United in Shaping Lives

The United Nations Children Fund ( UNICEF ) is a company that has been upheld globally as a foundation that implements instruction schemes throughout schools in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to supply kids with a sense of planetary consciousness and the power to assist other kids in demand. UNICEF ‘s mission statement voices that, “ UNICEF insists that endurance, protection and development of kids are cosmopolitan development jussive moods that are built-in to human advancement ” ( UNICEF Canada 2010 ) , by believing in this, UNICEF is explicating that kids ‘s lives are shaped by many different fortunes and in order for human development to come on kids must be valued, protected and educated. UNICEF has developed plans such as the Trick-or-Treat run which allows for kids to be integrated and actively involved in acknowledging and seeking to work out planetary jobs such as hungriness, instruction, and sanitation. The end for UNICEF ‘s many plans is to make consciousness of globalisation and the effects associated with it amongst kids with the hope to see it carried with them throughout their life-time. They achieve this end by leting kids to take part to a great extent in scheduling, take a firm standing on the investing of kids, and keeping a positive relationship with their many spouses. As a kid, I participated in UNICEF ‘s Trick-or-Treat run and of all time since so I have been actively involved in many other development undertakings. I like to believe that UNICEF was the conducive factor that started me off on my journey to assisting others and being cognizant of planetary conditions. UNICEF is an of import subject to the present and the hereafter because non merely does it lend big sums of assistance and assisting to give what ‘developing states ‘ truly deserve, but they besides shape the following coevals into 1 that will transport on this kind of assistance and will be cognizant of planetary conditions that persons face. UNICEF has faced much examination over its longstanding operation but when analyzed it can be clearly seen that UNICEF is a company that is dedicated to kids assisting kids, and through their scheduling and partnerships they accomplish this mission.

Children crave to take part in the same activities that grownups do. They want to be able to larn about the state of affairs of other kids their age and supply a assisting manus to happen out what those kids want and need. In Tracey Skelton ‘s article, Children, Young People, UNICEF and Participation, Skelton argues that engagement is cardinal in kids ‘s lives ( 2007:167 ) . With incorporating kids into engagement functions they are granted a degree of regard and trust they might non otherwise have. As Skelton states in her article, “ In 1959, through UNICEF, the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child which defined kids ‘s rights to protection, instruction, health care, shelter, and good nutrition ” ( 2007:167 ) . UNICEF continues to recognize this property and has created a system of rights for kids that enable them to a better environment where they can develop their ain sentiments and are able to show their positions in a safe environment. It is of import for kids in both development and developed states to be able to organize their ain thoughts and show them in a mode that is non judgmental in order for them to lend in the procedure of human advancement. Skelton contributes to this statement by saying, “ Children who are capable of organizing their ain positions should hold the right to show them freely in all affairs which affect them ” ( 2007:167 ) . Furthermore, UNICEF has set up runs such as the ‘Say Yes ‘ for Children that allows kids to hold a voice and to actively take part in planetary events. This run allows people to plight for kids to hold the right to wellness, and peace ( Skelton 2007:170 ) . However, there is a negative side to this statement of kids holding a voice in the political universe. Many critics worry as to whether a kid ‘s guiltless nature will be taken off if they are integrated into the undertakings that are usually associated with the work of an grownup. The hazard of hushing kids would do harm to both their ain hereafter and the hereafter of the universe in which we reside. Skelton argues that, “ kids have a future in front of them and engagement is a agency to enable that hereafter to be positive for them as they grow/develop into the ‘right sort ‘ of citizens ” ( 2007:176 ) . The ‘right sort ‘ of citizen that Skelton references in her article is one that cares for humanity and takes a base in the unjust intervention and development of human existences in the development states. She is showing that by leting the engagement of kids that UNICEF allows for, at an early age a citizen will emerge that does non excuse Oriental studies or have the control to deter any one from believing that the North is superior to the South.

Childs can be considered an investing when it comes to human advancement and development. States will derive greater wagess by puting in kids because they are our hereafter. If we invest our clip, money and resources in them now, it will be our economic system that will profit greatly from them in the long tally but it will besides be the economic systems of the states in demand that will besides significantly profit. As Barbara Sibbald argues in her article, Invest in Children and harvest the wagess: UNICEF, “ UNICEF invests in early childhood because it makes good economic sense and it allows states to vie globally ” ( 2001:164 ) . UNICEF invests in kids in assorted ways but the most good known run is the Trick-or-Treat run. This run allows for the UNICEF corporation to put in ‘first universe ‘ kids of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom by giving them the planetary consciousness that they crave and a manner to show their concern and attention for the kids of the ‘developing states ‘ , such as Africa. The Trick-or-Treat run for UNICEF began in 1952 and provides “ an option to maintaining kids active on Halloween alternatively of making destructive activities ” ( The Social Service Review, Vol 29. No.3:1955 ) . This enforced plan has been the first measure in a route to planetary find and consciousness for many kids. It gives kids a voice in a clip where they are meant to be seen and non heard, it provides kids with a sense of power, and it gives them a stepping-stone to compassion for the kids and people they see in despairing demand, which will assist to determine their hereafter.

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Education is a chief concern sing kids and their development. UNICEF continues to be a leader in lending instruction of planetary concerns to kids. The article written by Phillip Jones the, Elusive Mandate: UNICEF and educational development can endorse this statement by saying that, “ UNICEF continues to bask a outstanding topographic point among the instruction multilaterals, maintaining its positions on educational precedences high on planetary docket ” ( 2006:592 ) . Through the runs and instruction provided by UNICEF to kids of the pronounced first universe states, the defining of young person is formed into a turning community that are cognizant of planetary jobs and are provided with many-sided ways in which to help in these issues. It is non merely the ‘first ‘ universe kids who are affected by the instruction plans created by UNICEF, so called ‘third ‘ universe kids are besides profiting from the instruction execution that UNICEF has created in these states. UNICEF provinces that, “ Of an estimated 700 million primary-school-age kids in the universe today, approximately 93 million are non in school ” ( UNICEF Canada Education 2010 ) . This deficiency of instruction is due to more than economic state of affairss, as it is besides concerned with wellness, populating conditions, disablements, cultural orientation and sex with UNICEF describing that of the kids non in school, “ 53 per centum are misss ” ( UNICEF Canada Education 2010 ) . UNICEF recognizes this big struggle and realizes that, “ Quality instruction keeps kids in school and makes them less vulnerable to development and maltreatment ” ( UNICEF Canada 2010 ) . With the aid of UNICEF making schools in Ethiopia and Afghanistan for underprivileged kids, they are giving them the chance to recognize their possible and let them to hold the opportunity to make it. UNICEF has “ The Millennium Development Goals, which is now widely accepted as cosmopolitan benchmarks for mensurating planetary advancement in development, promise primary instruction to all the universe ‘s kids by 2015 ” ( UNICEF Canada Education 2010 ) . With high ends such as these, UNICEF has much difficult work to make but with the aid from kids they are animating in topographic points such as the United States, and Canada through instruction there is no uncertainty that they will make them and let for kids to come out on top.

Every company or foundation comes with its ain set of contentions and UNICEF is non an exclusion to this. They have faced many contentions in their history including their function in educational development and its legitimacy to assisting kids. In the article, Elusive authorization: UNICEF and educational development, Jones references that UNICEF has faced troubled times due to, “ Its failure to accomplish policy lucidity constitutes a major structural menace to the Fund ‘s educational legitimacy ” ( 2006:592 ) . In recent intelligence, UNICEF sold its logo to Cadbury for $ 500,000 a twelvemonth for three old ages. An article by the Canadian Medical Association provinces, “ some people do n’t see anything incorrect with this partnership, claiming that kids are traveling to eat confect on Halloween anyhow, and $ 500 000 for schools in Africa is much better than $ 0 for schools ” ( Collier 2010 ) . Oppositionists to this contention say that, “ UNICEF made a hapless pick by partnering with a company that makes high-calorie nutrient mark at kids, particularly sing that one of the charity ‘s causes is advancing proper nutrition for kids ” ( Collier 2010 ) . However, UNICEF stands strong against this accusal and continues to give assistance and authorise kids to assist one another and become cognizant of planetary state of affairss that are impacting kids ‘s day-to-day lives. Because of UNICEF ‘s will to work for the rights of kids and the ability to animate kids Jones believes “ that positive imagination that UNICEF receives is deserved ” ( 2006:592 ) . Equally long as UNICEF continues to maintain their focal point on kids and back up them in their engagement than UNICEF should be to the full supported and the little contentions that they face are to a great extent outweighed by the good they are making. UNICEF supports and financess undertakings that will authorise kids to see themselves as a being of worth and give them the encouragement to believe in a hereafter that is full of felicity for themselves and for others.

UNICEF has partnered with many different patrons from famous persons to corporate spouses and the Government of Canada to assist run into their ends of authorising and animating kids to be cognizant of planetary issues that other kids face and besides to assist the kids in demand. An of import spouse affiliated with UNICEF is ING Financial who has beliefs that are closely related to the 1s of UNICEF, they say “ we can authorise kids worldwide to detect their ain potency and enable them to construct a better hereafter for themselves and for society ” ( ING 2010 ) . By partnering with large name corporations such as H & A ; M, Gucci, Lush, ING Financial, IKEA, and Webkinz it illustrates that UNICEF wants to raise maximal financess through their partnerships in order to supply the best it can for all the kids involved through its scheduling. It besides shows that UNICEF is concerned with kids of all ages and spouses with corporations that are child friendly and believe in the power of kids. UNICEF states in its 2008-2009 Financial Highlights that, “ 80 per cent of financess raised went straight into UNICEF programmes for kids ” ( UNICEF Financial Report 2008-2009 ) and it is the partnerships they have acquired that aid to “ implement programmes and increase apprehension of the predicament of the universe ‘s most vulnerable kids ” ( UNICEF Canada 2010 ) . Within these partnerships and their influences many kids develop the assurance that is required to assist those in demand. Not merely does UNICEF cover with many concern corporations, they besides encourage voluntary work, which aids in the development of kids. UNICEF has designed many different voluntary plans such as ‘Help Out ‘ , ‘Advocate ‘ , ‘On Campus ‘ , and ‘Become a Global Parent ‘ which enable non merely kids to take part in fund-raising but besides adolescents and grownups ( UNICEF Canada Volunteer 2010 ) . With UNICEF ‘s many different partnerships and voluntary chances, “ there are a figure of ways you can assist UNICEF Canada to mobilise and authorise Canadians to put in the positive transmutation of every kid ‘s hereafter ” ( UNICEF Canada 2010 ) . In the terminal all you have to make is pick one in order for you to assist alter a life.

UNICEF embraces that kids are our hereafter and allows for them to hold the right to be heard and the right to hold a manus in planetary issues through their enforced scheduling. With the analysis done in the above essay, the decision is that kids are the hereafter of human advancement and UNICEF recognizes this and instills programming that allows for kids in both ‘third ‘ and ‘first ‘ universe states to draw a bead on to the best of their ability. Through instruction, engagement, and investing kids develop cognition of planetary issues refering the universe and leading tools that will let for them to supply assistance to others and themselves. From the research found, UNICEF is a corporation with high values and is honorable and true to their mission of assisting kids in demand and supplying them a healthy and safe environment to populate and larn. However, there is legitimate concluding to the contentions related to the UNICEF fund which may be viewed in many different ways. There are many believes as to where the money goes that UNICEF rises and if it is assisting the kids in demand or embroidering the pockets of the man of affairs. Allegations such as these may ne’er be answered because if they were true, UNICEF would make everything in their power to hide these facts and the populace would ne’er hold handiness to them. On the opposing side, UNICEF could steadfastly be dedicated to its end for kid health and have nil to conceal, which would merely do my statement stronger and would supply the populace with a settling sense of trust. Supplying assistance to those in demand may non ever be a good thing and this has to be recognized when sing about take parting in programmes such as the 1s that UNICEF runs. There is a all right line between what the North thinks is unfair and what the South thinks and that line must non be crossed otherwise civilizations, traditions, and communities will be lacerate apart and transformed into an unknown entity. UNICEF continues to be a sure corporation and proves to be dedicated to the agencies it wishes to function and through its compassion for kids and their avidity to take part and be educated, it is a leader in altering lives of all who participate and receive from their support. With their strong influence in childhood, the cognition gained can be potentially brought into every phase of the kid ‘s life and determine them into the people they will be in the hereafter. Children involved in UNICEF ‘s programmes are shaped into compassionate existences that are responsible for future human advancement.


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