The search pretty much any and all forms

The shift to digital
technology has definitely changed the media landscape drastically. The world
has pretty much fully gone online, and many traditional media outlets are
feeling the pressure to keep up or disappear due to the accessibility through
our smart phones.

In general, Social media is dominating media right now. We no longer
have to wait to tune into an evening newscast to hear breaking stories. We can
simply open up our phones and instantly Google it. Everything is at our
fingertips. We can search pretty much any and all forms of news. In addition,
social media platforms have made it so easy to live chat and connect with each
other on sites such as facebook, instragram, snapchat and more in real time.
The possibilities are plentiful and therefore allow the every day person to receive
relevant information in real time.

There are obviously cons that come with this online world. The most
important thing to note is the biased perspective you’re creating without even
realizing. Everything on our phones and computers are essentially tracked and
saved to create this perceived forecast for the user. The online controllers
essentially weed out news and information they think the user would deem
unattractive to “enhance” the online experience. This makes it so much easier
for people to create a political and social opinion that is perceived to be the
majority but in actuality may not be. This type of filterization doesn’t allow
an environment for discussion or debate, but rather one of intolerance. In
addition, fake news is becoming dangerously common. News that is fragmented or
bent creates ignorance and misunderstanding that can escalate differences and
opposing views because there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground for anyone to

there are both pros and cons to online shift. Technology and online platforms
allow for instant access to breaking news as well as connections to those
around you. Many people have optimized their use by making it their business to
stay on top of the news and information in regards to news and information
being easily accessible online. The controversial side of it however is the
biased perspectives it can create due to the ownership by big conglomerates as
well as it’s tailored to match a certain forecast that they believe you’ll find
appealing which in essence keeps a lot of us unintentionally very biased. I
think it’s important to keep in mind for anyone involved in the online world to
tread lightly and cautiously. Be mindful when active online, acknowledge the
good and bad of media and try to always remain a responsible user.


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