This repeated until the threshold exceeds. The acquisition

synchronization scheme in figure 4 is used for a conventional chaotic DSSS
technique. The SCG is a synchronization process in which there is two phases
separated acquisition and tracking. Looking into the acquisition phase, we use
the correlator to calculate the value between the local chaotic sequence and
the received signal. As soon as the correlator is triggered by the pulses {pl}
then eventually stops on it own after a certain period depending on the
applications duration, Ts = ?? . The correlators output is then squared,with
the square value at a fixed threshold. What is important and people usually
don’t know is that the local chaotic sequence is shifted and advance by one
chip period, if the threshold does not exceed past. This process is repeated
until the threshold exceeds. The acquisition phase is then put to a halt as the
synchronization process continues to track the signal and phase. What the
tracking maintains is the local chaotic sequence in synchronism mode with the
incoming signal. The noted signal received is fed  o two correlators, where the two outputs from
the chaotic generator with either an early or late  sequences is delayed by the other signal which
is less than the time period ? . In order to get the correlation value you must
square the value before being subtracted from each other. Once this value is
discovered and there is a difference in value we input the loop filter that
drives the (VCO). Here, the VCO as a clock for a chaotic generator. Although if
the synchronization is not precisely exact, the squared output from one of the
two correlators overrides the other and once this happens the VCO will either
be  advanced or delayed depending on the
situation . In order to find the exact synchronism completely you must have to
have two squared outputs that are would equally displaced from the peaks value.

As for a synchronized chaotic sequence is used for the despreading process and
data recovery. The received signal is the sum of the transmitted signal and the
noise of AWGN channel.


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