Timeless or Everlasting God Essay

The definition of an everlasting God would be a God that has existed throughout clip and infinite. linked to God’s feature of being ubiquitous. fundamentally intending that He is present everyplace at all times. This would intend that he is a personal God as he is subjective and is involved with humanity. This back up events like miracles and disclosures within the universe. as they are caused by God so are grounds of his personal relationship with worlds. The definition of a timeless God would intend that God exists outside of clip.

This links to the feature of God which some trusters believe he is ; transcendent. This means that God exists outside of clip and infinite so hence has an impersonal relationship with humanity. significance He would non be able to act upon humanity in the signifier of miracles or disclosures. This position is normally thought by trusters of free thought. who believe that an almighty God created the universe. but so left it to ‘do its ain thing and learn from its ain mistakes’ and no longer looks over it.

There are more benefits to an everlasting God. chiefly because it would explicate how miracles occur. However it besides means that there can be disclosures in the signifier of praying as a personal God may reply one’s supplications as He is within the existence. Another advantage would be that a personal God can besides seek to learn us right from incorrect and would train us like a parental figure.

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This is shown in Genesis chapter 1. where God is besides shown to hold more human-like features and he punishes Adam and Eve much like a parental figure demoing his personal relationship with worlds. Besides the biggest benefit would be that it be proof that Jesus was the Son of God. However an advantage of holding a timeless God would be that as God exists outside clip and infinite so he would see all events and therefore he would cognize everything ; past. nowadays and hereafter. This would intend that he would be an all-knowing God.


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