Title: the past and present, or never bullied.

Title: Peer Victimization in Fifth Grade and Health in Tenth Grade
Researchers: Laura M. Bogart, Marc N. Elliott, David J. Klein, Susan R. Tortolero, Sylvie Mrug, Melissa F Peskin, Susan L. Davies, Elizabeth T. Schink, Mark A. Schuster
URL: https://www.rand.org/pubs/external_publications/EP51718.html
Student: Tabitha Biesinger

The research question: How does bullying, both current and past, affect the physical and mental health of youth in elementary and high school? (Bogart, L. M. 2014, March 1) This was the question and they were in search of an answer. The researchers state that there were only few studies that have been conducted to determine how children are affected in the long run. This was their reason to go forward with their research.
The team began by analyzing data from 4,297 children that were surveyed in three different grades from three different cities. The researchers used multivariable regressions to test the longterm association of bullying with the physical and mental health by comparing children that have been bullied in the past, in the present, in the past and present, or never bullied. The results showed that children who’ve experienced bullying have worse overall health, higher risk of depression, and decreased self-worth. From the results they were able to find that health is worst in children who are have both present and past bullying experience and best health in children with no bullying experience. The conclusion is that both past and present bullying are linked to substantially worse health. A key finding is that children who have been bullied have worse health and lower self worth. Their recommendation is if doctors, teachers, parents, etc. can recognize bullying early enough, they might be able to intervene and prevent a a downward health spiral for children who are repeatedly targeted. 
This research project really highlights the major risks of being bullied. I think everyone should be aware of the real issues it can cause.

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