Today The abstracts are also in the form

Today we are going to discuss about scientific literature
, it is actually the way to represent the research ,by help of this many experts
,scholars, philosopher etc communicate with each other  by introducing some new research on any part
of different  field.  By the help of this researchers convey their
research to world also.                                                                                          
basic types of scientific literature are primary literature and secondary
First of all we will discuss about 
Primary literature: Original
research means(no notes) which is done by researchers in their  individual fields is called primary literature.
These literatures are done in two ways, one is done individually and other is
done in the form of groups. It is further categorize in to several types one is
Journal Articalspapers: are of two
ways one is called peer review means (your contemporaries) in this  type paper are check first then published
paper are check by experts and written by experts and approved by an expert the
experts are your contemporaries, second one is called not peer review paper
which are not check by any one and directly published.                                                                        Articlespapers are  also of  many types from which one is short paper
called short communication is something we called very exciting reakthrough and
also rapid communication comes in it with the help of this researchers  communicate something immediately.                                                                            
 Then some paper are of long paper
which is more technical is called Review paper. Review report are different from review paper because both are I
different formats in review reports we discuss about highlights Practical
aspects.                                                                                                                          Also  papers  are written 
for conferences is called conference proceeding papers. The book which
is given when registering of conference is done this is also form of paper and
called extended abstracts it is small paper consist of two pages normally.                                                                                       
                        Dissertation in normal language we
called it normally thesis like MS thesis PHD thesis, etc.  Also one type of thesis which contain 60 to
100 pages basically these pages are introduction pages based on multiple
research paper are of 8 or more this is called one idea and normally used in
western countries in other hand Manuscript
Is also one type of thesis it in the form of book may be of 800 pages and
more or less.                                                               
                                                                                                   Pictorial Abstract Know a days the
abstract are conceits of picture and are called pictorial abstracts. The
abstracts are also in the form of video’s
some research are done in the form of videos the videos are recorded and send
is called videos abstracts. Videos are also of may types one of them is in the
form of interview but the interview should be of expert only .also videos
conference is done in business meetings at high level done between executives
and due to their expertise the business forecasting is done which  is purely base reserch very important for an
organization .The papers which are printed in news paper are called magazine


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