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     There is a wide held belief that an  individual’s quality of health is primarily dependant on their  own  health habits and behaviours. The   statement  suggests  that anyone who engages in   lots of physical activity, healthy eating,  limits  or  do not  use  alcohol  or drugs,  as well as  visits the doctor frequently,  will improve and maintain a good state of health. While  this is true,  it does not consider  the  significant  impact social and environmental factors  has on the  quality of the health of not just a individual,  but a community as a whole. Studies has  shown that the social and  physical environment has a  both a direct and indirect effect  on the   quality and longevity of  the health  and life  of  the population within  a community. Healthy people 2020  defines the social  determinants of health as  ” places (in this context)  such as : Access to  educational and job opportunities, access to health care services , availability of resources to meet daily needs such as safe housing and local food markets etc, within an environment,  that  can enhance the quality of life and have a significant  influence on a population’s  health outcome.”The Social environmental factors  within  a community  are tied to one another so much so  that   a chain reaction occurs. One factor usually have an effect on the other whether negative or positive.       Education  can be considered   the primary factor of the social environment.  Studies have shown that there is an immediate relationship between  education  and  quality of health.  When  there is  more access to secondary and higher educational opportunities within a community, it is   likely to promote  positive health behaviors.  This is because  having the basic and necessary understanding of  food and proper  nutrition, the  digestion  process  as well as  understanding of the physical anatomy and exercise,  provides an   individual with  the knowledge and  awareness to  make healthier  choices  in their day to day life.  From drinking less soda and more water or  carving out time to  go to the gym. Are results from simply knowing the benefits and side effects of  making  good or bad   health choices.  Additionally,  education serves as a  bridge to    job opportunities,  employment, income  and  medical insurance and such like.   This is evident where  he National center of Health Statistics,  found that  “the life expectancy of a 25-year old american men without a highschool  diploma was 9.3 years  and   for  american  women, 8.6 years,  shorter than those  with a bachelor’s degree or higher education.”


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