The third and fifth year of hijra

The 3rd and 5th twelvemonth of hijra

Introduction to Surah

This Surah has 176 poetries.

The surah was revealed at Madina between the 3rd and 5th twelvemonth of Hijra after the conflict of Uhud. The surah for the most portion trades with rights, responsibilities, societal position and place of a adult female in the society. It deals in item with the issues of orphans and widows who were left after the conflict. It deals with the societal jobs the Muslim society faced after the conflict of Uhud.The Muslim ‘s place at that clip was as such that it was of import to be guided.

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The regulations and ordinances laid down in this surah for good govern the Muslim jurisprudence and societal patterns. The surah besides tells us about the Jews and the dissemblers of Madina who after the conflict noticed that Islam was deriving power and tried their best to uproot Islam.By and large talking, the surah contains two parts. How to be concerned with adult females, orphans, heritage matrimony and household rights by and large while the 2nd portion trades with the recalcitrants in larger household, the community at Madina, the dissemblers and their confederates.

Focused Points

The focal point is upon the first 10 poetries of the Surah.

In these poetries 2 chief factors are discussed

  1. How to cover with the issues of orphans.
  2. Polygamy and marraige

The bulk of the poetries discuss about the assorted issues sing the orphans. It tells us how to take attention of their belongings and how to handle them rightly and reasonably. State us about heritage of orphans. Besides that Allah is watching those who do non handle the orphans decently and they will be held questionable.Light has been shed upon the subject of polygamy and certain facets of matrimony such as giving dowery and merely if one is able to back up another married woman so merely they should get married and should get married no more so four.

Fortunes have been given such as attention for the orphans.

Explanations of the 10 poetries

  • Verse 1
  • O world! fear your Guardian-Lord Who created you from a individual individual, created, of similar nature, his mate and from them twain scattered ( like seeds ) countless work forces and adult females ; ? fright Allah, through Whom ye demand your common ( rights ) and ( fear ) the uterus ( that bore you ) : for Allah of all time watches over you.`In this Ayat God is stating to the trusters that be afraid of your Godhead, be afraid of His penalties. Obey your Lord who created you from a individual psyche that being of Adam, for Eve ‘s psyche was included in Adam ‘s psyche. Therefore from the psyche of Adam, Eve his mate was created and through their sexual intercourse a battalion of work forces and adult females were created. Obey Allah the Godhead from Whom you ask your rights and maintain the ties of affinity and donot sever them as He is watching you and you will be held questionable over your workss.

  • Verse 2
  • To orphans reconstruct their belongings ( when they reach their age ) , nor replacement ( your ) worthless things for ( their ) good 1s ; and devour non their substance ( by blending it up ) with your ain.

    For this is so a great wickedness.This poetry was revealed sing an orphan who claimed his belongings from his defender who refused to give it back and the affair was taken to the Holy Prophet ( P.B.U.H ) . We are to give back the belongings of the orphan that we have been taking attention of when he has become of age i.e an grownup.

    We are non to replace their good belongings with a defective belongings of our ain. Besides do non do their belongings your ain by blending it with your ain as it is certainly great offense.

  • Verse 3
  • If ye fear that ye shall non be able to cover rightly with the orphans, marry adult females of your pick, two, or three, or four ; but if ye fear that ye shall non be able to cover rightly ( with them ) , so merely one, or that which your right hands possess. That will be more suited, to forestall you from making unfairness.

    God says that if you think that you wont be merely with the orphans that you think that you might non give them their rights so besides fear non taking proper attention of your adult females whom you are in relation with. This was said because people used to hold many married womans at that clip. This was the clip when the figure of married womans ( 4 ) a adult male could get married was allocated and an option was besides suggested. God said that marry adult females of your pick, be it one, two, three or four and if you think that you cant give them their rights so marry merely one or what your right manus possess ( a prisoner ) . Since a prisoner does non hold the same rights as a married woman. Therefore you wont tend to some at the disbursal of others or that you transgress sing proviso of nutriment and assignment of four married womans.

  • Verse 4
  • And give the adult females ( on matrimony ) their dowry as a free gift ; but if they, of their ain good pleasance, remit any portion of it to you, take it and bask it with right good cheer.In this poetry it is being said that on matrimony give your adult female her dowery as a free gift and if the adult female out of her free will an felicity allows you to hold any portion of it so take it and cherish upon it.

  • Verse 5
  • To those weak of understanding brand non over your belongings which Allah hath made a agency of support for you, but provender and dress them therewith, and speak to them words of kindness and justness.Do non give to those who are nescient of the rights of adult females and kids the wealth that your Lord has given you to keep a life ; but be responsible for vesture and feeding them. Talk to them decently, give them a sort response and when they have reached the adulthood where they have developed a stronger understanding give them their belongings so.

  • Verse 6
  • Make test of orphans until they reach the age of matrimony ; if so ye happen sound judgement in them, let go of their belongings to them ; but devour it non prodigally, nor in hastiness against their turning up. If the defender is comfortable, allow him claim no wage, but if he is hapless, allow him hold for himself what is merely and sensible.

    When ye let go of their belongings to them, take informants in their presence: but all-sufficient is Allah in taking history.In this poetry it has been refered to as how to manage the orphan ‘s wealth. The defender is to maintain proving the intelligence of the orphan boulder clay he thinks that the orphans has gained the ability grip to his ain personal businesss and has a sound opinion let go of their belongings to them.

    Then it is clip to allow them hold what is truly theirs. The belongings should non be prodigally used and the defender is non hasten passing the wealth as he observes that shortly it will be clip to give the belongings back. It is a wickedness to

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make so. If the defender is good off that is being rich so he is to abstain from utilizing the wealth of the orphan and if the defender is hapless so he can utilize the wealth which is merely and required.

When you deliver the belongings to the orphan have informants over them so that in instance there is a difference subsequently on you have clear cogent evidence that you have nil to with it. Allah will be watching over as He knows everything.

  • Verse 7
  • From what is left by parents and those nearest related there is a portion for work forces and a portion for adult females, whether the belongings be little or big, ? a determinate portion.In this poetry it is being said that to the work forces, immature 1s and the family, belongs a portion, a part, of what deceased parents and kinsmen leave and to the adult females belongs a portion every bit good. Let the portion be a small or much, God has a made it clears that they are portion holders.

  • Verse 8
  • But if at the clip of division other relations, or orphans, or hapless, are present, give them out of the ( belongings ) , and speak to them words of kindness and justness.If at the clip of division other relations are present or orphans, or hapless so give them a portion from the belongings before the division is finalised and if the heirs are immature so speak kindly to them and apologize to them that it is non their ownership to split as they please but the younger heirs can split as they please.

  • Verse 9
  • Let those ( disposing of an estate ) have the same fright in their heads as they would hold for their ain if they had left a incapacitated household behind: allow them fear Allah, and speak appropriate ( comfort ) .

    In this poetry it being said that let those people, who gather voluntary almsgiving fright for the ruin the other kids merely as they would fear for the ruin of their ain kids. As people at that clip about took all of the belongings and left the kids dependant or to be ruined. Besides they were to talk words of comfort and kindness to the 1s approached by decease and say the right words, by enjoining them to give voluntary almsgiving no more than a 3rd of the heritage and leave the balance for the 1s entitled for heritage so that the entitled do non depend on others.

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  • Verse 10
  • Those who unjustly eat up the belongings of orphans, eat up a Fire into their ain organic structures: they will shortly be digesting a blaze Fire!Those people who unjustly coup d’etat and devour the belongings of orphans are perpetrating a great wickedness.

    They will be exposed and their penalty will be the blinding fires of snake pit as this is what such Acts of the Apostless lead to.


    The surah has detailed regulations and ordinance of Islam upon the capable affair of adult females. A batch of things that are usually ignored by us are mentioned in the surah such as heritage Torahs. The orphans who are related to adult females as largely adult females are the direct people taking attention of them. The rights of orphans and how to see to their demands has been told. The fortunes of polygamy have been discussed and they have been discussed in the attention of the orphans.

    Allah will move swearly with those who will non handle orphans rightly.The surah tells us that we should be fair in our traffics. the construct of being merely and just with other is being told here. We have been sent a clear message by God that do n’t stamp down people and do n’t work your power for that is non right.

    If you think that no 1 will inquire you of your feats so you are incorrect and for God knows everything and that He will penalize you. The Torahs of a civilized society have been discussed. It has the really inquiries which we ponder upon and replies have been provided to us.What I have learnt from these 10 poetry is that be sort to people and do non stamp down other people ‘s rights non merely orphans. I have learnt how to cover with orphans. I have learnt that it is non merely that Allah is watching so I am to follow what is being told to me but to make what is right.

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