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There have been many heroes in history since a long time. In the long list of heroes that there have been for the USA, only one is consider the best one. His name is George Washington. He was a guy that in the always found a solutions to a big problem. He was a very positive guy also. He was not a the type o& person we see most of the time that is selfish, he was humble. 
George Washington is a hero for United States since the war with the British ended. He was a guy that looked towards the future. Most of the people that were present when they named him general of the continental army were not so happy of that idea. They wanted someone who was brave enough to give his life for the thirteen colonies. But the people that thought of that did not know that he was that type of person. He was the type of guy who looked towards options that will benefit the society.
We all know that George Washington was the greatest leader of the whole continental army. He did not have any problem because he only gave orders. But we all know that a leader know at days does not care for their soldiers. I was able to find that some days he did not eat as a sign solidarity with their soldiers. Imagine being able to find that type of general it will be beneficial for everyone. 
Well we know that as time goes bye there have being good and bad governments in the USA. For example right now there is a bad government and the government before was great.  The father of the government system for most of the people is George Washington. They calle him the father because he with Thomas Jefferson were able to get of group of people who looked for the best of the country. He was able also to lower the debt. Imagine doing so many things by studying homeschool.  That man was a genius.
George Washington is called a hero and a revolutionary. Because as I have said throughout this essay, he always looked towards the future. He looked for bright ideas that will   help in all ways. For example in the economic he was able to increase the importation and exportation. That benefited the small business. He always found a terrific ideas. He was not the type of guy that did not work for the money. He worked for the people and for the sake of the country. 
So we can conclude that George Washington will be the most important hero there will ever be for the USA. He made many jobs for the people that were unemployed. Also he created the navy and improved the army. Th early had only 400 people at the beginning an later on the had 2,000,000 soldiers imagine that. So he was incredible guy


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