Utilitarianism and Euthanasia Essay

The moral issue that I will discourse approximately is Euthanasia. Euthanasia simplu means conveying the decease of another for the benefit of that individual and besides known as clemency killing. “When a individual carries out an act of mercy killing. he brings about the decease of another individual because he believes the latter’s present being is so bad that she would be better off dead. or believes that unless he intervenes and ends her life. it will go so bad that she would be better off dead” ( Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ) . There are two signifiers of mercy killing ; voluntary and non-voluntary.

Voluntary mercy killing means if it’s coming from the patient him or herself. Non – voluntary means a household member doing the determination for the patient. In an active mercy killing which is illegal. it is stating that you are executing direct action to take someone’s life. In a inactive mercy killing which is legal. it is leting person to decease by non executing some life prolonging action. What does mercy killing has to make with morality? My morality behind mercy killing is that mercy killing should be the right to decease for patients who are intensely sick.

Euthanasia is natural in a manner because in existent life. there is a affair of life and decease. It is natural for people to populate but decease is besides portion of nature. No 1 can populate everlastingly. and since mercy killing is performed on people confronting serious unwellness and confronting decease. Euthanasia seems to understand the class of nature and its ways by allowing the patient wish be fulfilled and allow them decease in peace alternatively of enduring in hurting. Jeremy Bentham. laminitis of Utilitarianism. Actions are good/bad. right/wrong based on whether or non they will bring forth pleasance or hurting for the party or parties involved.

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It is fundamentally stating that the rule of utilitarianism is ever chooose the action or societal policy that provides the most happiness for all. Utilitarianism comes with three deductions of the rule of utilitarianism ; We should ever seek the greatest good for the greatest figure. We should ever take to maximise net felicity and Actions are right in proportion to their benefit. We should non believe of ourselves but think of the whole group and what we can make to maximise felicity. Harmonizing to Utilitarianism. the ultimate end is to increase felicity. they don’t attention

about the motivations. It says that one can non favor their ain felicity over the felicity of others. Consequentialism is a thesis which claims we should measure the morality of an act based on result non purposes. Therefore. an act is right if it produces more good effects than bad effects. for all parties involved. given the sensible options. Same result: same moral opinion. Consequentialism looks at purposes. In using mercy killing to Utilitarianism. utilitarianism states that felicity of the mass is the greatest result and since mercy killing is mercy killing.

For illustration if a physician tries to salvage a patient and the patient dies and another physician made the patient dice on intent and didn’t attempt to salvage him. Utilitarian’s wouldn’t attention because both physicians have the same moral opinion and result. Which is bad because non everyone is happy because the patient was denied her/ his will and for that it doesn’t do the whole mass felicity addition. Utilitarianism is partial because non everybody’s demand is been fulfilled and the sum of felicity is decreased. In using mercy killing to consequentialism. consequentialism has merely one responsibility which is to maximise good effects.

It doesn’t affair what we do. all it wants is to maximise good consequences. In executing mercy killing on a individual. we are maximising good effects because the individual bespeaking it is happy about it and wants to be freed from all the hurting and agony. So if a individual receives this intervention. it will increase the mass of good consequences. In Kant theory. morality is a affair of responsibility. A responsibility is an duty. we must make it even if we don’t want to. Morality will dwell in moving out of responsibility. Must be motivated by sense of responsibility. It’s like a jurisprudence or regulation that applies universal.

We must follow it. If a jurisprudence says we can non kill. we have to follow it non merely because we have to but besides is in conformity with our with our moral responsibility. In moving from responsibility. moving harmonizing to jurisprudence and for the right ground. For illustration. it is my responsibility non to kill. Killing is incorrect. The Good Will freely chooses to make something exactly because it is one’s moral responsibility. and that responsibility is dedicated by ground. The lone motive that counts for good will is rightness of action. We control our Good will. it is entirely based on our ain single purposes. will and motivations.

If we make it our moral responsibility to obey Torahs. we are non merely moving on it because we want to and people tell us to but it is something that we are dedicated to and must follow it. We have a ground to follow it because it is our motor and have make our ain place to do it work for ourselves. The categorical imperative theory provinces that act on a axiom ( regulation of behavior ) that you can make will to go a cosmopolitan jurisprudence. It holds without exclusion ; absolute and independent of desires or ends. We should non do exclusion of ourselves. Moral regulations should use every bit to everyone. For illustration: violent death.

Harmonizing to Kant. this can non be a cosmopolitan jurisprudence because everybody would travel around killing each other and will do disturbance in the universe. This sort of behaviour can non be universalized. We have a responsibility non to kill. if we don’t follow that. does it intend everyone should? If person doesn’t give their money out. they act on that because they think everyone else is making it. Conjectural Imperative is conditional and non universal. It is dependent on peculiar desires. ends and conditions. For illustration: if you want to be healthy. you have to eat healthy nutrient. If you don’t follow this. you will non acquire consequences.


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