The Value Base Of Social Work Social Work Essay

Social work is about assisting people ; it ‘s about working with the most vulnerable people who are sing some kind of injury or hard state of affairs in their life. It is of import to hold and understanding of how to cover with state of affairss such as this and its about assisting to guarantee these people you work with acquire the best attention and aid that they need. The value base of societal work underpins the importance of holding consciousness of 1s egos and the importance of how your values can act upon your pattern as a societal worker, whether it may be good or bad. In societal work pattern, there are set guidelines and rules one must adhere to. Entering into the societal work profession it is of importance that there are specific codifications and guidelines that are set out for societal workers. These codifications are a critical portion of modulating the work force and assisting to better degrees of professionalism and public protection. GSCC ( 2009 ) [ Online ] . These codifications guarantee effectual societal work pattern and besides supply a model in which we are able to transport out our occupation expeditiously.

Thompson ( 2009 ) , states a values are an of import influence on our actions and attitudes- they will promote us to make certain things and to avoid certain things. ‘ As persons we are brought up with our ain personal values and beliefs. These are chiefly taught to us by parents and by the environment and community we live. As we grow into grownups we tend to still hold these values and beliefs within our ego and accordingly they will likely be with us for life. Working within societal work, we will be faced with sometimes disputing state of affairss. The values we hold inside may sometimes immediately bespeak how one would move or experience about that peculiar state of affairs. Majority of the times it will be a negative perceptual experience or belief about that peculiar state of affairs.

Valuess are non unconditioned. We are non born with them. However as we grow the values which we hold today comes from someplace. These values are taught, by parents, grandparents. It can besides be taught through our ain civilization, our faith, through the media. Valuess make up who I am and my beliefs about things in life and besides how I perceive other people. As a immature kid I am taught what is right and incorrect by my female parent. As I grow up I adapt her attacks and instructions on how to comprehend state of affairss. Probably non ever the right manner sometimes but turning older I shortly realised the importance of seeking to construct on making my ain value base. There are legion accounts of societal work values but the value base which I can associate to would be the work from biestek ( 1961 ) . Biestek introduced certain cardinal points in which societal workers should put out to stay by. They include:

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Purposeful feelings of look

Controlled emotional environment

Unconditional Credence

Non-judgemental attitude

Client self finding


Respect for individuals



One of the values which I believe in and really make abide by on a day-to-day footing is being non-judgemental. Bing a societal worker I will be faced with state of affairss and service users that I may come across on whom I may instantly do a opinion on their state of affairs. Thompson ( 2009 ) states we may disapprove of a peculiar action or state of affairs which we may happen unacceptable, but we should ne’er disapprove of the individual. We should nevertheless do an appropriate appraisal of the service user and place their current demands. It is really of import that any state of affairs I am faced with I am able to hold a consistent non judgemental attitude. It shows professionalism in your pattern and it besides shows that you are really able to accept people as an person instead than constructing an premise as to who they are, based on the picks which they make in their lives. If I am given a referral as a societal worker, I will likely hold a perceived perceptual experience towards this individual and their current state of affairs. Having this initial biased can act upon how I am able to interact with this individual and accordingly lead to them non being able to acquire the appropriate attention they need.

Empathy is another value in which I believe in and besides see this value as something that is non taught to us, but something that develops over clip. To hold empathy agencies merely seting yourself in person else ‘s places. Before get downing this class I was certain empathy had the same significance as the word understanding, nevertheless I was incorrect. Empathy is about demoing some one you care, empathy is being able to associate to person else in a manner that is neither take downing nor sympathetic. It ‘s non feeling sorry for person, but it is about being able to understand where that individual is coming from and being able to offer support and counsel to that person. I believe that I am able to demo empathy towards others as I approach state of affairss with an unfastened head and I am able to listen attentively. I am traveling to be working with service users on a day-to-day footing some who may hold really emotional narrative to portion with myself. I should be able to non experience sorry for them and believe ‘oh how atrocious ‘ but more along the lines of how can I show that I care and I am here to offer the aid and support they need.

Having and demoing regard is a value that I adhere to on a day-to-day footing. Having regard is n’t merely for your parents. Having esteeming and demoing regard is for anybody you come across with on a day-to-day footing. It ‘s about being able to handle person the exact same manner you would wish to be treated. Turning up as a immature kid my female parent taught me regard is something you should ever hold for your seniors, kids were disregarded and were supposed to be low and merely talk when radius to. However as I got older, I realised how can you anticipate a kid to demo you respect when your non learning this to him or her. Therefore regard is about speaking to person how you would wish to be spoken to. Treating person how you would wish to be treated. It ‘s a two manner procedure unluckily sometimes does non work this manner. Respect is non merely about the physical facets such as being polite, talking to person in the right mode but it ‘s besides about esteeming person ‘s pick. An aged service user may wish to remain in his or her place even though as a societal worker you may believe this would non be suited but it ‘s about being able to esteem picks and being able to help the service user as to how he or she can remain in their place.

Upon get downing this class I was n’t cognizant that holding values could impact how you carry out your profession. However as the hebdomads have progressed I have realised that the simplest value has some sort of sentiment within ourselves which is why we hold on to them. Working as a societal worker is about being able to set aside negative values and its about being able to convey out the positive 1s inside us to assist transport out your profession efficaciously. I am non perfect and there are some of Biestek ‘s points which I believe I need to intensify my apprehension and develop my values even further. Biestek negotiations about Unconditional credence. This means being able to accept person for who they are no affair what they have done in their lives past or present. At the present minute I am fighting with this point. I question myself, if I am faced with a state of affairs where a kid is being sexually abused by their parent, how can I perchance see that individual in a positive visible radiation? How can I even begin to prosecute in conversation with the individual in inquiry? However my farther reading suggests it ‘s about handling that individual as and single and it ‘s about accepting them as a individual and non for their actions. I believe over clip I will be able to develop this value further and utilize this in my hereafter pattern.

I besides spoke about empathy earlier in this essay, nevertheless I believe empathy is n’t something you learn one twenty-four hours and so that is it. I believe empathy is a value that you can develop as an person and it ‘s about nearing one state of affairs and believing how could you have done better and what can you make better following clip. Empathy is something which is of import to service users, it shows you truly care and hold their best involvement at bosom and it ‘s about being able to portray they are non entirely and you are at that place to assist them.

To reason, reflecting back on this essay I believe I have learned a batch, nut besides believe I have yet to larn even more. Embarking on this class has non merely started to demo me who I truly am but besides makes me question why I behave the manner I do in certain state of affairss. I look frontward to developing myself further and besides being able to work on basic pattern values to guarantee I reach my fullest potency.


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