The should consider the protection against your brand

The case study puts light on the problems
that was faced by the technology-based giant company

Apple. The company was forced to buy the
trade mark for iPad from another company for US 60$ million dollars post the
court ruled that the company is not admitted to use it in China. This all
started when a China’s local company by the name Proview technology, a flat
screen manufacture, registered the trademarks for the iPads names in the
Europe, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore between 2000 and 2004.

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2006, A division of Proview technology agreed to sell the global trademark for
a big amount, however due to that there were disputes which took place
regarding the deal included the rights to the trade mark in China, for which
Apple took a legal action against which was put in favour of the Proview by the
Chinese court saying that Proview is the deserved owner of the iPad trade mark
in China. So eventually Apple had to a whopping amount of US 60$ dollars to the
proview technology in July 2012. So the moral of this case study tells us if
one is considering selling or making the product then one should consider the
protection against your brand in China


The first thing is to check whether to
check if anyone owns this trademark, if it is not being owned then one quickly
put it for the trademark protection. So therefore getting your trade mark
registered is very important for your business. As a part of sanity check, one
can also take a legal advice from the professionals who are familiar with the
Chinese trade mark rules which can help you in searching the trade mark. In
this case, your intellectual property lawyer can also help you in registering
your trade mark in China straight from the trade mark office of China or from
the Australia’s using the international protocol for trade mark registration. In
addition, while working with the manufactures and the partners, one should
protect its trade mark. One must have legal agreements which will govern that how
the manufacturer will work with your trade mark.


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