Throughout To help me develop my characters Cassie

 Throughout my research of musical theatre I know that there are key features and structures which are forms, themes and characters. The reason I am talking about these three features and structures is because I have rehearsed in depth the insight of musical theatre to my study of A Chorus Line.Primary Research – Dreamgirls Workshop Therapy research; To help me develop my characters Cassie and Larry in A Chorus Line I have taken part in many workshops for example we were given a motif to learn in London at the dreamgirls workshop which was very fast, sassy and modern, and I managed to get through to the last stage of performing with only a few dancers left at the end, it gave me a feel of what Cassie’s character is all about being; independent, a soloist doing what’s right for her and what suits her. I found it a real challenge but I knew that Cassie’s role wouldn’t be easy anyway, as I haven’t maintained a serious role or had dancer’s role before so it was a really big step up. A huge tackle!New York dance workshop In another workshop I was mainly paying attention to how the choreographer was delivering the workshop to give me ideas of how to give off Larry the other character I was playing which was the choreographer also in A Chorus Line, she gave me ways of coming across friendly towards the auditionees which seemed nice to not always be the nasty/pushy choreographer however to still be the strict, helpful and happy one. She knew exactly what she was doing everything flowed continuously throughout the workshop, she was helpful with corrections and critics which is how I suddenly had the idea of playing Larry that way different to everyone else.Excel dance academy trainingFrom knowing Cassie’s a dancer and i’m not a dancer, but an actor I found that taking extra dance classes would help me discover Cassie within myself a lot more and understanding her story inside and out. I know that she is flexible and strong within movements of her own so I had to train myself to do all of these things to help me understand yet again my character but also to feel comfortable performing a role like that on stage at that standard. These extra classes i would take ballet, tap, commercial and stretch just to try and expand on what i could potentially do when it came to performing.Secondary Research To gain more information on my characters I took up research on both to get previous and past evidence on how i could make my showings better. I started off by searching for both of my characters ages as they were not in the actual script as they aren’t really auditionees there just (the directors) Zach’s friends/colleagues. I found both of their ages on ( / which was very convinient as it had alot of other useful information too about there lives and backgrounds and the contrast between the stage production and the film showing. I had undertaken to look at many youtube clips for the role of Cassie as I wanted to play her completely different to anyone else, I wanted to show my acting skills off to the best of my ability so I maintained in finding one of Charlotte D’Amboise ( this youtube clip opened so many doors for me on how to look at things and on how not to look at things how to soften some areas with characters but then to get frustrated and angry when coming to talk to Zach as of the connection they had between one another. When coming to research my characters costume for Cassie I liked the film versions more than the stages as if you look the films version of Cassie’s purple leotard shows off her legs and whole body figure whereas on the stage it’s a bright red leotard with a chiffon skirt that doesn’t show off as much in my opinion as she’s a soloist and wants to be center of attention and the red yes is a good colour but not with the skirt as it blocks the whole meaning behind Cassie as a dancer. ( and 


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