Universities get jobs. Universities should give practical knowledge

should understand the Aspirations of India’s Students

The youth of India are its greatest asset as India is having
highest youth population in the world and it is important that
their aspirations are guided in the right direction in their own interest. There
is only one tool i.e. education that can channelize this young energy into
national building. As mentioned by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most
powerful weapon which you can be used to change the world.” But unfortunately,
over the last couple of decades we have seen an impressive progress in literacy
levels and better enrolment at the school/college level, but the quality
deficit in education has only widened. Now it is the responsibility of the universities
to understand the aspirations of these young students at IIMT University, Meerut, best universities in
Meerut is trying to understand these
aspirations of young students.

            Universities have to give due
importance and attention to the practical knowledge of the students as they
forget all the things they have studied due of lack of practical experience. Parents
and teachers of the students expect their students to score high in the exam rather
than acquiring the quality knowledge and due to this student completing their
studies in any discipline are not able to get jobs. Universities should give practical
knowledge and skill based education to all its students. Another aspiration of
the students is that they should be having a good personality. Universities
have to add the personality development program into the curriculum, so that
the students are exposed to external world also. When students enter into job
after completing his studies they face problems to get a job as per their
capability simply because they don’t meet the criteria and skills required for
the job. To make this education system worse, our teacher/faculty are not sufficiently
trained and motivated. The vision should be clearer, the training should be
there from time to time and the faculty should be better paid and respected.
The modern students want to do something extra and unique. Universities have to
provide them the proper infrastructure and environment to do research, innovate
ideas and do critical analysis. Problems solving skills can be taught to the
students by making them participate in problem solving projects with the use of
creative and critical thinking. Universities
must pay attention to case studies, research based assignment and problem
solving project so that students can understand about actual situation and
solve the problem. Some of the students want to start their own business and
face the challenges during the circulation of their business. The absence of entrepreneurship
abilities in the students is due to entrepreneurship studies not being the part
of formal education. Universities should also give due importance and
enthusiasm to make future business person. Universities are required to update
the curriculum so that the student is updated regarding new changes in the
subject. Students should be provided with the latest books in the library,
journals and laboratory facility so as to update them. At
IIMT University,
Meerut, best universities in Meerut the
management is working honestly to understand the Aspirations of India’s
Students to make India a world leader. 


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