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Today, there are about millions of immigrants who brought their religion with them to Minnesota. Most of these immigrant are Hmong, Somali, Karen, and etc. They have spread their religion throughout Minnesota. These religion include Hinduism, Judaism and my religion animism. Judaism is an monotheistic religion that was developed in the Middle East around 1800 B.C. (Fasulo). Before Judaism was developed Hinduism came in first. Hinduism is an polytheistic religion in India (Arneson). However, animism was developed in different part of the world. It could be either a religion or belief (“What Do Animists Believe? What Is Animism”). But to me, I consider animism as a religion. In this essay, I will be telling the similarities and differences of these belief systems.To start off with, the Hindu religion and Judaism have several similarities. These two religions are both the oldest religion. Both religion believe in life after death. In Hinduism, the Hindu accept reincarnation. Reincarnation is define as the belief that the individual soul is reborn in a different form after death (Fasulo). When the body dies, the soul is eternal and lives on. On the other hand, Jews believe that resurrection give people a immortal spiritual body to live in after death. Both religion says that the soul cannot be destroyed. This is how Hinduism and Judaism both view the belief in afterlife. However, many difference are founded from the origins, beliefs and spread between the two.  Again, Judaism is a monotheistic religion and was developed in the Middle East. The Jews spread the ideas of Judaism in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, and eventually America. This religion was founded by Abraham. He was considered the father of the jewish people (Fasulo). Jews see him as a symbol of trusting and obeying god. The Jews believe in one god and sabbath. Sabbath is a the day set aside for rest (Chaffee). Unlike Judaism, Hinduism didn’t have a founder and a clear starting point. It was developed and spread after the Aryan migrated in India. Hinduism was spread around the world, but it mostly stay in India because it reflected the Indian culture. It was considered a polytheistic religion. A belief in many gods and goddess but reflect them under one Supreme God, Brahman. They also that god exist in everything so they respect all living things and practice nonviolence towards all creatures even to cow. This talks about how Hinduism and Judaism started out differently, have different beliefs, and diffused more broadly around the world.Finally, the type of belief I practice is Hmong animism. It is part of the oldest type of religion. Animism believe that souls or spirit exist not only in humans but also in animals, plants, trees, rocks and all natural forces and phenomena such as the rain, sun and moon (“What Do Animists Believe? What Is Animism”). We also believe in the shaman healing and guidance. Some people say that Animism isn’t a religion, but a belief because it doesn’t have an origin and founder. Just like Hinduism they had no founder. In animism, we don’t have a specific holy text or scripture like the Vedas and Torah. I think the reason for that is because we focus on the problem of daily life. However, the story’s and tradition still keep it alive. Some of the tradition that my religion have in common Hinduism and Judaism is new year festival. The new year festival happens every year. Rosh Harshananda is celebrated by the Jews (Chaffee). The Hindu celebrate the Festival of Lights called Diwali (Arneson). In my religion, we celebrate Hmong New Years and practice ancestor worship. Like most Hmong, our houses would have a red cloth hanging on the door. We hang a red cloth there to to keep bad spirits out. Overall, my beliefs have a lot more difference than similarities to Hinduism of how we believe in spirit and shaman, but both have no founder.       In conclusion, throughout writing this essay I have show the similarities and difference between Hinduism and Judaism to my religion. These belief system have many difference. They all are the oldest religions and celebrate New Years. Though Hinduism and Judaism are different, the two religions shared the belief in afterlife. The difference between these two religions are that Hinduism is polytheistic and Judaism is monotheistic, they have different beliefs, and Judaism had diffused more broadly than Hinduism. Finally, my religion is different to Hinduism because of the belief in spirits and shaman.


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