The situation, where interests and activities of individuals

The article of Kenan Spaho, which name is “Organizational
Communication and Conflict Management”, is focus on conflict management about
managers and their role of it. However, in our study, we will only focus on the
relation between conflict management and communication part.

According to article, there is no communication without conflicts.

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Sometimes, conflicts can be beneficial to give correct decision although they
might be a huge problem for an organization and its business.

            Communication means to transfer
information from sender to receiver. It is thought that receiver get the
message. Organizational communication is the process by which individuals transmit
the idea or the thing that will say to other individuals by means of verbal or
nonverbal messages. This is important for organizations not to face a problem
during the working process.

            According to Spaho, there are
several types of conflicts. However, he explains by considering two sides,
personal and organizational. For personal, Conflict is a process of social
interaction and a social situation, where interests and activities of individuals
or groups are prevented to face or block the realization of objectives. In
addition, conflict is a process where person A deliberately makes an effort to
prevent efforts of person B with an opposing action, which will result in
frustrating Person B to achieve his goals or satisfy his interests. For
organizational, Organizational conflict occurs, when there is a worker who is incompatible
with their colleagues, and the members of the other organizations.

    Personal causes become when
people interact with each other.  There
are four groups of causes. Bad estimation of a person; the sides in conflict
are not objective and understand the behavior of opposite side such as it is
thought that they wish to hurt the other side. Errors in communication; the
errors occur when the information is lost between upward and downward
communication because of the misunderstanding. Distrust among people in the
organization; trust is the main requirement of good relations among people, as
it develops the values and confidence that people shared. Distrust and
suspiciousness create a good foundation for a potential conflict. Because of
their personal characteristics, some people start conflict. When people with
completely different personalities need to work together, conflict cannot be


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