The works and became very famous works. Shakespeare

The Age of Elizabeth period is a golden age in English
history. This period led by a very tight queen but also
very wise. This golden age also brought a golden age in English literature. There are a lot
of development in the english literature, such as poetry and music. At this
time it is also a golden age of drama and there are many performances of drama in
the theatre. One of
the most famous poet of the time was William Shakespeare. He was famous for his great works. This essay will discuss about Shakespeare’s life,
his most famous works, and the relationship between his work and The age of Elizabeth.

Shakespeare wass a very famous Poet for his great works. Besides he was a poet, he was also an English writer and an actor. Shakespeare was born on April 23rd 1564, in Stratford-upon-Avon,
Warwickshire, and
he grew up there. His mother’s name was Mery Arden who was the daughter of
a wealthy family. His father’s name was John who became a glove maker and an agricultural
trader. In 1659 his father served as Mayor of Stratford. Although there were no any documents which were founded, but Shakespeare was considered that he had studied at Stratford School. He studied classical literature,
grammar, as well as Latin literature there. But he had to drop out from the school because he had to help his
family’s economy. Then,
when he was 18 years old he married Anne Hathaway. From his marriage he had 3 children: Susanna and twins
Hamnet and Judith. In 1585 he went to London and began his career as an actor
and writer. Later,
in the same year he built a theater called Lord Chamberlain’s
Men which came to be known as King’s Man. This is where he produced many works and became very famous works.

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Shakespeare produced many works beside Romeo and Juliet. His works are the best works in English literature. He produced
39 dramas and more than 150 short and long poems. One of the most
famous Shakespeare’s work was Romeo and Juliet. The story of
Romeo and Juliet was a
tragic genre. The story
was about 2 people who love each other. They met
at the party that was held
by Capulet’s family. Romeo entered the party
secretly without anyone knowing. Then he hope that he could meet his dream
woman named Rosaline. However, he accidentally saw Juliet at the party and he realized that he had seen true
beauty. Finally they
met and kiss
and they fell in love each other. They realized that their families hated each other for a long time. Romeo was from the Montague’s family and Juliet was from the Capulet’s family. But they did not care and they planed to get married secretly. Then, Romeo had a conflict when Juliet’s cousin
“Tybalt” killed
his friend “Mercutio”. Then Romeo stabbed Tybalt for revenge. Then Romeo was
punished and exiled from Verona by the prince. But Romeo and Juliet had agreed to marry secretly. Then they got married at Friar
Laurence’s and spent the night together. In the next day Romeo escaped to the Mantua, where they hope they can meet again. But Juliet’s father wanted her to marry Count Paris. Then, Juliet asked for help to a monk to cancel
the wedding because she had become the wife of Romeo. Then the monk gave Juliet potion and made Juliet died temporarily, for about two
days. Then the monk sent a message to
Romeo, but before the message of his plan was known, Romeo heard the news of Juliet’s
death first from his friend. Then Romeo believed the news and went to the grave of
Juliet while carrying poison in his hand. With such deep sorrow he drank the poison
and died right beside juliet. But a few moments later Juliet woke up and found
Romeo was dead. Juliet finally stabbed herself with a dagger and died by Romeo side.

Romeo and Juliet story was finally able to make
2 families who had long hated each other that Capulet and Montague
end their feud. This work was also a reflection of human life at that time. At that time
violence and tragedy were so common in 14th-century in Italy and also in England
during the
age of Elizabeth. There are a lot of war and feud in this time.
Then there were many hard punishment for small mistake. Beside the wrost thing
was a died punishment for small mistake. There was a real example of the
problem inside the kindom. Mary Stuart got death punishment because she was
considered treated the crown. Then
this story could illustrate the tragic consequences of feud and
war. And directly made the story of Romeo and Juliet very
famous. The main theme of the story was misunderstanding. This story illustrated how easily language can be built an


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