Topic: Current Issue. 4 3.1. Previous Issue. 4

                                                   Topic:Quality Assurance and Quality Analysis of Boutique ManagementSystem.Course Name: Software Quality AssuranceGroup No. SQA_7Asad Mehmood        B-18854M. Junaid Khan       B-19224Ammar Ayub            B-19226Rimsha Saleem          B-18827Prof.

Masroor Hussain  1        Table of Contents 1       Table of Contents. 2 1.      Introduction to Topic. 3 2.      Introduction to Organization or concept: 3 2.1.

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       Features of the project 3 3.      Previous and Current Issue. 4 3.1.       Previous Issue. 4 3.

2.       Current Issue. 4 3.3.

       Security Issue. 5 3.4.       Graphical user interphase issues. 5 4.      How and Why related to the topic to organization: 6 4.1.       How to do: 6 5.

      What is relevance / role of SQA in solution problem.. 7 6.      How Problem Solved. 8 6.1.       Security Issue.

8 6.2.       Graphical user Interface.

9 7.      Conclusions Recommendations. 9 7.1.

       Conclusions. 9 7.2.       Recommendations. 9           1.    Introduction to Topic.

            This is basicallythe “Boutique Management system”, this project is made on (MVC). Thisis Portal type application and its data is saved on SQL database server. Basicallywe analyze its quality and assurance whether it is secure or not and it has beenmade according to any standard or not.  2.

    Introduction to Organizationor concept:            Boutique systemhas been developed on MVC and my sql. This is basically web base portal, this application is made for designerand boutique owner who want to publish their design. The boutique owner maketheir profiles as single web page they upload their design on their profilepages and also they give phone, location and contact info. Customers come tosee their design when they like any design they contact with boutique they giveorder and give their measurements. The online boutique system also helps ourcustomers to find out their stitched clothes and how much time is required forstitching. When the clothes are stitched the boutique owner notify the customerthrough phone or e-mail, customer collect the dress after notification.

Theapplication also helps the boutique owner to watch which clothes are stitchedand how much are pending that tailor is stitching which clothes if some clothesare stitched and delivered the system have also recorded them and its payment.The main objective for developing this project is to manage all orders andtrack the record of the measurements and further boutique details.2.1.  Features of the project ·      Providesthe searching facilities based on various factors. Such as Boutique, Customer,Designs, Products·      OnlineBoutique Management also manage the Orders details online for Designs details,Products details, Boutique.·      Ittracks all the information of Designer, Orders, and Designs.·      Managethe information of Designer·      Showsthe information and description of the Boutique, Customer·      Toincrease efficiency of managing the Boutique, Designer·      Itdeals with monitoring the information and transactions of Designs.

·      Managethe information of Boutique·      Editing,adding and updating of Records is improved which results in proper resourcemanagement of Boutique data.·      Managethe information of Designs·      Integrationof all records of Products.  3.

   Previous and Current Issue3.1. Previous Issue The old manual systemwas suffering from a series of drawbacks.

Since whole of the system was to bemaintained with hands the process of keeping, maintaining and retrieving theinformation was very tedious and lengthy. The records were never used to be ina systematic order. There used to be lots of difficulties in associating anyparticular transaction with a particular context. If any information was to befound it was required to go through the different registers, documents therewould never exist anything like report generation. There would always beunnecessary consumption of time while entering records and retrieving records.One more problem was that it was very difficult to find errors while enteringthe records. Once the records were entered t was very difficult to update theserecords.   The reasonbehind it is that there is lot of information to be maintained and have to bekept in mind while running the business .

For this reason we have providedfeatures Present system is partially automated (computerized), actuallyexisting system is quite Laborious as one has to enter same information atthree different places3.2.Current IssueIn the existingsystem the exams are done only manually but in proposed system we have tocomputerize the exams using this application.·      Lackof security of data.·      Timeconsuming.

·      Consumeslarge volume of work.·      Nodirect role for the higher officials All the fields take invalid values. Each form for Boutique, Designer, Orders accept blank value fields There is no validations and check for avoiding errors in data Recording of all the reproduced error3.3. Security Issue To develop applications without anythought of security until the application is fully developed. This is thetypical “let’s throw it over the wall to the IT security team” scenario.

The problem with this scenario is that any security problems identified justbefore deployment will cause either the development team or the IT securityteam big headaches. Either the product is going to be deployed with securityholes or the application is going to be delayed, because it needs more cyclesthrough the SDLC to remediate the security risk.·      No security as data can be misplaced or damaged; lastly,it was not offers a user friendly work environment. ·       A mistake in software that can be directly used by a hacker to gain access to a system or network ·      Boutiqueowner’s data is not secured because there is no security barriers in theproject. ·       Flaws, faults, bugs, and other errors in software implementation, code, design, or architecture that if left unaddressed could result in systems and networks being to attack. 3.

4. Graphical user interphase issues User Interface Design is concerned with the dialogue between a user and the computer. It is concerned with everything from starting the system or logging into the system to the eventually presentation of desired inputs and outputs. The overall flow of screens and messages is called a dialogue. The following steps are various guidelines for User Interface Design: The system user should always be aware of what to do next. The screen should be formatted so that various types of information, instructions and messages always appear in the same general display area.

Message, instructions or information should be displayed long enough to allow the system user to read them. Use display attributes sparingly. Default values for fields and answers to be entered by the user should be specified. A user should not be allowed to proceed without correcting an error.

The system user should never get an operating system message or fatal error.   4.     How and Why related to the topic to organization: The aim of proposed system is to develop a system of improved facilities. The proposed system can overcome all the limitations of the existing system. The system provides proper security and reduces the manual work. ·       Security of data. ·       Ensure data accuracy’s. ·       Proper control of the higher officials.

·       Minimize manual data entry. ·       Minimum time needed for the various processing. ·       Greater efficiency. ·       Better service.

·       User friendliness and interactive. ·       Minimum time required.   4.

1. How to do: ·      Inthe first step, we will select the test factors and rank them. The selectedtest factors such as reliability, maintainability, portability, will be placedin the matrix according to their ranks.·      The secondstep is for identifying the phases of the development process. The phase shouldbe recorded in the matrix.·      Thethird step is that identifying the business risks of the software deliverables.

The risks will be ranked into three ranks such as high, medium and low.5.     What is relevance / role of SQA in solution problem  5.1.  Software qualityassurance (SQA) is a critical part of software development it includes softwaretesting and it is a team consists on software testers and SQA engineers.5.2.   SQA help us tofind solution and solve problems which are occurred in organizations or in thesoftware.

All the fields such as Boutique, Customer, Products are validated and does not take invalid values Each form for Boutique, Designer, Orders cannot accept blank value fields Avoiding errors in data Controlling amount of input Integration of all the modules/forms in the system. Preparation of the test cases. Preparation of the possible test data with all the validation checks. Actual testing done manually. Recording of all the reproduced errors. Modifications done for the errors found during testing. Prepared the test result scripts after rectification of the errors.

Functionality of the entire module/forms. Validations for user input. Checking of the Coding standards to be maintained during coding. Testing the module with all the possible test data. Testing of the functionality involving all type of calculations.

Commenting standard in the source files. The system user should always be aware of what to do next. The screen should be formatted so that various types of information, instructions and messages always appear in the same general display area. Message, instructions or information should be displayed long enough to allow the system user to read them.

Use display attributes sparingly. Default values for fields and answers to be entered by the user should be specified. A user should not be allowed to proceed without correcting an error. The system user should never get an operating system message or fatal error.6.   How Problem Solved  6.

1.    Security Issue We are using the International Software Testing Standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-2 for security issue.Theaim of ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-2 is to define a generic process model for softwaretesting that can be used within any software development life cycle testing.

The model specifies test processes that can be used to, manage and implementsoftware testing in any organization, project or testing activity.Ref:  We are usingthe Test Planning process.Ref. http://www.softwaretestingstandard.

org/part2.php First of all weare understanding the context we which implemented, In the project we check theblack whole and loop.    6.2.        Graphical user Interface The designshould be very simple in the form of icons or buttons through them the user caneasily understand that his desired task or action can be done by these iconsand buttons. There should be a sequence of actions in the form of menu whereall the desired action of the user can be easily done. The fonts and buttons used will be intended to be very fast and easyto load on web pages. The pages will be kept light in space so that it won’t takea long time for the page.

 7.     Conclusions Recommendations   7.1.        ConclusionsA description of the background and context of the project and itsrelation to work already done in the area. We define the problem on which weare working in the project. We included features and operations in detail,including screen layouts. We designed user interface and security issuesrelated to system. Finally the system is implemented and tested according totest cases.

We understand the problem domain and produce a model of the system,which describes operations that can be performed on the system. 7.2.        Recommendations We recommend that if Boutique Management System does more work forits Features and accessibilitiesit can competitively beat Other Boutique Management system.

Organization anykind now a days just see how their product is more efficient and user Friendlyand user also see that which product either it was software base or not is userfriend and efficient for him. So providing best featuresand use friendly term can give an opportunity to grow up his customers and makea name in software industry.                  (: ——————-ThankYou—————– : )……………………………………………End………………………………………………