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Throughout Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” two lovers are bickering over a tough decision that the young women–Jig–has to make. In the beginning of the story, they are both sitting drinking beer when Jig mentions how the hills nearby, “look like white elephants.” Even though this statement seems somewhat odd, or out of place, she is actually just alluding to her pregnancy, which in the case of this story she has to make a major life decision about.    Jig and her lover are both at odds at the begging of the story. Jig is a little hesitant to perform “the operation” whereas the Lover is adamant that she goes through with it. He thinks the only solution to this problem is for Jig to go through an abortion. This may be because he fears being a father and the responsibility that comes with that. He is so overcome with this fear of responsibility he does not see that they have more than one option here. Not only do they not have to have an abortion but they have several other options here. They could keep the child and raise him themselves, or they could at least give the child up for adoption, but the Man does not even realize these options exist as he is trying to remain in denial and in this place of passionate love that he and Jig have been in for the past several weeks to months. So instead of going through one of the other choices they have, the man continues to pressure Jig into getting an abortion.    Jig, at this point, is quite overwhelmed with all her emotions. She is being pestered by the man to submit to him, and what he wants. While she feels inclined to listen to her lover in this decision she is also a little hesitant because she doesn’t want to go through this operation and also she doesn’t know whether she actually wants to get rid of the baby or not. The lover tells Jig not to worry because he “know(s) lots of people that have done it (before).” Trying to pacify her thoughts he adds this so it does not seem like such a bad ordeal to go through. The man is very weary to Jig’s choice because whatever she decides is majorly going to affect him. If she decides to keep the baby then he is either going to have to accept responsibility, which he doesn’t want to do, and become a father and husband, or he will have to leave her running away from the terror of responsibility.    While Jig is attempting to come up with a decision of what to do with her baby her lover is profusely trying to persuade Jig to get an abortion. He even goes to the point of leveraging his love if she doesn’t do what he wants her to do, making her respond with, “If I do it you’ll be happy and things will be like they were and you will love me?” He is emotionally abusing her in the relationship so that she will do what he wants her to do. Jig becomes so overwhelmed by the end of the story she just bursts out and shouts, “would you please please please please stop talking.” She is so overwhelmed at this point that she noncommittally shrugs her lover off with an, “I feel fine.” She doesn’t make an absolute decision near the end of the story but  instead leaves us off with a sense of uncertainty towards her decision While the lover is still nervous about Jig’s decision, he has  greater confidence that she will decide to get an abortion, as he has done his best to inadvertently convince her that an abortion would be the best option for her and there relationship to do so.


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