Thoroughly organized campaigns, controlled balloting, and held mask

     Thoroughly considered the course materiel
we concentrated on an assortment of points, about what has occurred
consistently, one of the real themes I concentrated on would be Chapter 20.
Section 20 discusses the Politics and Government between 1877-1900. As a result
of the information pick up from this theme in this paper I would discuss, The
Structure and Styles of Policies, Public Policies, National Elections, and The
breaking points of Government.














     In the nineteenth century politics was an
interesting activity. Political parties ran the political life in the 19th
centuries and to this very day; we have become so competitive around election
times, just to persuade the mind of the public. Parties have organized
campaigns, controlled balloting, and held mask rallies just so that the public
can hear which political parties offer something different, an persuade the
minds of us all. But some people go just to see what is given out for
attendance “free paraphilia”. Historically prevalent forms of
government include aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy and tyranny. Picking
or voting a government in isn’t always easy, identifying a form of government
is also difficult because a large number of political system movements are
carried out by governments, each party have come up with specific party name to
distinguish themselves from one another.

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     Sometimes people forget that experience
comes along with the fancy name, the need to focus more on movements and powers,
and the strong ties they may have to particularly push a change.

     But everyone is committed to their own
party of choice, even if it’s a house hold legacy to vote for a particular
person, or if it’s because they are persuaded by friends or spouse they are
still entitled to vote for whomever they want. But during the time woman were
unable to vote, but thank God that the years have changed tremendously and now
we have a right to vote.            Although woman could not vote in
national elections, in the 19th centuries they still were able to
give a campaign speech, sometimes work hand to hand with a male, but woman did
not stop there they began working with other woman in hopes of creating their
own organization that they successfully accomplished.

      Starting today things has changed ladies
are currently permitted to vote, as well as they are permitted to voice their feelings
and even participate in a general race by running a gathering and being viewed
as an applicant on the poling vote to be the following government official. In
1888 J. Ellen Foster set up a gathering called the Woman’s National Republican
Association and made it into one of the greatest Republican Party that
concentrated on lady suffrage.

           In the 19th century the civil
war and reconstruction year congress and presidency was divided between four or
more parties, a small and efficient bureau and judicial restraints joined
together in a powerful, but yet very private group interest to decease the size
of the federal government. However this situation divided the parties into
factions along with regional, interest and economic lines, these leading issues
often played only a small role in determining elections. In the 90’s economic,
political, and social pressures a crisis for both political system and the

     But when a devastating depression spawned
social misery and labor management violence, changed the mines and attitudes of
many people and leading to new demands and requesting a change in the
government and a realignment of parties and voters. Because of so many issues
being brought up, developments set the stage for important political, economic,
and social changes in the new century. As of  now to this very day elections has rules,
regulations and guidelines insure that everything stays in order in order to
have an successful election.











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