The the interests of states are born and

The IR theory that best describes the Middle
East is constructivism-this theory places an emphasis on norms and values to
explain how the interests of states are born and why states select a specific
action over another. Constructivists claim that all actors discover how to
prioritize themselves and think about what they value most through their
interactions with one another. Constructivism contains the notion that norms
and rules may influence a states’ interests. By observing the interactions
between leaders in the Middle East, one can understand the important events,
which have taken, place in this region. The constructivist lense explains the
unstable region of the Middle East better than any other IR theory. Although theories of international
relations claim to explain the way global politics works, some are inferior
towards others, while others, in this case constructivism, are superior. A
liberalism approach would least describe modern Middle East because it centers
around the values of individual liberty and equality, which is from accurate to
the values in that region today. 


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