a great impact on the Cherokee Sheriff ‘s Department. His calling way started with him being in the grownup detainment centre for about a twelvemonth, every deputy starts in the grownup detainment centre. From the grownup detainment centre he moved really rapidly to the unvarying patrol unit, where he stayed for about eight and half old ages. Mr. Satterfield was promoted to sergeant so to lieutenant with that division. He was so to the preparation division where he remained for eight old ages. Presently Captain Satterfield is the commanding officer over all of the undermentioned units ; S.W.A.T. , K-9, dialogue and biking. However, out all the place Satterfield has being over, he felt like preparation was the place which made the greatest impact to the section. He stated that the determination he made about preparation non merely made an impact on the deputies but besides the idiosyncrasy they would near different state of affairss. Training goes a long manner particularly when it is done the right manner.

Captain Satterfield is happy where within his calling. He states that he would non alter anything or make anything otherwise. He went on to explicate the key to maintaining household life separate from work life. Satterfield explained to ever be focus on what you are making and be able to perpetrate to that state of affairs. He explains that everyone will come to that point in their calling where it is a challenge to keep the household and work, but you must remain focussed. The individual has to near the state of affairs in the right mode. When you are speaking to your kid you are a parent ; you are non the drill teacher from developing any longer. Satterfield does non hold any programs on running for the Sheriff of Cherokee County. As I conversed with Captain Satterfield I acquired that he feels like he has a greater involvement in jurisprudence enforcement and being Sheriff will non give him that hands on experience he likes. During our conversation I asked him if he could briefly depict himself in five powerful words in which he chose the undermentioned words ; leader, disciplinary, director, professional, and inspirational.

If I had to depict my internship to another pupil while seeking to sell them the experience which I have had, I would get down with get plentifulness of remainder. There is land and more land, with plentifulness of cattles and farms. I would travel on to explicate that the person are really in melody with their calling and down to Earth. The person of Cherokee are sort and love speaking. There are a few deputies who must interrupt the ice with before you began to inquire inquiries. I would so inform them of the many houses which they would see organize the ride-along. Be prepare to eat excessively because the deputies love to eat. Ask plentifulness of inquiries as good. There is so much to be learned at this internship, but you have to inquire foremost. The internship is really similar to a occupation with the sheriff ‘s section. The internship starts in the am and ends in the autopsy. It is a 12 hr displacement but if there is nil truly to make so you can ever work on school work. An internship with a sheriff ‘s section will let you to see everything within the county. The internship is non like one with the Drug Enforcement Agency or Marietta Police Department ; nevertheless, it is one that you will ever retrieve.

Interning with the Cherokee County Sheriff ‘s Office was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The officers I worked with gave me the chance to take part in all of the exhilaration that the sheriff ‘s office has to offer ; they were more than willing to learn, explicate, and back up me throughout the entireness of my internship. This experience has helped strengthened my calling readying for this field of work within jurisprudence enforcement. Making an internship truly helps you gain a alone position into the universe of jurisprudence enforcement. I now look at some of the jobs many immature persons have with jurisprudence enforcement and I am able to measure the job to come to an reply.

I have learned a batch of accomplishments that will assist me derive a calling with a local jurisprudence enforcement bureau ; minor the physical legerity trial. Some of the accomplishments that I have learned this twelvemonth include the despatch codifications, make fulling out paper work, and different policies and processs. Along with these accomplishments I besides was able to derive an grasp for the work that the jurisprudence enforcement does. I feel as though I have learned more about the condemnable justness system and the manner it functions. From interning the agenda which the deputies work, 12 hr displacements, I was able to see and sometimes experience the strain of the occupation. I besides helped make full out commendations and enter the study in on file. Everything must hold a paper trail when it comes to jurisprudence enforcement. If it is non written down so it does non be.

I notice from looking at how grounds is handled that, even though it is a batch of paperwork, the paper helps protect the deputy and the section. Every manus that touches the grounds must subscribe it, hence to where the grounds has been and how it got at that place. I besides learned valuable lessons merely from speaking to different people through this internship ; wisdom goes a long manner. They held nil back and I felt as though they were directly frontward when replying any of my inquiries. Deputy McElroy gave me the opportunity to see everything from siting with the officers to sitting with them in the tribunal suites. I now besides have a better apprehension of what the sheriff section means to a county and it citizens.

While I have learned a batch in my four old ages of Criminal Justice categories between Augusta State and Kennesaw State, I do non believe anything can truly compare to what I learned during my clip as an houseman with the sheriff ‘s office. College class can supply us with the different facts and figures on the offense rate and the victimization rate. A instructor can give the category a conjectural state of affairs to be analyzed and make a solution. All of these different in category state of affairss are normally observed and felt by others. To really take part in these existent life state of affairss has a larning value above and beyond any typical schoolroom made of purely class work. I would strongly urge the Cherokee County Sheriff Office internship to the following pupil. Participating in an internship gave me an thought of what to anticipate to a certain grade in the country of jurisprudence enforcement, along with a huge figure of general accomplishments.

I have gained an grasp for the cognition obtained through communicating with the deputies. I was able to web and set up professional relationships, which will help me in whichever way of jurisprudence enforcement I choose to prosecute. IA feel privileged for being able to carry through the chance I received to work with the work forces and adult females at the Cherokee County Sheriff ‘s Office. My internship experiences have been worthwhile and really instrumental to my future programs as an person in jurisprudence enforcement. I will continuously construct onto the sum of cognition that I have obtained from this internship. The field of jurisprudence enforcement can be hard as one of the deputies stated, but I was afforded a good start with the Cherokee County Sheriff ‘s Office.


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