The waiting one’s turn and frequent interruption of

The diagnosis of
ADHD is reinforced by the biological components such as “genertic, neuroimaging,
neurochemistry and neuropsychological data”( Timothy & Thomas, 2010) and ”
interactions between genes and environmental non-genetic factors”( cited NIH,
n.d).Timothy & Thomas also stated that the symptoms of the disorder are
categorized as follows: inattention-difficulty sustaining attention and mental
effort, forgetfulness, and distractibility; hyperactivity-fidgeting, excessive
talking, and restlessness; and impulsivity-difficulty waiting one’s turn and
frequent interruption of others. Primarily, when children are compulsory to do something,
normal children act and work naturally whereas children with ADHD tend to sit
still, overactive, their hands and leg always are in non-stop movement; therefore,
these children, with instable emotion, are impossible to focus on assignments which
they have to do. Additionally, according to a research review by Melinda, Lawrence
& Jeanne (2017) , they censor themselves less than other kids
do, they’ll interrupt conversations, invade other people’s space, ask
irrelevant questions in class, make tactless observations, and ask overly
personal questions. Not surprisingly, the impairment and impulsive signs
of the patient are capable of being discovered through the patient or parents consultation.
Furthermore, as Timothy & Thomas (2010) reported that ” the neurobiology of
ADHD is strongly influenced by genetic factors. As highlighted in a special
issue of science dedicated to the human genome project, ADHD is among the most
recognized genetic-based disorders in psychiatry”.

A question which psychological
researchers wondered long time ago is that “Are maternal smoking and psychosocial
stress during impact upon symptoms typically associated with ADHD in children?”(Alina
& Gullina, 2005).  Almost people
predict that they related with each other. However, a surprising fact is that
only boys are influenced by these associations, in other words, girls
completely does not impacted by this connection.


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