There unforeseen negative impact would be, many people

There are many benefits computers
have over humans – they can hold large amounts of information, which can be
accessed at any time, they can process calculations with unmatched quickness
and accuracy, and a computer’s ability to make a determination is solely based
on factual information, without the interference of emotions.  The one limitation computers have, that
humans do not, is the ability to use one’s perception or judgement.  In addition to reviewing the facts, humans
rely on judgement to assist in the decision making process. 

The text mentions forecasting and
how the use of historical data helps predict future trends.  Forecasting was previously a task that was
undertaken by a human, which has since been replaced by a computer.  Computers process the complex mathematical
computations, with unbeatable speed and accuracy.  Although technology has the capability to
improve efficiency, it also has the tendency to interfere and have adverse side
effects.  An example of an unforeseen
negative impact would be, many people rely so heavily on the use of technology,
that they do not learn the necessary skills needed, in the event there is an
interruption or in the event the technology suddenly becomes unavailable. 

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Law enforcement isn’t the only
field that has been revolutionized by the implementation of technology.  Technology has changed the banking,
insurance, and retail industries, with the implementation of automated systems,
self-checkouts, and electronic bank teller machines.  Now-a-days it is a rare occurrence to call a
company and have a receptionist or operator answer the phone.  This job was since taken over by automated

I work in the insurance industry
and have witnessed first-hand the positive and negative effects technology has
had by handling a job that was previously undertaken by a human. 

Technology has implemented another
way people can shop for and purchase insurance. 
Customers use to have the option to come in the office or call over the phone
to get an insurance quote.  Now with the
help of technology, people can go online, do the quote, and sign up for a
policy without any human interaction.  A
drawback to this is, not too many people have a good understanding of what
specific coverages are and when choosing a limit, they tend to pick the lowest
option because it is the cheapest.  The
problem arises when there is a claim and the insured didn’t purchase the
coverage needed to pay for the claim or another common occurrence is an insured
is involved in an accident and didn’t purchase enough insurance needed to
properly protect them.  Two major
positive impacts technology has had on the insurance industry is, it allows the
consumer the ability to shop around and find the best quote in a shorter amount
of time.  The other benefit is, the implementation
of the cyber insurance agent has lowered office overhead and payroll, thus
resulting in companies being able to charge less in premiums.



Ioimo, R. (2016). Introduction
to criminal justice information systems. Retrieved January 12, 2018


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