The swan song

The swan song was an expressive and well-choreographed dance and we are studying two main parts in the dance and the dynamics each dance showed. The two dances were very good and displayed a variety of emotions, feelings and thoughts but despite the non comparison in any of these things the choreographer Christopher Bruce blended them all together very well and made movements that were very heavy and very light go well together in a dance but still made them show the same emotions.

The first section that we studied was a trio where the two prison officers intimidate and taunt the prisoner. They intimidate him by putting a red nose on him they also taunt him by making him display the same actions that they are doing and sometimes physically abusing him.

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The second section is the prisoners solo dance where he is releasing his mixed emotions and putting them into a well-choreographed dance. He is also away from the guards so has a lot more opportunity to put his own feelings in the dance and not being taunted about them. So this makes this section a lot more peaceful then the first one but a lot more upsetting because he shows you the pain and anguish he is going through.

The first section has a lot of gestures and actions in it for example the travelling in it with mostly linear pathways. There are a lot of turns in it and stillness as well for example there is one stillness where the two guards catch the prisoner and hold him by his legs and arms. The movements by the guards and prisoner are open and extended and a lot of the time are reaching to the edge of there kinesphere it was almost like the prisoner was reaching out to the audience for help at one point in the first section. One of the many but more obvious examples of the taunting in this section was right at the beginning of it where the guards put a red nose on the prisoner to make him look like a clown. In my opinion the most used dynamics in this dance was fast and soft which don’t really go together normally but the choreographer Christopher Bruce did this really well showing that the prisoner was a bit lifeless and pathetic after all the torture and taunting they have put him through but he kept trying to keep up with them and do what the guards where doing.

The second section is a solo by the prisoner, which also had a lot of gestures, especially towards the light, which was coming in through a small window into his little room. These gestures for example when he was on one leg reaching towards his window balanced on one leg on his toes, shows his pain that is inside him and how he’s trying to escape from all these things that are going on his life. It also has a lot of floor work but still almost all the way through the dance he is always reaching to the edge of his kinesphere, which helps the audience to get into the dance and show where the prisoners focus is. This section of the dance is mostly soft and slow but now and again it would become quite fast like little spurts of energy like when he is going to floor and when he is coming back up off the floor. This section of the dance is very emotional and gives the prisoner a chance to show his emotions to the audience, also the way Christopher Bruce choreographs this section of the dance helps the audience experience what the prisoner is going through.

These two sections of the dance were very well choreographed by Christopher Bruce, and the dynamics he used to show what was going on was very clever and although some of the dynamics where very different they flowed very well, and the dancers that performed the prisoner and the guards where very good, the swan song was thoroughly enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone.


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