Understanding Leadership Styles Essay


1 Describe the factors that will act upon the pick of leading manners or behaviors in workplace state of affairssIntroductionI work as a director for Innovations which is a day-care installation for persons with larning disablements ; the bulk of the persons who attend the resource Centre I manage can be really ambitious and have really complex demands and behavior at times. It is my occupation to make intercession programs and work closely with attention co-ordinators. other bureaus such as safeguarding. Intense places support services.

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and the behavior squad to set schemes in topographic point to safeguard service users and staff. It is my occupation to place strengths and failings in squad members and guarantee they get relevant preparation to assist them develop in their function or to give congratulations and construct on accomplishments assisting them to derive acknowledgment on their achievements and back up them to derive publicities should this be their purpose.As a director I feel I need to be an illustration to others—either positive or negative. It is necessary for me to follow features from a assortment of leading manners based on the state of affairs at manus. Regardless of the leading activity needed. it is of import to move with unity. to put realistic ends. to pass on clearly and frequently.

to promote others. to acknowledge the successes of other squad members. and to animate them to supply the best of attention. Hopefully my actions will be reflected by my staff in the attention they give to our service users each twenty-four hours regardless of which manner I pattern.Management by walking approximately ( MBWA )I use this manner of leading rather frequently in the workplace as this gives me the chance of detecting squad members interacting with our service users and measure the quality of attention being delivered.

It besides lets staff cognize that I am interested in them and their work and lets them know that I am accessible. I ask about the work they are making in a manner that sounds interested non intrusive and seek to detect what motivates them and whether or non staff and occupants are satisfied. When I see a success I applaud it and thank them on the topographic point for making good.Autocratic leadingThis manner of leading is indispensable at times within the administration I work for due to back uping vulnerable persons and state of affairss can originate which require fast responses i. e.

exigency state of affairss where a service user has had an accident or is seting others at hazard by utilizing disputing or aggressive behavior. it could be that staff have tried every other resource they have and will so name the office for advice. I would so do the ultimate instant determination of what needs to be done.

This manner of leading is merely used when necessary as it does non advance trust. communicating. or teamwork which is paramount in our service and it can estrange people and stifle flexibleness and innovativeness.Democratic leadingI choose to utilize this manner of leading on a day-to-day footing as the sentiments of the squad are ever taken into history when happening effectual solutions and protocols to efficaciously cover with the persons we support. The squad are the most of import influence on these persons as they work closely with them each twenty-four hours and cognize their behaviors.

likes and disfavors and what could potentially trip an unwanted state of affairs to happen. Team member’s feedback day-to-day to direction and portion any concerns and base on balls on all relevant information and thoughts to enable others staff and direction to cover with similar state of affairss in the hereafter and let for intercessions and protocols to be drawn up and set in topographic point for all squad member’s to follow and hold a consistent attack. Staff besides portion thoughts.

concerns and issues during their monthly supervisings and staff meetings. All determination devising is shared with staff and all review and sentiments of each member of the squad are taken into history which encourages group engagement and allows every squad member to experience more of import than the existent jobs they are meeting in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours function.Individualistic Leadership StyleThis manner would non work in my administration as staff need the changeless handiness and advice from direction to experience secure and to back up when jobs arise. we work with ambitious persons on a day-to-day footing and staff are non ever confident when confronted with maltreatment both verbal and physical and need immediate intercessions that merely direction are able to implement. we are bound by rigorous codifications of pattern and guidelines to follow in these state of affairss both by the attention criterions act and the CQC ( attention quality committee ) besides our ain organizational policies and processs which are invariably updated.

there is besides one-year preparation and classs and the demand for changeless feedback and communicating on a day-to-day footing to supply support to our staff and the best possible attention and results for the persons we support. I liaise with crisis squads and care co-ordinators with the information and studies that I receive from staff to happen suited results for any concerns or issues they have with the people they support doing this manner of leading inappropriate for our administration.1. 2 Explain why these leading manners or behaviors are likely to hold a positive or negative consequence on single and group behavior.

Autocratic leadingFactors that would act upon me utilizing this manner of leading ( positive consequence ) I would utilize this manner in an exigency state of affairs. When my staff arrived to pick up a peculiarly complex service user she was highly agitated and throwing cups and other points at staff in her place. she so turned her attending to my staff verbally mistreating them and endangering injury to them. As we were responsible for back uping her at this clip one member of staff needed to remain at the service user’s place to back up her as it was non deemed safe to go on with her on community based activities while she was demoing such aggression. The staff member I was talking to said she was concerned about remaining with the service user as she informed me that she had now attacked her place staff and another service user who lived there and that the constabulary had been called for aid. I told the staff member that she was to follow her preparation and maintain herself out of danger at all times.

I told her to back up the house staff every bit far as she could without seting herself in the line of fire and that the other members of staff needed to convey the other service user on the coach back to the unit and bead her off. they could so return and back up.I told her she needed to enter everything and study to me often so that I was kept up to day of the month with the state of affairs and do any determinations as deemed necessary to the on-going state of affairs. I needed to be bossy as determinations needed to made as a affair of urgency and there was no clip for treatment with the staff involved.

I would utilize this manner when pull offing a new or untrained member or members of staff who does non cognize what undertakings to execute or what procedures to follow. Due to staff vacations or illness. my unit frequently uses groups of staff from other units who do non hold experience and cognition of the complex service users we support at Brantwood.

This can be highly hard for me as a unit director as I need them to be knowing as I don’t ever have sufficiency of my ain staff to mentor them on these occasions due to vacation and illness. it is of import that support programs are read and signed and that these staff are cognizant of all schemes and intercessions that we use to get the better of behaviors that could happen whilst back uping service users. This is necessary as this will forestall state of affairss intensifying. When staff arrive at the unit I brief them on the outlooks of the unit and do certain that they are cognizant of the everyday and procedures we follow on a day-to-day footing.

staff can quite frequently be sat reading files but chew the fating amongst themselves hence non digesting the information in the files.I have no vacillation in these fortunes teaching staff to travel to a quiet country and sit in different suites where they are able to read without distraction and will underscore the importance of holding adequate cognition to back up the service users to the criterion required. The squad members accomplishments in this state of affairs are low and they are novitiates with the service users they are traveling to back up hence need clear way which will assist them to larn and use their accomplishments in the right manner.If a member of staff challenged my place as a director.I had a member of staff who was portion of a squad of three who were back uping a service user who needed 1-1 support and another who needed 2-1 support when in the community. I asked my deputy to bespeak that they return to the unit and bead one member of staff off so they could take another staff member back to another unit.

my deputy informed me that the staff member told her that she was non willing to make this as both service users needed an bodyguard. I called the staff member in inquiry and asked her what the job was and why she was declining to follow instructions from the deputy director who was her senior. she told me that in her sentiment the direction she received was incorrect and believed that both service users needed an bodyguard each and when they dropped the staff member of at another unit at that place would merely be two staff left on the coach.I pointed out that they both needed an bodyguard nevertheless they would still hold an bodyguard on the coach. I told the staff member that she was declining to carry through the demands of her occupation function by back uping petitions from her director and that as a company we take this really earnestly and that this would take to an probe. I besides asked the member of staff to return to the unit as requested and that another member of staff would take her topographic point. I advised her that she should read the service users files in the interim and guarantee that she understands the contents and the context in what is written.

I pointed out that the service users need the full support of three staff when in the community non when going on the coach.I would non utilize this leading manner with a member of staff ( negative consequence ) Who becomes tense. fearful.

or resentful. a member of staff had non checked the contents of a service users medication box when they signed it out from their place despite being prompted by her co-worker on the coach with her who subsequently reported this. When the box arrived at the unit and another member of staff signed it out they checked the box and realised that the incorrect medicine was in the box. the medicine was life economy and could of had serious consequences for the service user had it been needed in an exigency. When the staff member was asked if she had checked the box on the forenoon. she said she had when she clearly hadn’t. The staff member was visibly upset as she had non followed the correct processs and so had later lied to her co-worker and to direction.

This had to be addressed but I knew that she was sensitive and perchance fearful of what action would be taken against her. However I had to turn to what had happened. I would usually name staff members into the office in this type of state of affairs but when I had gone to the kitchen I found the staff member doing a cup of tea and decided to inquire her informally how this had happened.

she broke down in cryings and said she knew it was incorrect and it was a person’s life she had put in danger. I told her non to acquire disquieted and that I was certain she had learnt a really valuable lesson from this nevertheless I stressed the earnestness of the state of affairs but offered her support. I felt that this lessened her anxiousness by turn toing the state of affairs but in an informal mode and that had she been brought into the office it would of had a demoralizing consequence and be damaging on her ego assurance cause bitterness and misgiving towards her work co-worker who had reported the issue.Democratic leadingFactors that would act upon me utilizing this manner of leading I would utilize this type of leading with extremely skilled or experient staff or when implementing new schemes and protocols and deciding single or group jobs.

Each forenoon I speak to staff about ongoing issues with service users as staff rotate on a day-to-day footing working with different service users. Staff who have worked with them antecedently portion experiences. successes and failures when covering with recent behaviors they have encountered with our service user’s passing on valuable schemes and techniques to their co-workers.

If incidents occur staff complete incident studies which are so passed to our quality confidence director who carries out contemplation work which enables staff to offer suggestions of how things could hold gone better. reflect on their pattern and portion thoughts of how to forestall these incidents in the hereafter. I besides promote feedback with an unfastened door policy. through staff supervisings and staff meetings where all staff are encouraged to portion their experiences and how they have efficaciously dealt with state of affairss. I so construct schemes and intercessions from the feedback from the staff that work with service users on a day-to-day footing and integrate this information into the attention programs.Other factors include: -Keeping staff informed about affairs that affect them.

Enabling staff to portion in determination devising and job resolution. Supplying chances for staff to develop a high sense of personal growing and occupation satisfaction. Covering with a big or complex job that requires a batch of input to work out Sharing alterations or jobs that affect staff.To promote squad edifice and engagement.I would be influenced to non utilize this method when: -There is non adequate clip to acquire everyone’s inputMistakes are non an option.Staff and service user safety is a critical concern.As detailed in my bossy leading manner above.

Individualistic Leadership StyleI use this manner with my senior staff who are really experienced in their function and cognize our service users really good as they are working front line with them.

I allow them to utilize their enterprise and do determinations when they are working with them but at the same clip offer counsel and support when requested. This allows the seniors in the unit to take a pride in their work and the thrust to make it successfully on their ain and reach their end. For illustration a new senior felt that the deputy director was non releasing assorted responsibilities as outlined in the senior occupation description i. e. apportioning staff to service users each twenty-four hours.

guaranting they had lists and money and finally are organised and on clip for activities. this made the new senior feel that she was non trusted to make the occupation she had been promoted to make and non straight able to take part in determination devising and turn out her worth. go forthing her feeling demoralized and unworthy of the occupation she had been promoted to make.I spoke to the deputy and explained how this would ease her ain work load and construct the assurance of the senior. I do utilize this manner with my deputy director at times for illustration when it comes to twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours determinations about the service users we manage as this is one of the rule parts of her occupation as is pull offing the staff in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities and guaranting they are working to required criterions. nevertheless when it comes to talking to staff about bad pattern she finds this really hard and despite petitions from myself to face certain staff about bad pattern or misconduct she is loath to make so and feels unsecure without my leading.

I hence have to cover with such issues myself and at times take an bossy attack with my deputy.AC 2. 1Assess ain leading behaviors and potency in the context of a peculiar leading theoretical account and ain organisation’s working patterns and civilization.

utilizing feedback from othersThe peculiar leading theoretical account I have chosen to foreground in 2. 1 is the bossy manner although this is the one manner I would take to utilize less if possible it is the 1 that causes the most contention. I have reflected briefly on other manners I prefer to utilize this is one that is necessary at times. In my administration I work as unit director in a twenty-four hours attention puting for grownups with larning disablements.

On a day-to-day footing I have to utilize my leading accomplishments in order to pull off the work and people in order to carry through the company’s aims and vision. In my sentiment my leading manner for the most clip is a democratic manner. nevertheless at times my leading manner may hold to accommodate itself to the given state of affairs. For illustration if a new employee has joined my squad I would likely utilize a more supportive leading manner to assist them larn and accommodate.The company managers set the company civilization in our unit. They use a really democratic and supportive leading manner which reflects how we work nevertheless at times a more bossy leading manner is required.

For illustration the company managers often monitor and controls single and squad public presentations. I have to make the same within my squad. For illustration ( A member of staff was sat with a group of aged service users they were sat round a tabular array and the staff member was sat with them. despite there being a contriver in topographic point for activities the staff member had non bothered to look at it and was sat with their nomadic phone texting. I spoke to the staff member in my office and carried out a supervising so that the conversation would be documented and informed them they were non transporting out at that place defined responsibilities as an activities facilitator and non run intoing the standards of their occupation function.

I informed them this was non acceptable and that apart from non interacting with and actuating the service users they were interrupting company policies by utilizing their personal Mobile phone without anterior permission from direction I informed the staff member I had no pick but to take it to an probe meeting which could take to disciplinary action ) .I ever guarantee that all staff understands my outlooks up front so they are under no misinterpretations of what actions will be taken if the service we offer is compromised and staff are non executing to the needed criterion. I am consistent and just and use my outlooks to all staff. nevertheless I make it clear that I want staff to experience that they are listened to and can convey their sentiments to me and that they are heard no affair what the result.

I believe that as a director it is of import to be a maestro of non merely one but all leading manners and to cognize when to utilize them suitably. Furthermore I use the undermentioned leading manner within my squad. Making and sharing a vision with the squad. puting smart aims. apportioning undertakings. apportioning functions and duties. monitoring public presentation.

observation of single & A ; squad public presentations. giving constructive feedback and thoughts for the development of accomplishments where needed. in supervisings and staff meetings.

The feedback from my squad during their supervisings and staff meetings has suggested my leading manner is largely democratic nevertheless there were certain elements of bossy and supportive manners present. My squad referred to the undermentioned leading accomplishments such as deciding struggle. easing treatment. motivation. encouraging.

being accessible and listening. authorising and easing development. However they have besides suggested that at times my leading manner is bossy as I can be self-asserting. direct and rather blunt when they have non fulfilled the company’s or my outlooks and waies and have non complied with company policies and processs. I besides assess my leading through monthly supervisings and annual assessments with my manager VA who I am straight responsible to. I take on board her feedback. an illustration of this is when I needed advice of how to turn to some concerns associating to a staff member non being able to transport out the work expected of her.I found this awkward due to the fact that she was one time my senior ( deputy director.

when I started with the company. and I have since worked to derive a direction place over her ) Victoria and I discussed the options available to better the staff member’s pattern. and she offered to talk to the member of staff on my behalf. nevertheless Victoria felt that I had the relevant leading accomplishments to decide this myself she said she would wish me to understand my professional worth and be self-asserting in this state of affairs. She felt that I was experiencing a deficiency of authorization and needed to all I could to turn to the balance and that this could merely heighten my leading accomplishments. I addressed the issues with the staff member and told her it was constructive unfavorable judgment I was offering and would give support to her whenever she felt she needed it.AC 2.

2Describe appropriate actions to heighten ain leading behavior in the context of the peculiar leading theoretical account
Appropriate actions to heighten my ain leading behavior in the context of the peculiar leading theoretical account I chose in 2. 1. Taking into consideration the chosen leading manner is bossy there are several ways which I could heighten my leading behavior. One manner would be to pattern self-knowledge and self-awareness.

these are both qualities required by any director. In order to develop these qualities I must move upon constructive feedback I receive from internal or external environment. The feedback I attained from a figure of beginnings including squad members. other co-workers and line directors.

I need to be observant and take into history my ain actions and the impact it has on others. I need to be aware of my ain strengths and failings and cognize when to inquire for aid and when I am good on my ain.One of my strengths is I am serious about my work and my passions and maintain my boundaries house to keep the unity of my ends and the work I put into them. my failing is I expect the same from others and can be disillusioned when this is non the instance.

I need to be willing to accept my failures and failings and know that the key to success is non avoiding failure but acquisition from my errors and leting others to make the same. I need to believe that doing a error does non intend it is a error it gives people the chance to better and turn. I need to heighten my communicating accomplishments and be able to clearly and specifically pass on my vision.

ends. accomplishments. purposes and outlooks to others and strive to better my verbal. gestural and listening accomplishments without disrupting others as it can be excessively easy to leap in with an expostulation excessively rapidly.It might be wise for me to happen a function theoretical account I can larn from. It would hold to be person I respect extremely and whose leading I admire. If the function theoretical account agrees to mentor me.

my leading accomplishments could greatly profit. I have a great regard for my manager VA and draw a bead on to take how she leads. she is merely. just and supportive and trades with subsidiaries in a mode that others find difficult to dispute. She is really disciplined at work and I need to larn to use this to my function and every country of my life. I feel this is a character trait that will supply me with the digesting focal point necessary for strong leading.