Using Mind Maps To Help Educate Children Young People Essay

Whether you are a parent or whether you are a instructor, the gap chapters of this book have got you and your kids started on Mind Mapping. You have found that they – your kids, or kid, have become more originative, now study faster and more efficaciously, retrieve better, save clip and see the ‘whole image ‘ . You agree that these grounds are perfectly immense benefits for them – and indirectly, for you.

A Mind Map has accelerated your childs ‘ acquisition and has got them to utilize their whole encephalon. It has worked in tandem with your encephalon and your kid ‘s encephalon by utilizing coloring material, images, symbols, curved lines, words, infinite, associations and connexions to acquire their idea processes to flux. Children benefit from this sort of acquisition as it allows them to pattern utilizing their imaginativeness and larn about things that are of involvement to them, therefore giving them ownership of what they are larning about.The procedure of Mind function has evoked the best of responses from kids and from their parents on history of all this. The kids ‘s responses were literally enacted by them, through their facial look. Parents commented that even their younger kids were speaking a great trade more about larning and school work at place.All kids like colorful things and love to pull.

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Mind Map is a merriment activity for immature kids. And when kids like to compose Mind Maps, their encephalons learn to wish it every bit good. The immediate consequence, as discussed in Chapter 1, is improved memory. The accomplishments required in Mind Mapping can be applied to analyze and allows analyzing to be fun, as discussed in Chapter 3.Now take a expression at coloring material and images, symbols and usage of icons, curved lines, and wordsand originative infinite in general, as used on the Mind Map.

How kids use image and artworks

You have given your kid a subject. We would hold to take an illustration at this point, and a instance survey. A history lesson to a six twelvemonth old could hold mentioned the Taj Mahal.

As mentioned earlier, kids love pulling. A kid could symbolize the mausoleum by sketching any edifice form. Another kid who thinks that exact is best, could accommodate it to the form of the Taj Mahal. Yet another advanced six-year-old would salvage on clip by cutting out a image of the Taj Mahal from a image book or magazine.The three kids have set the focal point of the Mind Map in the Centre and in their ain, really single ways.

They have made determinations on how to pull or happen the necessary image. The kid who cut out the image used her all right motor accomplishments to exert the scissors, as did the other two who drew and painted while managing a pencil and pigment coppice. The image of the Taj Mahal formed in the originative right encephalon hemispheres of all three. Tiny, accurate electrical urges formed in the gray affair of these right hemispheres and raced through the cell axons to link with the organisational Centres on the same and in the left hemisphere of the kids ‘s encephalons.

Associations were formed between nerve cells in the kids ‘s encephalon and nervus Centres further down in their organic structure systems. They sent messages to acquire their all right finger musculuss working.The kids would travel on to do tonss of images and words individually, and image labels. They would travel on to commit the form of associations which had begun in their encephalons.They have looked up books in the library to be able to see what the emperor and empress who are buried in the Taj Mahal expression like. Opportunities are, that they used cut-outs of their images to be able to portray a better similitude. They associated ideas such as love affair and matrimony, decease of the empress and loss. They picked up the thought of the greatest mausoleum of all times, of architectural delicacies and may hold wished to cognize about more members of the royal household.

The chief subject was surrounded by interesting aspects of information connected to it. The connexions were make on paper with lines taking from the chief subject to these pieces of pictural and worded information. These were attached because the encephalon plants by association, and if the lines are attached, the thoughts will internally be likewise “ attached. ”None of the kids had to cover with a wall of difficult, dry facts. They have found and associated what they were looking for. They besides want to look for more, in the hereafter. They may desire to make a Mughal genealogical chart. It was merriment for them and they sought and handled inspiring information.

The have merely to ‘see ‘ the small images on the Mind Map and the overall image from their memory to remember the facts connected to the Taj Mahal. They look frontward to history alteration before a category scrutiny.The Taj Mahal Mind Map, like all Mind Maps, commenced in the Centre because this reflects the many-hooked nature of the encephalon ‘s thought processes, and allows more infinite and freedom for thoughts to develop from the cardinal nucleus. Use of manus drawn or researched images by kids fit in with the stating “ a image is worth a 1000 words. ” Original and borrowed images are applied here to hike both memory and creativeness.Illustrator: Portray Taj Mahal Mind Map. Should be manus drawn by kidYou and your kids know by now that Mind Maps can be drawn free-hand, or they can be made by inputs fed to Mind Map package on kids ‘s computing machines and they can be printed.

The computerized version has the advantage of rapidly seeking for images, doing and publishing the diagram. Some of the Mind Mapping package shop images in a cartridge holder organiser and aid users to choose an image appropriate for the topic on manus. The disadvantage is that it detracts from kids ‘s creativeness. A computing machine printout is bound to look excessively tidy, excessively organized. It ‘s size is limited to regular A4 printout paper. Children, on the other manus, have much more freedom through freehand drawings and glued images on a sheet of chart paper.Another consideration while on the subject of images for Mind Maps, is the overall image or Mind Map design.

As with any diagram which investigates a individual chief subject, older kids such as those closer to thirteen old ages of age, can travel on to star and spider diagrams. Younger 1s still prefer the freedom of freehand placing, pulling and connection.Childs who are 10 old ages of age and above discovery that the star format provides methods that aid develop their survey accomplishments still farther. Taking notes, reading, making prep and even parrot-mugging can be noted along the terminal points of the star.On the other manus, if the subject involves look intoing properties associated with a individual subject, and they so place the information like the subdivisions of a tree, with associated information at the terminal points and with more associated cognition originating from these mediate points, the kids can utilize a spider diagram for their Mind Map. Example: Finding methods that help maturating kids ‘s survey accomplishments ( like taking notes, reading, memorizing, etc.

) , and look intoing the factors involved in executing each of the methods.Adding colour-coding and/or images to a Mind Map further increases the public-service corporation, grouping and readability of the ocular show.

How kids relate to color

Educationists encourage kids to utilize coloring material in their Mind Maps. Children themselves admit to being able to believe better in coloring material.

Use of color rates among the top 10 Mind Mapping tips and techniques for anybody.IllustrationThe Mind Map Gurus point out that in a Mind Map, coloring material and images are non merely cosmetic. They stimulate the kid ‘s encephalon as he creates the map.

On the other side are the kids who are looking at a completed Mind Map, seeking to calculate it all out. Colour helps them to clear up associated thoughts as they see the map and absorb consolidate and retain the information.One unfavorable judgment is that new Mind Map users could be intimidated by the colorful Mind Maps they see on the wall in category, in books or online. One Guru commented that a absolutely executed Mind Map may do a first-timer uncertainty his ain ability in making something every bit good. For person like this, it has been explained that Mind Maps, particularly among kids, tend to turn easy and with least attempt. They should non be held up as an accomplishment in themselves, but as a span to larning. Mind Maps do n’t necessitate to be plants of art.

Abrasion maps are those Mind Maps which have been created to make something rapidly, or to develop and order thoughts. The idea here is that coloring material can be used to group similar thoughts together.Traveling back to the star or spider diagrams which serve to form and pull off these thoughts, kids can believe of lettering or an image placed on different bright coloured solid circles at the tips of the star or spider diagrams. Another thought is to back up similar thoughts by utilizing different sunglassess of the same coloring material in Mind Map diagrams.Childs have a profound sense of coloring material. They have an inherent aptitude about how coloring materials can be best used to do the Mind Map vivid, memorable and alone to the topic and for you. Left to themselves, the six twelvemonth olds would get down with colored chart paper and advancement through brilliantly coloured frames for the cardinal subject.

When older kids require text or labelling for pulling and with drawings, they would make for colored felt pens.Some tips when composing with colored pens:Use upper and lower instance inscription, non normal script. The youngest who have merely started to compose would continue in the authorship they are most familiar with.

It does non hold to be joined composing.Write keywords on the subdivisions.Experiment with Horizontal ( landscape ) page format.Larger sheets hold more information.Colour makes the Mind Map memorable. In the same manner that thoughts were grouped by coloring material for star and spider diagrams, free drifting thoughts can be grouped by circling them in coloring material. The youngest of kids love ruddy. Important points might be marked with ruddy.

Colour perfectly affects our lives and our kids ‘s development. When coloring material is chosen with a intent we create a balanced, harmonious environment where kids can claim their birthright and make their full potency.Colour is the bright site of childhood. Children adore colorss and respond to color. However kids ‘s response differs from grownups ‘ reaction. As you accompany your kids in their Mind Map exercises, coloring material should go your ally. Adults can make this by sing their usage of the linguistic communication of coloring material right. Children start with a limited pallet of the brightest colors from the underside of the age ladder.

They begin with ruddy. Their picks expand and widen as they grow towards adolescence.Colour is the first characteristic which babes and kids distinguish in their environment. We are cognizant that kids perceive merely black and white colorss ( light and darkness ) .

This may be true at birth, but as the months base on balls, the state of affairs undergoes extremist alterations. First kids start to separate ruddy coloring material. Later they start to comprehend other bright colorss such as xanthous, and advancement to the others in the spectrum.When small kids begin to pull and color, their plants are bound to portray bright colorss. Toddlers themselves tend to be attracted to brilliantly coloured playthings and motives. Numerous academic researches show that kids ‘s penchants change with increasing age.

Many kids under 10 when asked, will place ruddy ( or tap ) and yellow as their favorite colorss. Those above 10s say that they start preferring blue. Experts who study kid development see it to be with the procedure of turning up. They tell us that such altering penchants tie in with changing and bettering abilities, with adulthood and the perceptual experience of different tempers.Educationists have besides found that coloring material penchants are closely connected with the gender. Numerous researches show that most small misss from the age of six onwards prefer pink, lavender or violet.

Small male childs like black and other dark colorss more than misss of their age. Adults accustom small misss and male childs to wish certain colorss. The inquiry here is, are misss ‘ and male childs ‘ coloring material picks acquired or natural/innate?Talking about stressing certain features by agencies of colorss, gender designation is merely one illustration. If you see a kid ‘s chart done up in bright coloring material, it could advantage the kid who has drawn it by being non merely meaningful, but memorable every bit good. As explained, the kid ‘s memory of the colorss used may open the door to what the coloring material enclosed or signified in text. Again, the kid is larning by doing associations.Publishers are cognizant of this fact and have used coloring material in kids ‘s and adolescent ‘s books to the maximal advantage.

You besides can utilize it to learn, motivate and inspire kids who draw their inspiration from you.

Colour linguistic communication and kids

First see how kids get acquainted with colorss. They learn to separate them long before they know their names. Children learn the names of colors at around the age of 2-5. Girls normally identify colorss earlier than male childs. Of class, all kids develop otherwise, as the procedure of turning up is connected with the province of nervous system.Here are typical associations between colorss and where a kid can happen them, in the natural signifier. It is helpful information as immature kids progress through their charted Mind MapYellow – bananas, lemons, SunRed – apples, tomatoesBlue – denims, skyGreen – peas, grass, foliagesGrey – an elephantBrown – a bear, tree barkIllustrationResearch has shown that, for illustration that if you were to paint an apple blue, show this blue apple to a kid and inquire him what it is, it takes him or her more clip to acknowledge it.

Come to believe of it, a kid could happen a bluish apple good story. It testifies to their sense of temper and the ability to laugh at gawky things and things that are wrong. If a kid uses such symbolism in a Mind Map, he is showing his sense of temper. He may besides be acquiring some facts to stand out.Possibly you want to larn and learn a linguistic communication.

Your kid is holding to larn one.Some linguistic communications such as Gallic and Hindi have more than one gender. There may be two genders-masculine and feminine ; or three-masculine, feminine, and neuter. Gender is ever important and has to be learned along with the vocabulary. The manner to makethis is to add a farther dimension to your mental image of each word by coloring it harmonizing to its gender. You can take your ain colors for masculine, feminine, and neuter ( if necessary ) , but you must lodge to utilizing the same 1s all the clip.

As you learn each new word, mentally use the relevant coloring material to the image.You might take blue for masculine words, ruddy for feminine. Then, if the word “ Canis familiaris ” ismasculine, colour it blue ; if the word “ door ” is feminine, color it ruddy. Let a kid make this, and it could convey out the most humourous side, taking to fun and game playing – and memorizing.Note: non true. Try Hindi words and color them.

Chapter 5- Fun and games in Mind Mapping

This continues from where Chapter 4 did non go forth off because kids like to hold merriment. Everyone who is six or seven or eight old ages old likes to play. The nine and 10 twelvemonth olds like to play physical and mental games every bit good as their involvements begin to turn towards the universe, towards themselves and their cohort group.

This wide description is true for all kids, within the assortments of their single personalities, geographical location and stuff to play with.Children in this state suit into childhood along conventional lines, so turn up with greater consciousness of the chances at their disposal, or the deficiency of chances. It is impressed upon kids in India that school work and out-of-door activities should be given maximal value. Our kids are taught to esteem and delight their seniors. They are given to understand that success in the hereafter is based on this.There is besides presently a move to ease the force per unit areas of serious, academic school course of study under any of the national boards. The entire expected of school kids is a great trade. Concerned grownups have come to understand that there is more to turning up than serious survey and non stepping out of line.

They have come to understand that a factor such as childhood merriment, has to be maintained for kids. Educationists have provided a powerful tool. They have provided a construct such as Mind Maps, which allow the academically goaded kid to utilize tools such as merriment and games to analyze. The medium of such survey is the Mind Map.The thrust is towards a balance between school related activities for junior and secondary school kids.

It is besides the ground why Mind Function is being picked up by parents and instructors for immature kids, and the ground why kids are reacting readily to larning through Mind Mapping.Adults who enable kids to Mind Map are cognizant of the nature of Mind Mapping. Children approach the procedure as though it is a trade which they can manage and acquire better at, a sort of avocation. They say that they look frontward to Mind Mapping because of the merriment component that it embodies. When a kid of six starts out with Mind Mapping, he thinks of it as a learning game and perchance another signifier of kid ‘s drama.

Different types of drama

Physical dramaMotor drama provides critical chances for kids to develop both single gross and all right musculus strength and assists coordination of motion and musculus, nervus, and encephalon maps.

Recent research has confirmed the critical nexus between exciting activity, logical idea ( adulthood ) and encephalon development. Young kids must hold ample chances to develop physically. The procedure takes topographic point through motor drama and increases the immature kid ‘s assurance towards more physical activity.Social PlayA assortment of chances for kids to prosecute in societal drama are the best mechanisms for come oning through the different societal phases.

Children are placed in a group with their equals in the procedure of go toing school. By interacting with others in drama scenes, kids learn societal regulations such as, give and take, reciprocality, cooperation, and sharing.Through a scope of interactions with kids at different societal phases, kids besides learn about their ain wants and emotions. The interactions with their equals and older kids teach them to use patterning and to utilize moral logical thinking to develop a mature sense of values. Children need to take part in a assortment of societal state of affairss so that they can work efficaciously in the systems of acquisition and application of that acquisition.Constructive PlayConstructive drama is when kids manipulate their environment to make things. It could take topographic point when they play with sand and H2O, concept simple playthings such as dolls and illumination theoretical accounts and pull on the floor and wall with whatever they have at manus.

Constructive drama allows kids to experiment with objects and figure out forms and combinations that work and do n’t work. They make simple decisions about their drama and art, about vocal and accomplishment.Constructive drama gives kids a sense of achievement and authorization.

It gives them the realisation that they can do a difference to things around them, their environment. It is kid ‘s drama which provides the kid with the realisation that she can manage and pull strings objects for different intents. The kid with turning assurance translates these decisions towards pull stringsing words, thoughts and constructs.Fantasy PlaySix and seven and eight twelvemonth olds gain an apprehension of mental operations and believe logically about concrete events but have trouble understanding abstract constructs. Abstract constructs are affairs which can be explained and talked about, like whether the regulations of a game are right or unfair. As their mental operations grow, kids near to ten and above Begin to believe in logical ways, though they may non recognize this fact every bit good as their parents or instructors. They are concluding and edifice on any mental operations from an earlier age.Children teach themselves abstract symbolism.

They can deconstruct from the concluding merchandise of constructive drama. They learn to function drama and apply imagined state of affairss. They experiment with linguistic communication and explicate their ain words and looks. They are exerting their imaginativeness and diverse relationships at place and with friends.

In add-on, kids develop flexible thought and learn to establish information on factors beyond the immediate. Adults may believe that peculiar kids are depicting the parametric quantities of a different truth. It is merely that kids are seeking their best to stretch the boundaries of their lives and are proving adult-given regulations.Other thoughts, constructs, dreams, and histories are all portion of phantasy drama. In a society driven by engineering and the absolute, kids have to pattern with any and all signifiers of abstraction – clip, topographic point, sum, symbols, words, and thoughts. In a manner, these are indispensable for growing for a kid ‘s head.Games With RulesDevelopmentally, most kids advancement from an egoistic position of the universe to an apprehension of the importance of societal contracts and regulations.

Part of this development occurs as they participate in traditional games. In traditional societies, the misss play a different set of games e.g.

rimes set to the swing of the jumping rope. Boys delay to be included in football and any ball game, merely like the male childs in the more senior categories. The “ games with regulations ” method teaches kids a critically of import construct – that any concern in life has regulations ( Torahs ) .

It becomes evident that Constructive Play comes to the bow when kids Mind Map. Children work with stuffs of paper and pencil, they accomplish something and feel empowered when they have tackled something like a hard lesson, completed their prep and done good in an exam thanks to the Mind Map of that subject.At a secondary degree, Social Play was involved if the kids undertook the Mind Map as a squad. It was merriment, and besides had Games with Rules. Within the free signifier of the Mind Map, there were stairss to be taken and centrifugal coordination as in Physical Play. The regulations of the games have been researched and studied.A Mind Map is merriment for immature kids to do.

As far as they are concerned, it is a better manner to larn. It non the type of larning that imposes on their modules. They can take any fact from their texts or a lesson taught during the hebdomad. They can look inside their heads or their texts or books from the library or from what their instructor said. They can set it down colourfully while they connect other interesting facts to the cardinal one. They can hold every bit much merriment seting in on paper colourfully and every bit right as they can. A good thought ne’er loses its currency and simple thoughts are frequently the best 1s.

As they become accustomed to utilizing Mind Maps and larn in a ocular manner, they should be encouraged to utilize them for taking notes in school. The speedy stenography manner of entering information carries on being a great, fun manner to analyze. When they get to the phase of making school trials, they should be shown how to sum up full chapters of their textbooks on a individual page Mind Map. Revision can be fun excessively, as the kids grow more sure of what they know and how they will remember facts and events for the trial.

Mind functions can assist alteration, even if instructors ‘ class notes are conventional. Theycondense stuff into a concise, memorable format. You have sown the first seeds of structured thought and have used your childs ‘ natural associated memory to larn things without the force per unit area of acquiring every small spot right, without the option of exercising their ain originative drama options of ‘what ifaˆ¦ ? ‘It truly is that simple and your childs will thank you for this gift of larning in the old ages to come. Once they become addicted to utilizing the computing machine, you can present them to electronic versions of Mind Mapping which can be bought cheaply on the cyberspace and downloaded instantly.Your kids have accumulated informations in Mind Map signifier. They have observed the strands of their accumulated cognition and made more associations than in the early effort. The completed Mind Map is a thought-generating tool and the best portion of it every bit far as the kids are concerned, was the merriment they had and the games-type drama they had while they went about it.

Mind Map game boards

The board games promise thought coevals, merriment and creativeness.

They sound merely like Mind Maps, in fact. The game boards can be used for blithe merriment and thought coevals, both for school work and at place. As with Mind Maps, grownups try them out foremost. The aim is to bring forth random new thoughts in a fun manner. Older kids work towards squad edifice and solution determination.Cardinal elements of the game contain infinites where imaginative immature heads can add words to elements known as ‘thought clouds. ‘ It includes card paper and labels.

Children Begin by choosing a subject and adding words to the game board. Here, the random words are selected before the chief illustration. This can be placed face down. Then, a die, coin or phonograph record is thrown on to the Mind Map game board. The topographic point where it lands is the prompt to be followed.Opportunities are, that the die will set down on a word.

The participant can choose a subject for words to add or choose words, the significance of which is abstract and can be used to denote a great many different things. Remember the Fantasy Play above? The possible utilizations are infinite.The game boards present a merriment, inventive and originative manner to use the Mind Map format.

Fun can besides be added to the game board by sharing out or choosing jobs.

Using associations

Children ‘s and grownups likewise love to organize links between pieces of information, constructing up a repertory of associations. When any encephalon receives new information, it searches in its long-run memory for something the same or similar, so that it can understand what it is. This happens in less than an instant and is non a witting procedure. Making associations is the 2nd phase of Mind Mapping as you will retrieve. Making associations is besides really helpful in bettering memory.By actively making a personal nexus for your encephalon to hook on to, you give your memorysomething to work with, assisting it to recover it subsequently. Play association games-perhaps your kid will transport on with it on coach journeys to school: she will inquire her comrades given a word ( possibly a cardinal word from an interesting linguistic communication or history lesson ) what is the first thing they think of? It leads to peer group acquisition, but informally, out of the category room.

It speeds up the procedure of doing associations, a technique that helps to better memory.

Memorizing facts and figures

Bing able to remember facts and figures improves a kid ‘s opportunities of making better in tests and besides her general knowledge-and is priceless if she want to come in quizzes or competitions. There is the Association Technique which will be described in much inside informations subsequently. Basically, your kid learns to make an image out of each piece of information, so she learns to associate them together. For illustration, if she wants to retrieve that Pt Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India in 1947, she would make an image for the twelvemonth and attach it to Pt Jawaharlal Nehru giving his ‘freedom at midnight ‘ address. The of import thing is to make an image that is memorable for her and hence will assist her to remember the associated information.

Crossword, word and maths games

Children ‘s encephalons are ever more active than grownups. Exercises that maintain your memory and encephalon active can besides be undertaken by them.

They would necessitate some mentalattempt. Crossword puzzles and word games are first-class, because they are pushed to remember words that they might non utilize on a regular basis. It increases their vocabulary, of import in any topic and with any larning method, particularly Mind Mapping. Remember the importance of cardinal words in Mind Mapping?Children would be encouraged to utilize the freshly learnt words more frequently. That in bend makes them more articulate and confident. Children ‘s mystifier books such as crossword mystifier books are available in plentifulness in any book shop. For kids every bit immature as six, it would besides take to a general love of mystifiers and possibly on to engagement in general cognition quizzes. In add-on, most of these mystifiers books can be coloured by pencil or crayons, thereby increasing their sense of what coloring material means to them personally.

Play word games with your kids. It will assist stretch them in a fun manner while maintaining you on your toes. Practice mental arithmetic when you are stuck in traffic and present the job with your kids. You know the reply when you practiced it in your caput.It train kids to make simple arithmetic in their caputs from a immature age whenever the chance arises.

You could inquire a six twelvemonth old to add up the cost of the points in yourcart before you get to the check-out procedure. Or you could inquire your 10 twelvemonth old to split a eating house measure between your friends – or his. The method has an extra benefit of acquiring him to hold on the value of money. seek You can ever corroborate the consequences on a reckoner and besides show him how to make this.As your head becomes more expeditiously active at simple arithmetic, he will larn to trust on it. It keeps his short term memory agile and he appreciates how simple amounts can be used in mundane life. Your kid will make his maths Mind Map with little amounts in the associated links in really small clip.

The Mind Mapping Game

This was taken from a verified and well-thought-of web log. The subscriber refers to Getting Things Done, a book by David Allen. One of the stairss recommended in Geting Things Done is to brainstorm to capture all the elements necessary to finish a undertaking.The suggested manner to make this is via Mind Mapping. The writer says that when he foremost heard about Mind Mapping, it was in senior school and he was a bigheaded know-all who thought that he was above every construct that he did non already cognize.

Which meant that he sort of brushed it off. He claims that now that he is an grownup and a bit more mature, he is giving it a attempt utilizing a piece of package.He is non merely giving it a attempt. He has discovered that Mind Mapping is a blast. The one random subject he picked is supplying a batch of amusement. More than this, merely acquiring the ideas out of his caput is a honoring experience, and it is uncovering a batch of the stairss necessary to finish the undertaking. He decidedly recommends giving it a attempt.

He recommends that other grownups experiment with Mind Maping on their following undertaking.He merely wishes that other than happening out about Mind Mapping when he was in senior school and when he did nil about it, that he had started still earlier. He wishes that person, anyone of the grownups had made him sit down and really make a Mind Map. He would hold got a great many things done, he feels. This is his greatest sorrow that he has woken up to how to pull off his clip, better his memory and originative inherent aptitudes at his late age.

He is holding a blast, but he could hold done that some twenty old ages ago with Mind Mapping.