Topics for World Economy

CHANGE Speak on the ways companies should react to changes. Give examples. What is change for businessmen? How should they manage it to be more effective? Speak on any business case where change was handled well or badly. CULTURES 1. The importance of cultural awareness in the business world. 2. Speak on some examples of cultural differences. Ways to escape from cultural pitfalls. 3. What makes people experience culture shock? Culture shock phases. TRADE 1. Advantages and disadvantages of free trade. 2. Speak on the general principles and concepts of fair trade.

Fair trade today. 3. The future of trade, its perspectives and dangers. BRANDS 1. Why do people need brands? What makes them loyal to brands? 2. Speak about your favourite brands. 3. Outsourcing luxury goods. TRAVEL 1. What do you like and dislike about travelling? Describe your best and worst travelling experience. 2. Road and air rage. What causes them and what can be done to prevent it? 3. Speak about the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of travelling (by air/ train/ sea/ car/ or on foot). ORGANIZATION 1. What kind of organization would you like to work at? Think about the size, location, working environment, sphere of business, culture, etc. ) 2. Describe the structure of a typical company or a company you know well. 3. Speak about any unusual company (e. g. SOL). GLOBALIZATION 1. What do you think are the reasons and consequences of globalization? 2. Does globalization do more harm than good? Speak on its advantages and disadvantages. 3. Do you agree with the opinion that globalization lowers people’s living standards and leads to a loss of cultural diversity? Prove your point of view. ETHICS 1. Is it important for companies to have a code of ethics?

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Why? /Why not? Speak about a code of ethics which you would like your future business to have. 2. Comment on the term “business ethics”. What business would you call ethical? 3. What makes a business unethical? Give examples of unethical behaviour which would make you stop doing business with a company. INNOVATION 1. How important do you think are innovations for a commercial success of a company? Give reasons and examples. 2. Describe a few beneficial and a few impractical innovations. When were they invented? What are they used for? What is your opinion of them? 3.

Speak about advantages and disadvantages of patenting inventions. ADVERTISING 1. Speak on the types of adverts and their advantages and disadvantages. 2. Speak about the principles of a successful advertising campaign. 3. Talk about benefits of advertising for consumers and business people. MONEY 1. Describe the types of investors. 2. Speak on the ways people and companies can invest. 3. How can companies meet their sales targets? EMPLOYMENT 1. Speak on the principles of a successful job interview. 2. Describe the type of an employee that is likely to be hired. 3. How to motivate employees?


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