The shek family

Summary Of The Information Gathered

Showing Problem And The Aim Of Assessment

The IFSC in Sham Shui Po received phone call and the company study that for the past two months her co-tenant has been call on the carpeting her boy over his survey jobs. The company mentioned that it is for about two to three times a hebdomad and sometimes it has ended in crushing the male child. The event normally happens around 10 to 11 p.m. and has been really upseting to the company. Last flushing the female parent drove the male child out of their level despite it was merely approximately 10 grade in Celsius and the kid was have oning merely a brace of thin cotton pyjama. The male child cried so bitterly that the company had to step in.

After having the phone call, the Centre assigned one societal worker to measure a suspected kid maltreatment instance on P.1 pupil, named Shek Chi-chung. The worker had no trouble in acquiring into the level after explicating the intent of the visit. Entire 2 place visits along with the interviews were conducted by the worker to roll up different information about the household.

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The intent was to assist measure the state of affairs of the kid maltreatment, researching the implicit in factors lending to the kid maltreatment, the household system and its dynamism and to set forward a short term immediate program and long term program for the household members particularly to fuss to work out the jobs.

Family Background

Mr. Shek, 45 old ages old, is a Hong Kong Citizen and a exclusive staff of life victor of the household. He is working as quality accountant of a nomadic phone mill in Dongguan and corsets at that place four darks a hebdomad.

Mrs. Shek, 32 old ages old, is a full clip housewife. She is responsible for making housekeeping, shopping, cookery, taking her boy, Chi-chung, to school and oversing his prep in add-on to looking after her great great-aunt. Previously Mrs. Shek besides worked as gross revenues in Dongguan and her female parent helped to take attention of Chi-chung there. She was now granted the individual entry license to Hong Kong with the ground for taking attention of her great great-aunt.

The Son of Mr. and Mrs. Shek, Shek Chi-chung, was born in Hong Kong and now he is 7 old ages old. His female parent mentioned that when he was in Dongguan, he was spoiled by his grandmother. His parents wanted him to acquire prepared for the primary instruction in Hong Kong. So his female parent and he came to Hong Kong about 18 months ago when he was analyzing K.3.

Their great great-aunt is 90 old ages old and she does non hold any kid. Even though she is all right with her basic self-care, the old lady is homebound for being frail at her age.

Fiscal state of affairs

Mr. Shek & A ; rsquo ; s monthly income is around 8000 $ per month so they are confronting the fiscal jobs as the average income degree of Hong Kong is 8000-9990 HKD per month. And the Shek household needs to direct their boy to school P.1. They besides has one senior aged citizen who is already 90 old ages old.

Education degree

Mr. Shek and Mrs. Shek instruction degree are non known so far.

Problem appraisal

Clients ‘ perceptual experience of the jobs

During the two place visits and interview Sessionss, Mr. Shek, Mrs. Shek and their boy Shek Chi-chung expressed their positions on the jobs she encountered.

1 ) Mrs. Shek

Mrs. Shek lives with her hubby and her boy, Shek Chi-chung and great great-aunt in little level, on the top of a private edifice without lift. Mrs. Shek disclosed the societal worker about the household conditions, current state of affairs including fiscal state of affairs and her issues and jobs presently she is confronting. She feels that she sacrificed batch for her household.

She continues adverting that over the past few months, she has a great trade about her defeat with Chi-chung. She one time hold fictile coat hanger to endanger her boy if he kept on disregarding her or disobeying her words. Mrs. Shek once more confessed that when she was highly angry she hit her boy & A ; rsquo ; s legs and weaponries. This event happened when she had tried to acquire him to complete his Christmas vacation prep. Chi-chung is physically active and liked reasoning with her. Mrs. Shek described that it had been hell for her to oversee him in the last few months. Mrs. Shek besides stated that the school instructors complained about him non maintaining accurate records of his day-to-day school assignments, burying to convey his exercising books, and twenty-four hours woolgathering in category. She besides mentioned that her boy ne’er got more than 70/100 in a trial and systematically failed in both English and Chinese commands. She felt profoundly ashamed about this but besides angry because the instructors did non look supportive and were merely seting force per unit area on her.

She was losing forbearance and worried that if her boy could non catch up now his opportunity of making good would diminish as the course of study would be acquiring more demanding. Therefore, she considered that she was right to be rigorous and demanding with him. Since the male parent was off most of the hebdomad, she felt much on her ain. Furthermore, she found her hubby late holding more amusements even during the weekends in Hong Kong. As she recounted all this, she was frequently in cryings.

2 ) Mr. Shek

Though the male parent, Mr. Shek, besides shared his married woman & A ; rsquo ; s aspirations on Chi-chung, he considered his married woman sometimes excessively rigorous and over demanding on their boy. However, she seemed non to listen to his sentiment and even threw temper fits on him. He looked frontward to as quiet and peaceable place where he could loosen up away from his demanding occupation. Recently, he had begun to prefer meeting with his friends in Hong Kong to remaining at place after work since the household ambiance was strained, and he felt helpless to make anything to better it. He was besides annoyed by his married woman & A ; rsquo ; s intuitions and accusal of him holding extra-marital personal businesss.

Both parents have high outlooks of their boy and have tried really hard to acquire him into a good school in Hong Kong.

3 ) Shek Chi-chung

The workers observed that Chi-chung was scraggy but non scraggy for his age. Though Chi-chung looked tired with a runny nose, he was physically active. When his female parent started kicking about his public presentation in school, he kicked the furniture. When the worker checks Chi-chung & A ; rsquo ; s organic structure, the worker found out that there were some faded cane Markss on both legs, likely about 10 yearss old.

4 ) The great great-aunt

No interview with the great great-aunt so any information is available at the minute.

The great great-aunt, she was in the late maturity ( 61+ old ages ) phase and she is now in the phase of get bying with physical alteration and wellness jobs, credence of one & A ; rsquo ; s ain life picks, redirection of energy after retirement and developing a position on one & A ; rsquo ; s decease. Harmonizing to the Erikson & A ; rsquo ; s developmental phases, she is in the phase of unity versus desperation phase.

Mr. Shek is in the phase of in-between maturity ( 35-60 old ages ) phase and he is now in childrearing, calling development and direction of place and fiscal resources phase. Harmonizing to the Erikson phases of development, he is in the phase of enlargement of life experiences and concern for society versus stagnancy and self-absorption.

In the interim, Mrs. Shek is in the phase of early maturity ( 23-34 old ages ) she is now in matrimony, childbearing, work and developing lifestyle apart from parents. Harmonizing to the Erikson phases of development, she was in the phase of familiarity versus isolation phase.

The kid of this Shek household, the Shek Chi-chung, is now in early school age ( 5-7 old ages ) , with group drama, early gender designation, get downing moral criterions, acquisition of categorization, combination and other basic rational accomplishments. Harmonizing to the Erikson phases of development, he is in the phase of taking inaugural versus merely responding to or copying others.

From the analysis of the life rhythm matrix of the Shek household, the worker found out that four different household members are at the different developmental phases of life rhythm matrix so that they have different sentiment and positions towards life. So, there is a demand for the societal worker to back up this Shek household to work out the jobs.

Family system

Six chief constructs related to household such as construction, boundaries, power and familiarity, freedom of look, heat, joy and wit, organisation and negociating accomplishments, and the value systems are losing within Mrs. Shek ‘s household system.

Social support system

It seems that there is besides a deficiency of societal support towards Mrs. Shek every bit good as towards Chi-chung such as emotional support and material support. As Mrs. Shek has to come from Dongguan to remain in Hong Kong with individual entry license so she needs to set her life and societal state of affairs in the new country/area which leads her to defeat. In the interim, she has high outlook towards her boy to acquire into a good school in Hong Kong but her boy besides in the phase of adaptation in the new country/area and can non follow his female parent instructions which seems to tough for his age doing a difference between female parent and boy taking to more defeat for both of them. In order to interrupt this barbarous circle, the worker believe that there should be both informal every bit good as formal societal support is needed for the Shek household to assist themselves to manage these defeat and version issue within the household.

For Mr. Shek, as he besides does non have any societal support to better his household state of affairs, strains and tensenesss, he spends most of his clip remaining with his friends in Hong Kong.

Economic system

The worker found out that the household income is merely 8000 HKD per month which is merely the average household income of the Hong Kong household and they are besides remaining in the poverty country of Sham Shui Po. And they besides have one senior senior who is 90 old ages old in their place. The worker besides feels that their household needs fiscal support to cut down their defeat and loads.

Legal system

The worker besides found out that Mrs. Shek is remaining in Hong Kong under one clip individual entry license and non yet become the lasting Hong Kong citizenship which might besides make the deterioration of Mrs. Shek defeat towards the version and her boy instruction outlooks.

Educational system

Harmonizing to the account by Mrs. Shek, the school instructors from her boy & A ; rsquo ; s school are besides non supported towards her boy and alternatively of that they keep kicking him non maintaining accurate records of his day-to-day school assignments, burying to convey his exercising books, and twenty-four hours woolgathering in category, systematically failed in both English and Chinese commands and seting force per unit area on her. The worker besides found out that there should be a support system from the school societal worker toward Chi-chung to get the better of all these jobs.

Religious system

Even though the worker does non identified much about the faith of Mrs. Shek, there might be some function of spiritual system as a portion of societal support system towards this household to accommodate each other.

Agreed position of the client and the worker

After the 2nd place visit, both Mr. and Mrs. Shek realized that there is a demand for aid to assist the household peculiarly the female parent, to confront the emphasis of parenting and agreed to hold follow-up services from the Centre.

Precedences of jobs

1. Health status of Chi-chung ( both physically and emotionally )

2. Abusive behavior of Mrs. Shek

3. Support the Chi-chung school public presentation

4. Effective parenting techniques for Mrs. Shek

5. Restoration of household system and work outing the tenseness between Mr. and Mrs. Shek

6. Fiscal support

7. Permanent occupant position or Hong Kong citizenship for Mrs. Shek

Intervention stage



1. To carry on medical look into up for Chi-chung

2. To supply the parenting workshop every bit good as behavior alteration for Mrs. Shek to cut down opprobrious behavior every bit good as defeats

3. To organize with school societal worker of Chi-chung & A ; rsquo ; s school to back up him at school

4. To use CSSA for fiscal support

5. To supply the matrimonial guidance workshops for Mr. and Mrs. Shek to cut down the tenseness between the twosome

6. To assist the Shek household to heighten their psychological readying to do a long-run program


1. To supply societal support to Mrs. Shek

2. To place and rectify Chi-chung & A ; rsquo ; s issues and troubles at school

3. Better the household relationship and Restoration of the household system

Tentative program

1 ) Immediate action program

Conducting the medical cheque up to the kid

Supplying safety and security by all facets, physically, emotionally and financially towards the kid by forestalling farther opprobrious behavior of the female parent

Behaviour alteration reding Sessionss with Mrs. Shek to cut down her defeat and choler towards her boy

Organizing with school societal worker of Chi-chung & A ; rsquo ; school to back up him at school for acquisition and better his public presentation

2 ) Intermediate action program

Follow up meeting and parenting technique workshops for Mrs. Shek

Application of behavior alteration attack, matrimonial guidance workshops, forming household assemblage and formation of societal support system to the client

Application of CSSA

3 ) Long term program


Restoring of household system into healthy status


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