Users Who Suffer With Schizophrenia Social Work Essay


This study will look at service users who suffer with schizophrenic disorder, it will foreground what schizophrenic disorder is. The demands of service users who suffer from schizophrenic disorder will be identified including ; personal, interpersonal, societal, educational, adjustment and medicine demands. The services available to service users which meet these demands will besides be identified.

What is Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a complex upset with a figure of discrepancies, although the forecast is good understood by specializers.

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It is a neuropsychiatric upset where a figure of factors may hold impacted upon the cardinal nervous system and which consequences in a bunch of symptoms that are classified as schizophrenic disorder. It is normally thought, falsely, by the general populace to be associated with unsafe and utmost lunacy and therefore carries a stigma which other diagnosings do non ( Eldergill 1997 ) .About one in 100 people will hold one episode of schizophrenic disorder, and two tierces of these will travel on to hold farther episodes. Schizophrenia normally starts in the late teens or early 20s, but can besides impact older people for the first clip. The causes are unknown but episodes of schizophrenic disorder appear to be associated with alterations in some encephalon chemicals. Nerve-racking experiences and some recreational drugs can besides trip an episode in vulnerable people. ( www. )

Needs of service users with schizophrenic disorder

Personal demands

An person ‘s personal demands include ;Good basic personal hygiene ; this may include aid to rinse and brush their dentitions or the person may necessitate prompting/reminding make so.Having clean suiting vesture ; aid or motivating once more may be needed to help the person to acquire dressed.Food and drink supplies ; persons may necessitate aid shopping or doing repasts, to guarantee good diet and physical wellness.

Interpersonal demands

It is of import that persons gain support from their household, friends and professionals.

Awareness of the person ‘s unwellness and demands is besides paramount.It would besides be utile to the person if their household and friends have an thought of what causes their episodes and ways of defusing the state of affairs or a point of contact when these state of affairss arise.

Social demands

It is of import that the person does non experience excluded from society because of their unwellness.To be able to transport out societal activities on a regular footingMeet other people with the same unwellness ; this can supply an apprehension of their unwellness every bit good as equal support.

Educational demands

Education about their unwellness and besides instruction for their household and friends.What to make or who to reach when sing the oncoming of a psychotic episode.

Education on ways to forestall or command the psychotic episodes.


Stable equal lodging.Depending on the badness or their unwellness ; supported life or residential adjustment.


It is of import that the service user understands what medicine they are taking, if any.What the medicine does.

Side effects of the medicine.


The National Service Framework for grownup mental wellness has seven criterions ;Standard one covers mental wellness publicity and facets of favoritism and societal exclusion that is associated with mental wellness jobs.Standards two and three screen primary attention services for people who have mental wellness jobs and include 24-hour crisis services.Standards four and five high spot what is needed to supply effectual services for people with mental wellness jobs. This includes being familiar with the attention programme attack and its relation to care direction.Standard six relates to the persons who care for people with mental wellness jobs, with societal service sections being given the lead duty in guaranting that all carers ‘ demands are assessed and that they receive their ain written attention programs.

Standard seven sets out what is needed to accomplish a decrease in self-destructions. This will potentially affect all societal workers in a scope of scenes. ( Golightley 2009 )

Social services

Social services are put in topographic point to help people who are sing a crisis or are in demand of ongoing support. The grownup mental wellness services would be the supplier of this service to persons with schizophrenic disorder. Golightley ( 2009 ) highlights the function of societal workers working with sick persons of a mental unwellness to be ;Educating service users and their households about their unwellness.Helping to set up appropriate low emphasis adjustment.Networking with the service user to supply community support.

The usage of behavioral techniques to modify behaviors.Promoting conformity with medicine.Acting as an advocator for the service user where appropriate.It is of import that societal workers are able to place whether the service user is a hazard to either themselves or others.

If so it is of import to place the hazard and a manner to pull off it.

General practician

MIND the mental wellness charity province that General practicians are normally the first point of contact for persons who believe that they are sing the oncoming of a mental unwellness. GP ‘s can offer advice and referral to other specialized mental wellness services and interventions. It is besides possible for them to order anti-psychotic medicine one time measuring an person ‘s state of affairs and they feel the person would profit from it.After diagnosing GP ‘s still play an of import function in persons ‘ aftercare and physical wellness. The GP will be able to supply advice about the medicine, what it does and its side effects.

“ Harmonizing to the Government, GPs play a cardinal function in the attention and intervention of people with mental unwellness. ” ( Department of wellness 2001 )

Community mental wellness squads

Community mental wellness squads are put in topographic point to help and handle service users who suffer from mental upsets which primary attention squads can non handle including schizophrenic disorder. Community mental wellness squads normally consist of professionals such as ;PsychologistsPsychiatristsNursesSocial workersOccupational healersSupport workers( 2012 )All of these professionals work aboard each other as portion of a multidisciplinary squad. They create single attention programs for each service user and help them to either keep their upset or work towards full recovery depending on the badness of their upset.

To entree the services of the community mental wellness squad service users would necessitate to be referred by their general practician, societal worker or wellness visitant. These professionals will merely mention persons to this service if they believe that it would be appropriate and their patient would profit from the services they have to offer. Once the service user has been referred, they will have an appraisal from the community mental wellness squad which will find the following stairss for them to take towards recovery. The appraisal will give the service user a diagnosing.Depending on the result of the assessment their following stairss may include ; advice, intervention or ongoing support from the squad and in some instances referral to another service which specialises in their upset.

( 2012 )

Early intercession service

There is some grounds that early intercession can forestall psychosis and can assist to forestall some of the worse effects of psychosis, such as periods of unemployment, abuse of drugs or intoxicant, acquiring into problem with the constabulary or going depressed. ( Care services betterment partnership and national institute of mental wellness England 2006 )The early intercession squad is portion of the wider community mental wellness squad model. This service is specially designed for sick persons of schizophrenic disorder and associated psychotic unwellnesss. This service aims to help people who are at hazard of sing their first episode of psychosis or are in the early phases of a psychotic unwellness.

The early intercession squad consists of ;PsychologistsPsychiatristsCommunity psychiatric nursesSocial workersSupport workersThey aim to better the effectivity of short and long term intervention by ; supplying bar schemes, sensing of unwellness, support and intervention in the early phases of psychosis ( 2012 ) .

Crisis declaration and Home intervention

To entree this service, service users are normally referred by a community mental wellness squad, general practician, societal worker or wellness visitant, although it is possible for service users to mention themselvesThe squad is staffed by mental wellness professionals including ; PsychiatristsMental wellness nursesSocial workersOccupational healersThey provide intensive and rapid support for people aged 16-65 old ages old who are sing a mental wellness crisis and who, without the squad ‘s aid, would be admitted to a psychiatric infirmary.

Sometimes the CRT can back up people in their ain places, shortening their stay in a psychiatric infirmary. For people in the community, CRTs arrive rapidly – ideally within an hr. The squad is so available 24 hours a twenty-four hours, seven yearss a hebdomad. Support continues for every bit long as it is needed or until the individual transportations to another service (

uk 2012 ) .Burton ( 2009 ) describes the crisis declaration and place intervention squad as the gatekeeper to other mental wellness services, prompt appraisal of an single agony a crisis, community based attention, remain involved throughout the crisis, undertake crisis bar planning and work in partnership with the sick person, household and carers.

Residential attention

If service users feel they are non ready to populate in the community independently or supported, residential attention may be the following measure for them to take. Residential attention services provide service users with rehabilitation and support if they are enduring with a terrible long term mental unwellness.

This service provides 24-hour attention by residential societal workers, nurses and mental wellness support workers. Care places are for people who need a high degree of attention and happen it difficult to pull off in their ain place ( www.mind. 2012 ) .This service can be accessed by holding a community attention appraisal, service users may hold to pay for this service as it is means tested.

Service user groups

Service user groups are put in topographic point to help service users of all types. Each group is tailored to suite specific service user groups.

Service user groups that specialize in helping persons with personality upsets, emotional or behavioral troubles would profit sick persons of schizophrenic disorder. These specific groups aim to do service users feel ; supported, empowered, included and a portion of something. New get bying schemes are provided which can take to service users sing fewer crises.’Self-help and peer-support groups enable people to run into and portion information, friendly relationship and support. They frequently bring together people with a similar mental wellness issue, on a short- or long-run footing. ‘ ( www. 2012 )

Talking therapies

Talking therapies, such as psychotherapeutics, reding and cognitive behavior therapy ( CBT ) , can assist to pull off and handle schizophrenic disorder. Talking interventions aid persons to place the things they have issues with, research them and discourse schemes or solutions. They can let persons to research the significance of their symptoms, and so to get the better of them.

( 2012 )Cognitive behavior therapy can be accessed through the NHS service users can entree these service through their GP. Many voluntary associations including MIND offer these services at no cost.


There is fiscal aid available to those who can non work due to a mental unwellness. These benefits can assist towards care, rent and other committednesss.

Disability life allowance

Service users who suffer from a mental disablement such as schizophrenic disorder may be eligible to claim this benefit whether they are working or non. Disability populating allowance is a revenue enhancement free benefit put in topographic point to assist with excess costs you have because of your disablement.To use for this benefit service users must foremost use through the jobcentre plus, their societal worker or support worker would be able to help them with this procedure. The claimant may so necessitate to undergo a medical scrutiny in order to have the benefit.

Receiving this benefit could increase the sum of other benefits the service user is entitled to. ( )

Housing benefit

Housing benefit can supply persons on a low income with fiscal support to pay their rent.

How much each single receives depends on their fortunes. Housing benefit depending on the service users ‘ income can pay all or portion of their rent. Persons are eligible to use whether they are working or non, they can use through their local council or jobcentre plus by make fulling in a lodging benefit signifier. ( )

Council revenue enhancement benefit

Service users can use for council revenue enhancement benefit through their local council. Depending on single fortunes service users may be eligible to acquire all or portion of their council revenue enhancement measure paid. Persons can acquire a council revenue enhancement benefit claim signifier from their local council.


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