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THE RELATIONSHIP OF PARENTING STYLE TO THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS OF CAVITE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL In Partial Fulfillmentof the Requirement Research in Daily Life 2Quantitative Research Presented to the Faculty of Cavite National High Senior High School  109639050093December 22, 2017CHAPTER 1THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction    The family is an essential part of one’s life. They are the one who takes care of us and they are doing their best to provide our needs. They make sure that we can be successful in the future no matter what happens. Childrenlearn most of the things from their family including the values and beliefs (Parry, n.d.).     Education is a systematic process where a child gains knowledge, experience, the right attitude, and skill (Parankimalil, 2012). It is the process that develops the whole being of a child and preparing an individual to be ready in mature life. Parents are the first one whoeducates and considered as the first teacher of a child. All of the knowledge that parents knew they share it with their child. There are so many factors that affect the education of the child and one of them is parenting style.     Parents are considered as the role model of their children in its development. Baumrind (1971) identified 3 parenting styles: authoritarian, permissive and authoritative. Authoritarian parents demand obediencethey enforced rules and expecting the child to have proper behavior. A permissive parent is not as demanding as authoritarian; they are very soft and they are the kind of parent that is very loving. But the kid that is raised by a permissive parent is lack with self-control. Lastly, authoritative parent, it is a combination of the two other parenting styles. They do have high expectation but they are very loving and understanding. Later Maccoby and Martin (1983) formulate another parenting style which is uninvolved. Uninvolved parenting is where a parent is totally neglectful to their child. They give all the need of their children but they are distant and unaffectionate (, n.d.).  Family environment has an impact on mental development and academic achievement of an adolescent. Each of the parenting styles has different values, behaviors, and standards that children are expected to do (Dornbusch, Ritter, Leiderman, Roberts and Fraleigh, 2012). Parenting style can be defined in two categories: parental responsiveness i.e. warmth, acceptance, involvement and parental demandingness i.e. control, supervision, maturity demands (Maccoby & Martin, 2003).    This study is established to find if there is a relationship between the academic performances of the student in relation to the parenting style their parents use. Finding out what is the parenting style that is most applicable in motivating the child in their academic performance.           Statement of the Problem    This study aims to determine the relation of parenting style to the academic performance of Senior High School students of Cavite National High School.   It will specifically try to answer the following questions:1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:a. Average Grade2. What is the parenting style that parents are using to their child?a. Authoritarianb. Permissive c. Authoritative d. Uninvolved 3. Is there a relationship between the parenting style and the academic performance of the students?Hypothesis     There is no relationship between the parenting style and the academic performance of the students. Significance of the Study    The primary concern of this study is to determine ifthere is a relationship between the parenting style and the academic performance of students. This study will show the importance of parenting style to the academic performance of the students. This study will primarily benefit the following:Parents. After identifying the result of the study, parents can rely on this study  to improve their parenting skills and approach to their child. They can learn that their approach can affect the academic performance of their children. School administration. The study can help the school to be aware of the importance of parenting style to the academic performance of the students.Future Researchers. It will benefit the future researchers for having an additional related study that can support the study that they are going to do. Scope and Limitation     The primary focus of the study is all about finding the relation about the parenting style and the academic performance of students. The 4 parenting styles thatBaumrind (1971) and Maccoby & Martin (1983) develop are the only parenting styles that the researcher will use for the study this is the authoritarian, permissive,authoritative and uninvolved. The researcher will be using a self administered questionnaire. It will be filled by Grade 12 Senior High School students of Cavite National High School.    Conceptual Framework  Dependent Variable    Academic Performance   Independent Variable  Parenting Style• Authoritarian• Permissive• Authoritative• Uninvolved               The conceptual framework shows the dependent and independent variables of the study. The first table shows the independent variable. The independent variable is the parenting style which includes the 4 types of it. The Authoritarian, Permissive, Authoritative and Uninvolved that is developed by Dianna Baumrind (1967) andMaccoby and Martin (1983). In the second box, it shows the dependent variable which is the academic performance.


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