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Tyler Mead12-6-17EnglishProfesor MontagnaEssay 4Have you heard the thought that sports can’t be a type of art? Critics of sports contend that sports aren’t pretty enough, or sports are about abiding by a set of strict rules. This thinking limits sports to only a sport since there is no creativity in it. But what if creativity comes from operating inside of the limits sports has to offer. Individuals will display their suppositions as realities saying sports don’t present magnificence and don’t bring out enthusiastic appreciation like true artwork does. What if critics of sports being considered an art are all wrong, along with Roger Ebert who denies sports being incorporated into what is alleged art. All throughout a professional athlete’s career, they will commit innumerable hours into their regarded sport to perfect their craft and skill level, which coincides with an artist perfecting their skill level to become better at their craft. Sports are surely an art since they express human innovative ability and creative energy, delivering work to be acknowledged for appreciation and beauty.There is no getting around the fact that sports possess all of the qualities to be considered a form of art. The measure of time and work put into sports has to be a work of art in itself. In basketball, not every viewer can value the magnificence of a 3 point shot, not every person can perceive how a field goal in a football game can be stunning. As a track star, relatively few individuals acknowledge how perfect another sprinter’s form can be, or how something as forceful as wrestling can have effortlessness. These elements of art in the sport often go unnoticed, because the primary reason for watching is entertainment, but there are underlining art elements. In order for a field goal kicker to come in clutch with a game-winning kick, there has to be countless reps behind the scenes that the kicker has to do to have the skill in order to make the field goal. Fans don’t get to see this, which limits our view on the artwork that goes into kicking. For the athletes, it can express emotions, enjoyment, and feelings since well competitors put their entire heart into being the best at there collective sport. Essentially, just because you don’t enjoy watching sports or are unable to view games with enough insight to see the elements of art inside of the game, does not mean that elements of art are not present. Ebert agrees with Santiago that “art is the process of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions” and also concedes that football, baseball, and all other sports are not art! Ebert needs to be more open-minded to realize that these same elements that enable painting, acting and drawing to be art are also present in sports. He needs to look specifically at the sport of professional basketball since there are various forms of art present. The sport of professional basketball is constantly evolving, making it mandatory to innovate your team with new creative strategies, if you want to succeed. The team that has done this the best is the Golden State Warriors. In just 5 years the Warriors went from being a bottom feeder, to arguably the best basketball team in history! How could a team possibly make this great jump in just a few years? The Warriors did this by simply being more creative than the other 31 teams. There plan was to select Steph Curry in the NBA draft who was well known for his 3 point shooting capabilities, and then build a team around him to shoot more 3’s than any other team in history.  Since drafting Curry the Warriors have been on a tear, Anthony Slater points out that “last season the Warriors shot 41.6 percent from 3 as a team, easily the best mark in league history(para 4).” They also became the first team to make more than 1,000 three pointers in a season. Now how could anyone deny the fact that this team was built on the elements of art? The Warriors have these art elements written all over them because they innovated their creative strategy to shoot more 3 pointers than any other team while being effective at it. In doing so, they have won two recent championships. Of course, there have been copycats trying to emulate the success the Warriors have had, but these teams have not experienced the results the Warriors have had because success belongs to the creator. Since the Warriors innovated there style of play first, fans across the world have appreciated what they have done. We know this because of the fact that they have grown to be the most popular team in the sport, which is important because it shows their game is appealing. Art is based on creativity, innovation and appreciation for the work accomplished, and the Warriors have checked all three of those boxes. Nonetheless, you can choose to ignore that elements of art are present in basketball, but a person who does care for paintings does not ignore the fact that it still holds elements of art. Same needs to go for people who are not advocates of sports being an art form, rather labeling it as just a game.  By understanding this you will realize that the world of art indeed expands into the realm of sports. Sports should not be capped off as just a game, but included in the same category as a painter’s work. The amount of skill and creativity it takes to be proficient at your craft, whether it is painting, acting or playing a sport all hold elements of art in itself. There is no denying that sports are clearly an act of art. Fans of acting, painting, or sports need to give credit and acknowledgment to where it is due. This is such a big problem today because so many people take great things for granted. Whatever form of art it is, it took extreme amounts of time to perfect their craft, and artist deserves credit for there work. Work citedSlater, Anthony. “What’s at the root of the Warriors.” Mercury news, 9 Mar. 2016,       http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/03/09/whats-at-the-root-of-the-warriors-struggles-errant-3-point-shooting/. Accessed on 3 Dec. 2017″ Is Sport Art.” Youtube, uploaded by David Webster, 15 Jul. 2015, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPnN2npoOHo. Accessed 3 Dec. 2017


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