Through might seem limiting, we can again, associate

Through time, humans will keep evolving. We are
always adapting to the sudden shifts there are in the environment and society
around us. Whatever changes occur within us will affect our linguistic ability,
as both of them coexist with each other. One cannot survive without the other.

As said before, a crucial mutation may trigger a change in our DNA, that could
greatly change the way we speak and think.

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Our ancestors lived day and night making tools,
in order to survive. This is a proof of how our brains are capable of
developing and it shows how creative we are. This development and creativeness
is also associated with the progress we make in 6,912 different languages that
exist today. As seen in class, as babies turn into adults, one of the ways our
brain develops is by changing its size. It gets bigger for us to be able to
store more information. In the future, it is possible for us to use even longer
words. In fact, there exists a town with the name “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch,”
and people could recite it without the need of reading it from somewhere. Also,
there exists the Jejemon language, with the purpose of prolonging a word. This
may lead to using numbers in a different form too. It is possible to give
numbers arbitrary meanings, just like what we do to words.


Aside from brain
development, it is evident that there are numerous advancements in technology.

More things are available 3D, as it is more effective in grabbing attention, as
it seems cooler. In the college of Engineering, there is actually a subject
called ES 1, to develop the imaginary skills of students. A lot of people are
having a hard time imagining, but it is definitely something you get better at
after going through rigorous practice. Because of this, we may be using more
icons when we write in the future; pictures are worth a thousand words after
all. Instead of letters on our keyboard, simple pictures or icons can replace
it. An example of this is mandarin, wherein they use logograms. Although that
might seem limiting, we can again, associate arbitrary meanings to these.


Lastly, Robin Dunbar (1993, 1996) mentioned that socializing has
been increasingly important to us. Especially now that Facebook, Twitter, and
other social media platforms are already part of our everyday lives. Maybe
Nosedive, an episode in Black Mirror, is foretelling what is in it for us in
the future. As shown in that episode, people could easily express their like or
dislike towards someone by giving them a rating over five. Instead of putting
your judgment into words, you can easily let them know how you feel about them
with just one click. Unfortunately, it determines one’s social rank, which
should not be given importance to. Aside from that, Dunbar also stated that we
live in a fast-paced world, we do not want to waste our time. So even when it
comes to communicating, we want it quick, especially when it comes to gossips.

This may lead to incorporating simple sounds back into our language. Ever since
our posture shifted, it allowed us to produce more speech sounds; something
that monkeys are not capable of.

All of the possible changes in our linguistic ability are still
subject to what will change in the future, and how we will adapt to it. 


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