The the diver must take for their safety.

The Body’s Equilibrium The human body is comprised of many systems and processes that help it to sustain life. As a system, the human body has an equilibrium which helps maintain order and promote sustainability. The human body’s equilibrium can be disturbed by the slightest of change. Take scuba diving for an example, when a diver dives into to water there are multiple precautions the diver must take for their safety. What the average person doesn’t know is that is every 10 meters a diver goes down, the total pressure exerted on the diver is increased by one atmosphere (Clancy,2012). Scuba diving can also cause Nitrogen Narcosis. If the diver while coming up from the ocean floor does not come up slowly, nitrogen bubbles that are formed in the blood can kill certain areas of the body. How this happens is the “solubility of gas in a liquid increases as the pressure of that gas above the liquid increases” (Clancy, 2012). So as the diver goes deeper into the water, the concentration of nitrogen increases whereas the concentration of oxygen decreases. When nitrogen bubbles form, they can cause major damage to tissues or the organs where they collect.  Here is where the Hyperbaric chamber comes to What is a Hyperbaric Chamber A hyperbaric chamber is a highly concentrated chamber of oxygen. This environment is an ideal therapy for people with the following conditions:Carbon Monoxide poisoning Decompression SicknessEmbolismsThermal BurnsThese are only a few of many medical conditions that have effective improvement form hyperbaric therapy.(Canada,2006)How it’s Used Patients go inside of a closed chamber, right after the supervisor will increase the atmospheric pressure top the amount prescribed to the patient. Then 100 % of oxygen is put into the tank.  This way the oxygen is able to get to the area’s of the body where conditions like nitrogen bubbles can be formed and can revive these parts. (Canada, 2006)Who Developed it?In 1800, England philosopher Thomas Beddoes was the first person to realize the beneficial effects of of gas therapy. However it was later fostered by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society in 1967. Finally in 1976, the Hyperbaric Oxygen Committee was created to look after the treatment of Hyperbaric chambers. (Bellis, 2017)


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