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This semester I have experienced thrilling live musical performances. Some of the performances have let me down but for the most part, the performances have been everything I expected them to be. My favorite performance this year was Ultra Music Festival. Ultra music festival changed the way I experienced and listened to music. The event was held at Bayfront Park. This is a very famous location to host events like Ultra Music Festival. The park began construction in 1924 and was officially opened to the public in March 1925. Bayfront Park is maintained by Bayfront Park Management Trust. Everyone in this festival was admired by all the great performers. There were water stations where you can fill up your water bottles so you stay hydrated during the party. I felt at home when I was at the festival and I am sure that everyone else did too. Everyone is welcoming and they seem to be carefree and relaxed while they are still having a good time listening to their favorite electronic dance music.Ultra Music Festival is incredibly wild and exotic. People from all over the world traveled to this three-day event. Ultra Music Festival, also known as UMF is one of the most widely known house music concerts in the world. All the great DJ play their new music in UMF.The music that was played at the festival was house music. House music is a genre of electronic dance music that first came about in Chicago, Illinois in the early 1980’s. It was first made popular in the 80’s nightclubs for African Americans and Latino Americans in Chicago. House music then spread to other places such as New York City, New Jersey, Toronto, Tokyo, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami. It then reached and began to influence popular music in Europe with great hit songs. House music is usually made by using a drum machine, sampler, synthesizer, sequencer, turntables, and a computer program to create the beats. House music usually does not have a singer but it sometimes can. The songs are not made by anyone’s instrument playing but more of a computer creating a beat by the artist.UMF has been around for a long time and has been gaining fame ever since. It is America’s second largest electronic music festival, after the Electric Daisy Carnival. This year, a record 165,000 people attended UMF. Getting your tickets for this event and getting them at a good price is practically impossible. Pre-sale tickets for UMF sold out within 20 minutes. Not too long after the resale tickets increased from $150 to $250. Also, the $600 VIP admission were also sold out in 30 minutes. UMF is a highly competitive event for DJ’s because of its great music. The performers in this concert were also amazing. On the first day, the best DJ’s were Tiesto, Skrillex, and Afrojack. Tiesto is a Dutch musician, DJ and record producer of electronic dance music that played his hit song “secrets” to open his set. Skrillex was born on January 15, 1988, and is an American electronic music producer and former singer/songwriter that played my favorite song “Summit”. Afrojack was born on September 9th, 1987 and is a Dutch music producer and DJ that ended the festival with “No beef”. These DJ’s set the tone for the festival and the crowd would go crazy once their names were announced.Ultra Music Festival was a wonderful experience for and something that I definitely want to visit again. From the light show to the artists’ everything was perfect. The magnitude of this festival is unexplainable and almost surreal.


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