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Thesis Statement Luke 15:11–32 written by a man named Luke, it is a parable about 2 brothers who are each given a half of their father’s inheritance. How when one makes a mistake and is in trouble he is still welcomed back by his father. OutlineJesus tells a parable (15:11)The father splits his fortune  (15:12)Younger son waist his half  (15:13)A famine strikes  (15:14)Has to find work   (15:15–16)He goes to his father (15:17–19)Love of a father (15:20–24)Jealousy and anger (15:25–27)Confrontations (15:28–30)Explanations (15:31–32)Introduction Luke 15:11–32 is a parable written by Luke about two brothers. This parable is a story told by Jesus the purpose is to teach a lesson. This parable teaches a very big lesson that everybody should know. It teaches about the importance of family and how siblings need to learn to forgive. Also about how jealousy can be a big part of the life of siblings if one gets what the other cannot have. In the ancient time the fathers would give their inheritance to their sons and in this parable, it shows it being split between two brothers.  That is what happens in this parable it is about what happens after they get their inheritance and what each of them does with it.  It shows how to deal with loss and redemption how they strayed away from God but comes back when he realized that he had sinned. Historical context This parable is written by Luke the evangelist one of the four evangelists. The other 4 are Matthew, Mark, and John who created the 4 gospels. Luke the author of the book Luke, and Acts and they know he was a physician he was the only Gentile to write a part of the new testament( Also Luke was a very well educated and careful writer all of his work is very clear at what it means. The important thing to remember about this parable is that it is told by Jesus but written by Luke. It was predicted to have taken place in late 50’s A.D to the early 60’s A.D but nobody really knows. Also, some of the possible settings for this parable are Antioch, Achala, and Ephesus are some of the places that Luke might have written the book. All of those places are in turkey which is where Luke grew up and spent some of his life. It is said that most of the parables were directed to the Theophilus whose name means loved by God( Scholars do not know anything about Theophilus except that Luke wrote most of the parables to him. Though they do guess that Luke sent these books and parables to him for that he might get to know the work of Jesus Christ and become a firm believer. That is the history of the Parable of the lost son and the author Luke the evangelist who wrote the parable.  Jesus tells a Parable The Parable of the Lost Son starts of in Luke 15:11–12 by Jesus telling the story about a man and two sons. Though in the ancient times the father would give his inheritance to his sons most of the time the oldest would get more than the younger. The father in this parable gave an equal amount to his sons. Personally, I think that this would have already made the older son jealous and mad because he was supposed to get more of the inheritance. It is hard to not do anything with the money if you do not have any self-control. For example, when you get birthday or Christmas money to you save it and not spend it.  The younger son waste his inheritance Well, the younger son apparently did not have any self-control, because he gathered up all his possessions and money and went to a distant country. Where he spent all his money in wild living and soon did not have any money left at all(NIV).Famine strikes and has to find workWell, then what are you to do if you are in a position in life where you need money to live and survive. That is what happens to the younger son because a severe famine hit when he was staying and he did not have any money left. He is already sinning and turning away from God at this point but he is so desperate he hires himself out to feed pigs. In the passage, it says “he longed to fill his stomach with the pods that the pigs were eating”(NIV) but in this time pigs were seen as unclean and he is wanting to eat what they eat. Sometimes when people get desperate they do whatever they can to survive and sometimes sin. I think that he could have stayed faithful to God and let him guide him and known of this would have happened.Goes back to his father In the passage, he admits that he is sinning and ends up going back to his father for forgiveness. If you were a parent and your kid had gone away and came back you probably would not care what he did just that they were back safely.Jealousy and Anger When the younger brother left the older brother stayed faithful to his father never disobeying. Then when the younger brother came back his father killed the calf and welcomed him back with a party(NIV). The older one got nothing for being good so naturally jealous because one is getting a reward for doing bad. I think that the older one should be a little more understanding and welcome his brother back. Confrontations and explanations  Then the father should explain why it is important to welcome your siblings back even if they have done wrong. That even if they do wrong God sees our mistakes and will forgive us as we are not always perfect sons like the older one( Sometimes we need to depend on God like in this quote “God often waits until we are broken so that we will have only God to depend upon and he cannot fix what is not broken because He is opposed to those who are proud and will only give grace to the humble or the humbled (James 4:6).” so this explains that when the younger son has no one else to turn to he turns to God( That is the main idea of Luke 15:11–32 the parable of the prodigal son.Application In the parable of the Prodigal Son, you can apply it in several ways. You could use this as a way to teach siblings to not get jealous of what the other sibling has and be grateful for what they have. Then it also tells about spending your money wisely and staying faithful to God. Cause we know that most young teens would spend all their money on stuff that they do not need.  The prodigal son is a wonderful parable that can teach you many lessons in different ways. Conclusion Finally at the end of the parable the brothers finally come to a little but of a understanding. It teaches us a wonderful lesson about jealousy and to not turn away from God but if you do he will always welcome you back to him. This can tell us how we need to act and behave nowadays as well as what they did in the ancient times. I believe that this can teach lots of kids what will happen if you follow theses brother examples. That is what I thought that the prodigal son parable written by Luke ment. Bibliography “Luke 15:11-32 – The Prodigal Son.” The Parable of the Prodigal son, L. DeAne Lagerquist, 12 Dec. 2016, “Who Was Luke in the Bible?”, 4 Jan. 2017.”Parable of the Prodigal Son: Summary, Meaning and, Commentary.” Patheos | Hosting the Conversation on Faith.Web. NIV, Luke 15:11-32


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