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Unlike many other countries, free speech is protected by few human rights, not laws, within Australia. Human rights, enforced by the Australia Parliament, don’t have specific laws that protect them, but rather the Australian Constitution and common law. While the Constitution doesn’t necessarily grant the right of full freedom of speech, it does allow people “the right to hold an opinion without interference” and “the right to freedom of expression” through speech, writing, images or art, and more. This makes it so the rights Australians do have are limited.  Not so limited that the people still have the right to politically speak. Which is viable for voting purposes. Freedom of speech is necessary to give people a voice to encourage change, or we wouldnt be where we are. Yes, limits are good. We shouldnt have the right to defemation, where by someone gets hurt by the actions of another, or encouraging too much change, where one party (a different word) has more rights over others. However, expressing our viewpoint is what makes Australia so free with informed opinions. It used to be that denouncing the government was immoral, and in doing so, people were left in fear of speaking out. Now we have the opportunity to express our opinions freely or remain silent if thats what we wish. I have the freedom to speak right now. I’m not being silenced, and I’m not being viewed differently because of my beliefs. This is what a lot of others feel they have the right of in Australia. Some dont realise that you can’t say just anything. But should we be able to? It would help to speak our mind without having to be paused because we’ve said ‘too much’. Restricting speech many years ago was a mistake, and a substantial amount of communities from different racial backgrounds wouldnt have had the oportunity to speak out about their issues, along with racism, that now, if we kept obstructing their rights, we wouldnt be the united Australian society we are now. We should have freedom of speech as it has already opened so many doors. We’ve given people a voice, the ones who couldnt speak up because it was once thought to be too profound. Why did we have drawbacks on freedom of speech? Because a small minority settled that their opinions didnt match with everyone elses. David Adeang, ‘Nauru justice minister’,  presented to parliament a law which forbids comments that are deemed “threatening, abusive or insulting in nature and has the intention to stir up racial or religious hatred”. Anyone from Nauru who was to make comments of these such would have commited an offense and would be punished “by up to seven years in jail”. If we were to have limits of these such in Australia, taking the rights of the general public, it may cause people to secede. Now, in some cases there should be limits on how much freedom of speech people in australia actually do have. A subject such as racism, which is widely known, although some minorities still thinks its okay to talk about it like it’s nothing, should be recognised as a limit. No one should abuse the right to have freedom of speech just for theyre own benefits, so they can say what they please without ‘intentionally’ hurting anyone. Of course people shouldnt take things too seriously, although, …


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