There Every work culture has a set or

There are several ethical challenges, managers could face
within the organisation firstly there is the work versus family being able to
manage your commitment to work whilst dedicating to your loved ones. Some
people can make the mistake of over working themselves and tend to neglect
there home life. Companies and other professional organisations often have
insatiable demand for our time. There comes a time where you choose a job and
especially in the first few weeks want to make a great fires impression. For
there own physical health and for the sake of there families it is important to
regulate the demand. The dilemma of work/life balance also faces between the
management of day to day conflicts between family obligations  and work such as caring for a sick child, ill
spouse of parent or attending commitments for there children.

Another dilemma is questioning whether the said person is a
team player who would go along with whatever the group is doing. Every work
culture has a set or norms and a way of doing things. Unavoidably some of the
values and behaviours are not attractive and maybe improper. Work groups can
demonstrate collective attitudes towards others. Some groups may target others
may make- fun or harass those from a different group. It is wise too make
choices to maintain your own independent values and resist  group norms that  violate the company rules, belittle any
subgroup of employee or show tolerance to particular political viewpoints.

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Misleading leaders can be another type of dilemma when we
must decide what to do when confronted by behaviour not deemed acceptable in
the work place.  Some leader’s success
can cause them to believe they are above the law and that the rules do not apply
to them. Some leaders have weak values and succumb to the temptation to cut
corners and can fall into the trap of doing very little work. Further, while
many bosses and leaders are admirable human beings, others are bullies and
intimidate those who are unfortunate enough to work for them.


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