To instruments and will coordinate with the medical

To face the ongoing challenges, the
Republic of Tajikistan proposes the implementation of the “Social Support
Project (SOS)” which consists in two main pillars. First, we need to get the
ways of funding to sustain the help to the refugees. The goal budget for 2018
are 7 billion dollars worldwide which involve refugees (83%), stateless (1%)
programmes and reintegration (6%) and internally Displaced Persons (IDP)
projects (10%). This can be through the UNHCR, developed countries in America,
Europe, Oceania and Asia through donations, private donors; which were the
biggest contributors in the year 2017, or work for tax. The second pillar
consists in getting support for the social workers through volunteering. They
will be in charged of working to improve health in accordance with specialists
of areas such as physicians, nurses, medical technicians, engineers, teachers,
planners, among others specialists or professionals. We will make an agreement
with the State hospitals so that the doctors work as volunteers 1 day a week,
specially specialists in pediatrics, gynecology, infectious diseases, mental
health specialists and surgeons, who work in the change of donation of taxes.

To encourage programs so that voluntary medical assistance programs represent a
certain percentage of discount in taxes, this would be done through
governmental organizations who will channel the logistics of this system. We
need to contact the pharmaceutical industries in order to send products to us
free of charge, these donations would be reduced from their tax payments as
well, we would channel the logistics through the health secretaries of the
donor countries with the recipient countries, this group of medicines would
involve treatment medicines for acute and chronic diseases, vaccines, medical
instruments and will coordinate with the medical equipment development
companies with social support personnel. The donations will help to feed the
population so that in this way diseases are reduced, sanitation is ready in the
camps. We will work in coordination with the Ministry of Health to implement
the best environmental health conditions, supervising what are potable water
networks and draining through specialized people. This proposal will also help to address the Rohinhya Crisis by
training the social workers in order to avoid the expansion of the disease.

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