The society today is very different from a

The role of a woman in North American society today is very different from a long time ago. Now the woman has more freedom/power, they’re not viewed as the inferior sex, for example, being a housewife (Cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children). Woman now have high paying jobs that use to be considered for men only (Officer, pilot, clerk), they are no longer standing behind their man with no voice and Although the role of a woman has changed a lot over the years, I feel that there is still a long way to go because there is not a full balance between both men and woman.     If Martin Scorsese remade “Alice doesn’t live here anymore” film today it would be different because today’s society of a woman’s role would have given a different perspective on how the story should be played out. For example, In the film the character Alice played a woman who was very powerless and dependant on her husband. Alice was seen being treated poorly by her husband, David (when Alice was trying to get attention from her husband in the bedroom scene David ignored her and focused on the television, his communication with her was not great, in the scene where David and his son had an argument he threatened/blamed his wife of their son’s behaviours) and she still chose to stay with David and by staying with this man Alice did not take care of herself. I feel that the character Alice would be played differently because today not many women stand behind their men with no voice (for example, she would have realized that this man did not deserve her, not be too dependent on men and stood up for herself). I think there would be a happy ending to the film if it was re-made because Alice would have noticed that she was being treated poorly by David and left him, then Alice would work hard to pursue what she always wanted to do which was sing, she would work hard to make her own money, so she doesn’t have to depend on anyone. After watching the film “Alice doesn’t live here anymore”, I realized that the camera faced Alice a lot but, I would have shown more of the men in the film and focused more on how the woman was treated years ago (Treated poorly by spouse, hitting, disrespecting the woman, cheating). I would also change the beginning clip of the film when Alice is seen walking around her home singing when her mother came out to tell her to come home because Scorsese did not use appealing colours to this scene (a very dark orange was used), it was very plain which made it very boring to watch.How I would change the beginning scene of the film: (shot by shot analysis)Shot 1: I would have shown an establishing shot of Alice shot 2: which then goes to a close up of Alice shot 3: have the camera move along side with Alice as she walks and sings, shot 4: have the camera pan left to the house shot 5: goes to a close up of the mother asking Alice to come inside shot 6: close up to Alice while she responds to her mother shot 7: close up to her mother going back into the house shot 8: medium shot showing Alice shot 9: camera goes along side Alice showing her walking towards the house shot 10: Alice’s voice fades away slowly shot 11: camera fades to transition to the next scene. 


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