The Sign-maker’s Assistant
responsible (adj)re spon si ble
having to look after someone or something
agreed (verb)
to have the same opinion as someone else
signmaker (noun)sign mak er
a maker of signs
ordinary (adj)or din a ry
average or common; not special
important (adj)im por tant
of great value
sensible (adj)sen si ble
making sense
naturally (adj)na tu ral ly
happening normally
assistant (noun)as sis tant
a helper
entered (verb)en ter
to come in
muttered (verb)mut ter
to speak in a low voice
informed (verb)
to tell someone about important information
idea (noun)
a suggestion
fountain (noun)foun tain
a device where water comes out
afternoon (noun)
after 12:00 pm
return (verb)
to go back to the first place
discovered (verb)dis cov er
to find something or someone
deposit (verb)de pos it
to add to what is
detour (verb)
to go another way
tricks (noun)
a way to play a joke
tearing down (verbal phrase)
to destroy
confused (verb)
to be puzzled
realized (verb)re a lize
to come to understanding
fault (noun)
wrong doing
blame (verb)
to accuse of doing wrong
feverishly (adv)fe ver ish ly
working hard
entire (adj)
townspeople (noun)
people in a town
downcast (adj)
obeying (verb)
to do as told
fixed (verb)
to repair what is broken