Uranium Mining in New Mexico Essay

Uranium excavation and milling has possible economic benefits in making occupations in the community. and prolonging the high demands of U all over the universe. But economic factors should non be considered entirely. As many people died and suffered from unwellnesss and diseases of U excavation and radiation exposure. the proposal to construct a new excavation company is a great issue and concern for all community leaders and members to see and debated upon.

During the past old ages. atomic power has started a argument sing its possible benefits in the economic system and as an alternate beginning of energy. Pro-nuclear statements maintain that atomic energy has less C strength compared to fossil fuels which is damaging to the environment. However. as inside informations of true C analysis of atomic energy remains ill-defined. the cardinal critical facet of utilizing atomic energy remains to be a argument. This paper presents an analysis on U excavation and milling in Crownpoint. New Mexico.

In the huge Navajo Reservation. towards Crownpoint. about 3. 000 people lives along the Continental Drive 100 stat mis north-west of Albuquerque. in the high desert of northwesterly New Mexico. many Navajo communities live in stray and scattered topographic points. The country is surrounded by the colour xanthous dust of what characterized Crownpoint as a community. Uranium oxide which is extremely used as a atomic energy has been regarded as Crownpoint’s most abundant resource ( Begay. 2008 ) . Through the late 1940’s through the mid 1980’s. U is gathered from the topographic point.

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Several excavation companies already blasted and hauled truck tonss of U in the topographic point. and dried the mineral in hemorrhoids in different countries across the American West. The Navajo folk occupies countries over western New Mexico. Arizona. and Utah. The centre of the U excavation is located in those countries and 100s to 1000s of Navajos has worked for the mines ( KRQUE News Channel 13. 2008 ) . Today. many abandoned mine topographic points remain. The planetary production of U followed after several old ages of providing atomic arm plans. Uranium is perceived as a finite resource.

During the past old ages. the handiness of U is limited. but when farther geographic expedition led to farther find of resources. mineworkers took the advantage of garnering the finite resources ( KRQUE News Channel 13. 2008 ) . However. the Crownpoint. New Mexico community has seen the effects of U excavation particularly to the wellness job emerging today. The debauched land is a consequence of mines shuting in the country. nevertheless. as attempts to rehabilitate the country entails uranium assemblage once more. people are concerned for their safety ( Shebala. 2008 ) .

Exposure to radiation brought by U excavation and milling is compensated by the authorities. Uranium mineworkers before the excavation countries were closed are in their 70’s and 80’s. and are continuously seeking aid from local community wellness officers to acquire diagnosed and treated for radiation exposure. During the 1950 to 1990. 500 uranium workers have died from lung malignant neoplastic disease ( Shebala. 2008 ) . The prevailing wellness jobs brought by radiation exposure to U hold affected the community until today. When the people inhales uranium dust and atoms. the mineral corsets in their lungs and let go of high doses of radiation.

Uranium may be possible economically-beneficial resources which will assist many people have occupations. and helps economic system and other sectors in the society ( Begay. 2008 ) . However. with the increased and uninterrupted negative effects of U excavation proves harmful to the people populating in the community. people remains to be against uranium excavation. Attempts to regenerate the excavation country Presently. there is a new attempt to resuscitate the U excavation countries. The company Hydro Resources Incorporated. a sub company of the Uranium Resources Incorporated of Dallas. programs to utilize the excavation country with a new system ( KRQUE News Channel 13. 2008 ) .

The people remain to be divided on the issue of constructing a new excavation company in the country. The new excavation company will take over Crownpoint and nearby Church Rock. The company promised a new method to take attention of the relentless groundwater jobs in the community. The company promises the communities better and safer system by following a excavation system called situ leach excavation. The procedure involves blending H2O. dissolved O and Na hydrogen carbonate which will be so included in the belowground U beds.

The proposed new system will fade out in the procedure and it can so be removed. dried and processed ( KRQUE News Channel 13. 2008 ) . However. issues and concern were raised in this proposal. The H2O in the new system will come from the Westwater Canyon Aquifer of Crownpoint. the chief beginning of imbibing H2O for the people in Crownpoint and other environing countries. The company planning to work in the site promises a uranium atomic power industry which will make more occupation chances for the people and keep safe imbibing H2O.

The communities expressed their great concern if the company will get down another excavation industry. For one. they were concern if the procedure of resistance excavation will impact the quality of their imbibing H2O supply. If the procedure will foul the imbibing H2O system. they can be infected with serious diseases and wellness jeopardies. The Navajo people will go more vulnerable to kidney and other related disease due to hapless H2O quality if the procedure will be adopted. Crownpoint has already complained about the taint of U in their H2O supply.

Navajo president Mr. Mitchell Capitan in the Crownpoint chapter strongly protests about this program in the country. He argues that approximately 15. 000 people from environing communities travel to their topographic point to garner imbibing H2O because their ain H2O supply is hapless. If the lone quality H2O supply is contaminated. this will present a serious series of jobs ( KRQUE News Channel 13. 2008 ) . The uranium atomic energy job The U industry in Crownpoint has long been debated as an issue which relates to debasement of the environment and wellness jobs.

Uranium excavation has important economic resources. seen by companies as an chance to prolong planetary demands of the mineral. The uranium companies are strongly recommending that U excavation will increase economic benefits and create occupations for the community. They besides insist that U excavation is non harming the environment. However. limited informations and research does non vouch this. Companies besides failed in turn toing cardinal issues in the wellness of the community. doing the community more concerned of their safety.

Uranium excavation may be good to some extent in the economic sciences of the community. but the issue is non dependent on the money and net income entirely. Long-run jobs must be addressed. including environmental costs in the energy and H2O ingestion of the people. Crucial environmental facets in U excavation must be considered to understand the rhythm of the options for the community. Activities in U excavation and milling must be able to go to to the wellness attention demands. concerns and issues to protect the public assistance of the Crownpoint community.


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