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Imitation Game” was a film depicting Alan Turing’s journey on creating the
Turing machine and breaking the Enigma code to decrypt the messages from the
German military in order to break into enemy’s plans and win the war. Computers
played a  specific important role at  that period for it was used to break codes and
decrypt messages from the German military as well as to calculate and solve
problems that aided the military in their attacks and strategies.


movie portrays Alan Turing and the challenges he faced alongside with his team
in breaking the Enigma code and the settings behind it. He used to not get
along with his teammates, which may be a factor on the slow process of
deciphering Enigma. He thought of others as inferior and continued to work on
his own.

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settings of Enigma changes everyday and they are battling against the clock to
decipher it. The team had no progress at all and so Turing started designing a
machine that can decipher the German code in an instant. At first, the funding
for his machine was rejected by their Commanding Officer in which he decided to
take action and write a letter to Churchill. The response on the letter
approved Turing to be the Commanding Officer of the team. He fired two of his
teammates, which made others think of him poorly. Also, Turing was once accused
of being a Soviet spy but there were no evidence found upon searching his
office and so Commander Denniston decided to let him be for a while.


to the lack of staff, Turing conducted a test and hire additional members to
the team. There he met Ms. Joan Clarke who solved his test in less than six
minutes and accepted her to the team but Ms. Clarke’s parents refused her to
work especially that majority of the workers are men which made her think it
was “indecorous”. Mr. Turing offered her to work with the clerks in which Ms.
Clarke accepted. Ms. Clarke aided Turing on his computations as well as in getting
along with the rest of the team.


they finished building the machine, they immediately turned it on to start
doing its work. Unfortunately, the process was too slow that the machine was
still not done searching even after the alarm for the reset of enigma’s
settings went off. Commander Denniston then came with an announcement to fire
Turing and turn off the machine but his teammates defended him and threatened
Denniston to leave as well if Turing will be fired. Denniston gave one month to
the team to produce significant results or else it’s over for the team.


have passed and the machine still goes on. Meanwhile, Turing proposed to Ms.
Clarke. On their engagement party, he knew that one of his teammate had
observed he was gay as they conversed on Turing’s doubts on the marriage. At
that period, being a homosexual was a crime punishable by imprisonment or
chemical castration so his teammate advised him to keep it as a secret for
everyone’s sake. As the party goes on, Turing realized how to make the machine
fully work. The team together with Ms. Clarke dashed to the hut and configured
the machine. After minutes of processing, the machine stopped. Turing noted the
output then goes to where the Enigma machine was and put the machine’s output.
As they realized and deciphered what the message was, they knew they have
broken the code and exchanged hugs and praises.

computers built by Turing’s machine greatly influenced the outcome of the war.
The data they had was crucial as it decided who lives and who dies. Those
machines we now call computers served a great purpose and breakthrough on the
progress of technology.


computers before just like the Turing machine were originally built for
military uses only but today anyone can own a computer and do as they like with
it. The computers before were large and heavy unlike to today’s computers,
which were portable and easy to use. The amounts of instructions that the
machines during the war can execute were relatively small in comparison to
modern computers/supercomputers.


of the machines before were programmed for a specific task and only a little
were reprogrammable unlike to modern computers, which can perform a lot of
tasks and run a lot of programs simultaneously. Of course, today’s computers’
cost, memory, and speed differ with past machines built. Despite having a lot of
differences, they still share the same purpose, which is to solve problems,
perform tasks, and execute instructions. Computers were built to be intelligent
and act like a brain only that it is made of wires, metal, and chips.


film, “The Imitation Game”, showed what computers during the war were used for
and how it contributes to us humans. By identifying its similarities and
differences, the movie also gave its audience a peek on how computer
architecture was developed. It gives the audience a perspective on the
functionalities and implementation of systems the computers in the past have
before and how it evolves to what computers are now.

Turing’s machine greatly influenced the world we live in today. His works and
accomplishments helped in the advancement of artificial intelligence. He
pioneered the field Computer Science and concepts behind algorithms as well as
theory of computation. The film depicted the process of creating something out
of nothing and how critical thinking can make a big difference to the world of
technology and its future.  


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