The Values And Ethic Essay Young People Essay

This essay will give an apprehension of value and Ethical motives in pattern. I will elaborate on the undermentioned footings: value, moralss, ethical motives and quandary. The essay will encapsulate a instance survey of a renter ( for the interest of information protection she will be known as S.T ) , some of the values encountered and the ethical quandary sing this renter will besides be discussed.

Valuess are of up most importance in societal work pattern ; our personal values affect our behaviour from birth through to old age, albeit our values change over the old ages as we mature and develop. Most of the clip personal and professional values conflict with each other. It is indispensable in societal work pattern to understand what are values are, it is every bit of import that we do non enforce our personal values on others as this could be disempowering and an infliction on another individual which is in dispute of Social work values: To further understand the term ‘values ‘ I would wish to advert the different of values: Universal, Societal, Family, Individual, and Cultural values.

Ethical motives can besides be defined as what an person or a group of people believe to be true or right.

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“ Dilemmas are state of affairss that require a pick between options that are or seem every bit unfavourable or reciprocally sole ”

Valuess and moralss are frequently perceived as similar ; on occasion they are used interchangeably, although they are rather different.

Ethical motives can be defined as rules of right and incorrect, it is the importance of a narrative or event. An action can be deemed moral if the act is in conformity with rational moralss, the act must be true for everyone. Ethical motives can merely be accepted as ethical motives if the act it emanates from, is universally accepted. ( Parrott, L. p 47 ) .

To better understand this instance analyze it is imperative I explain my apprehension of what larning troubles means. Learning troubles can be caused by a myriad of conditions that impairs the development of the encephalon either before birth, during birth or within the childhood old ages. Learning troubles can be divided into familial and environmental, albeit both have a inclination to overlap on occasion. Learning Difficulties is frequently confused with mental unwellness in today ‘s society ; nevertheless it is polar to distinguish between Learning troubles and mental unwellness.

Case survey:

S.T is 31 twelvemonth old adult female of afro Caribbean descent, who is deeply deaf. S.T came to the UK at the age of 11 with her Dendranthema grandifloruom, prior to populating in the UK, she was stray life in a hearing community in the Caribbean as she was unable to pass on utilizing gestural linguistic communication and neither did she have any formal instruction nor have a constructive relationship with her household. S.T ‘s is ambivalently attached to her household. S.T was groomed to cabbage and was sexually, physically and emotionally exploited as a kid.

On reaching in the UK she was enrolled in formal instruction at the age of 11, she learnt how to pass on with the assistance of British Sign Language, she besides obtained a basic degree of literacy, this proven important as she was empowered to blend and associate in the Deaf Community and for the first clip she was able to pass on in the hearing community via written communicating, as she besides learnt to read and compose. It was during this period that S.T was diagnosed as Dyslexic, hence S.T ‘s reading and composing ability is simple.

Due to S.T ‘s sexual and fiscal maltreatment by her household, she was placed under Protective Order from her early teens, S.T has lived in surrogate places and sheltered adjustment of all time since. It was at one of these attention places that S.T met her friend/ alternate male parent ( Mark ) , he is claimed to be the individual responsible for her ceaseless theft. S.T seems to hold a penchant forming destructive relationships, she has a long forensic history ensuing in tutelary sentences, she is deemed vulnerable as she is frequently motivated to prosecute in anti societal behaviour at the suggestion of others.

S.T has over 100 strong beliefs to day of the month her latest stretch in prison was for three counts of burglary for three months. She was released on licence after six hebdomads which was in line with her bond footings, on release S.T was apprehended the same twenty-four hours for store lifting. S.T has gone on to perpetrate several shoplifting offenses since her latest release from prison.

Communication is an of import facet of human interaction ; effectual communicating enhances all facets of our personal and professional lives, while uneffective or misunderstood communicating could ensue in jobs or embarrassment. While back uping S.T to tribunal I experienced the impact of uneffective communicating ; while expecting the instance to commence, the Deaf workers were pass oning with S.T via BSL, they forgot to pass on orally every bit good, as a consequence of this I felt stray and disempowered as I was unable to take part in the treatment and I was unaware of what was said.

I was allocated tenant S.T. to co-key work ; I was drawn to her as I have a household member ( my nephew ) who is deeply deaf every bit good. My chief agencies of pass oning with S.T is written and pictural communicating in her duologue book, S.T besides lip reads, this was an effectual agencies of communicating, it was authorising for both of us as we could pass on and S.T could show her demands and entree the support she required. Although S.T lives in a hearing environment, she has three Deaf Workers who support her throughout the hebdomad. S.T has insinuated she would wish to populate in a sheltered adjustment for deaf people, as she feels it would authorise her to realize her potencies, several lodging options that would hold been considered suited have declined her applications due to her anti societal behaviour which has served as a hindrance.

Although S.T started her formative old ages in the Caribbean, she was non empowered to derive a formal instruction, as a kid she did non hold the ability to pass on with her household and the outside universe. Arriving in UK, she was enrolled in formal instruction where she learnt to pass on utilizing BSL every bit good as read and compose, this proved to be tickle pinking and authorising period in S.T ‘s life, for the first clip she was able to pass on with the outside universe, showing her demands, aspirations and by and large holding the option to do picks.

Some developing states dainty people with larning troubles as Gods or goddesses, possessing particular powers. In some underdeveloped states educating kids with particular demands or larning troubles is non deemed a precedence or inconsequential. It is estimated 85 per centum of the universes disabled kids under the age of 15 old ages live in developing states. ( Helander, 1993 ) . “ aˆ¦vast bulk of these kids receive no instruction, they are absent in school informations sets, and unseeable on the national policy docket ” . ( Colin and Peter 2003 ) .

S.T ‘s relationship with her Dendranthema grandifloruom and household was marred with maltreatment ( physically, financially and sexually ) and development. Despite the maltreatment suffered at the custodies of her Dendranthema grandifloruom and household, S.T seems to desire to hold a relationship with her household, which seems to pull a parallel similarity with the ‘Stockholm syndrome ‘ this is the affinity a kidnap or abused victim tends to hold towards their capturer after being in imprisonment or abused over a period of clip.

S.T seems to hold a preference for unhealthy relationships ; the branching of these unwholesome relationships has led to her being incarcerated on a few occasions. The governments seem powerless to collar the provoker of her offenses as she is the 1 who seeks this gentleman out.

S.T ‘s deficiency of judgement for her safety places her in unstable state of affairss. Her behaviour is egoistic ; harmonizing to Piaget ‘s developmental theory, it would look that S.T believes the universe revolves round her and she is in the Centre. She seems to miss ability to see the universe through other people ‘s position and adapt to it. The effects are frequently baleful as she is frequently apprehended and finally incarcerated.

There are certain issues that are universally deemed unacceptable. For illustration universally taking what belong to person else without permission is incorrect. Social values are non suiting certain anti societal behaviour such as stealing. S.T ‘s uninterrupted reoffending is deemed inappropriate whichever mensurating stick we choose to mensurate it with. S.T seems incapable to see the branchings of her actions ; despite S.T ‘s being incarcerated on a few occasions it seems she does non look aware of the deduction of her actions.

In some underdeveloped states people who engage in anti societal behaviour are subjected to ‘jungle justness ‘ this is where people who engage in anti societal behaviour are non subjected to a jury of their equals instead the locals adjudicate the instance in a petroleum mode by cutting their custodies off, lapidating them or firing them alive ( it must be said this non a broad spread pattern, instead it is practiced by a little minority ) . In the twenty-first century such intervention of a culprit is deemed cold and in misdemeanor of The United Nations International Convention on Civil and Political Rights Article 6 ( 1 ) ( 2 ) .

Albert Bandura ‘s “ Bobo the doll experiment ” demonstrates that all human behavior is learnt by copying others ; as opposed to behaviour inherited genetically. S.T was groomed from an early age to steal and even as an grownup she is coerced to steal by unscrupulous persons. Are our behavior and behavior determined by nature? Can behaviour be taught by our primary carers or built-in? There are strong statements for and against ; I am inclined to accept Bandura ‘s school of idea. Furthermore American psychologist John B. Watson claims that ‘behavior is a physiological reaction to environmental stimulations ‘ . … /a/little-albert-experiment.

Ethical quandary: S.T ‘s forensic history is dismaying ; she has continued to re-offend despite captivity and legion cautiousnesss from the constabulary. Soon nil seems to discourage her from her destructive behaviour. S.T is deemed to hold capacity by professionals, yet her behaviour is bizarre and seems to be acquiring worse, her behaviour is non that of a mean single, S.T needs farther appraisal to find how best to back up her ; it seems like a call for something ; She has been incarcerated on a few occasions, small or nil seems to discourage her from re-offending. Recent constabulary cautiousnesss after her release from prison is proof that imprisoning has non worked.

When S.T appeared before the magistrate tribunal in February, she was sentenced for three months ; the sentence did non seems in correlativity with her sentence ; while I am non recommending for a stiffer sentence, it merely seems the sentence was non brooding of her offenses ; I feel she has non got an inducement to alter as she is merely given a light sentence which seems to do a jeer of the judicial system.

The footings of her licence is such that, she should hold been apprehended if she in profaned footings of her licence. This is the statutory demand for everyone on a licence, yet S.T has been apprehended on several occasions since her latest release from prison and yet her bond status has non been revoked, her behavior seems to makes a jeer of the judicial system and tends to portray a prejudice in favour of people with larning troubles.

As a consequence of her forensic history she has been unsuccessful procuring abode in a sheltered for deaf people, her pick is limited albeit due to her life style, yet it must be said more could still necessitate to be done to step in to acquire S.T the support she needs. Sexual activity wrongdoers are resettled into the community after their sentences are spent ; the Local Authority needs to dispute the determination of Deaf Sheltered Housing non to offer S.T adjustment based on her anti societal behaviour.

In decision I believe much more work still needs to be done for people with larning troubles, valuing people model is a measure in the right way. Peoples with larning troubles who are culprits of offense demand more support to further rehabilitation and bar, harmonizing to her latest appraisal she is deemed to hold capacity, hence she has due resort non to do unwise determinations.

Finally in the words of Wolfensberger “ we now have province committees for commanding the itinerant moth and boll weevil, the foot-and-mouth diseaseaˆ¦ but we have no committee which even attempts to modify or command the huge societal, moral and economic forces represented by the feeble-minded individuals at big in the community ” . ( Fernald, quoted by Wolfensberger, 1969:106 ) .


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