Utilizing Barcode Technology in Library System Essay

The word system comes from the Grecian word “synistanai” which means “to conveying together or unite. ” A system is a aggregation of interconnected constituents that function together to accomplish some result. A system exists in an environment ( e. g. . a infinite investigation in deep infinite ) . and has operators and users ( perchance the same ) . The system provides feedback to the operator and services to the user. Operators are shown inside the system because operator processs are normally a portion of the system design. and many system maps. including fault recovery. may affect operator action. Systems are developed to fulfill a set of demands that meet a demand. A demand that is of import in some systems is that they be extremely reliable. Mistake tolerance is a agency of accomplishing dependableness. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //hissa. National Institute of Standards and Technology. gov/chissa/SEI_Framework/framework_3. hypertext markup language ) Systems analysis and design is the scrutiny of a job and the creative activity of its solution.

Systems analysis is effectual when all sides of the job are reviewed. Systems design is most effectual when more than one solution can be proposed. The programs for the attention and eating of a new system are every bit of import as the jobs they solve ( hypertext transfer protocol: //encyclopedia2. thefreedictionary. com/systems+analysis+ % 26+design ) . Technology was formed because of this. Without farther cognizing first what the job is. there can be no design to be developed. There’s no construct that can do the construction. Information engineering industry is quickly altering and developing. Not merely developers are being benefited but besides non-technical common people. Many tools. engineerings and systems have been produced and invented and therefore made the life of human existences easier and convenient. Many constitutions presents are switching to computing machine based system. Old ages ago. people are manually file awaying informations such as utilizing registering cabinets. card catalogs. and logbooks. But now. you can rapidly happen what you’re looking for merely by utilizing the computing machine. It’s astonishing how computing machine engineering has changed the manner people live. Buying merchandises such as furniture. vesture. nomadic phones. books. bags. or even paying measures can be made effortlessly merely by being at place. Even now. computing machines are used for learning intents besides.

A library is a aggregation of beginnings. resources. and services. and the construction in which it is housed. Furthermore. it is used and maintained by a public organic structure. an establishment. or a private person. The library is an of import provider of information and an establishment of cognition. It is a topographic point where basic foundations of human acquisition among immature and mature citizens are developed. It is the sanctuary of information of yesterday. of today. and of tomorrow. It is a aggregation of books back in the old yearss. But as of now. it can be referred to as any aggregation of resources such as: maps. paperss. DVDs. e-books. audio books. Cadmiums. cassettes. videotapes. and many others. It provides services to the community. The library started around 1900 BC wherein they are written in clay tablets in cuneiform book. The library was called as an archive during those yearss and so the system has started switching. Before the computing machine age. the users can entree the information by utilizing card catalogs. The visual aspect of the Internet has led to the version of Online Public Access Catalogs ( OPACs ) which allows the users to seek the library’s assets utilizing Internet entree from any location. Most libraries have a system already that makes possible the trailing of book and which have been checked out and returned already.

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The advantage of utilizing machine-controlled system is that it makes things easier. faster and more secured. It allows the library to be more flexible when it comes to any additions in demand. It is easier to utilize because unlike manual system where you have to utilize many things or stuffs to record. compute. collect. update or inform informations – it makes the things efficient. Automation of a library aids take some of the work load off of the bibliothecs and other staff members in the countries of cataloging and circulation. which in bend allows them to better function their frequenters. Automated cataloging criterions. such as MARC ( Machine Readable Cataloging ) . let for quicker cataloging of library points. Not merely does this let the librarian more clip to give to bettering client service. but it besides makes the sharing of stuffs from location to location much easier and much more low-cost. A system can treat informations more rapidly than worlds.

It can enter informations that are being inputted. compute automatically. update without holding the difficult clip to alter stuffs and inform the terminal user without the fuss to inquire to other people of what are the information he needs to cognize. It is faster in giving information of what are the jobs. struggle or if the procedure in the system is traveling swimmingly. An machine-controlled system can make same undertakings repeatedly without acquiring interruptions or acquiring fed up. In manual system anyone can interrupt easy into locks and the system’s security. Professional people can easy fiddle the information of a company. But in an machine-controlled system. people can hold a alone username and a watchword that will forestall the larceny of informations. In an automated library system. it is more efficient to utilize for it can supervise the books that are borrowed. losing. new books. and old books manually. It can describe to you what books are being borrowed. delinquent. losing. new. or old automatically or when searched for.

It can besides assist do weeding out old. outdated and irrelevant books and stuffs from the aggregation. which helps maintain the library’s aggregation more streamlined. It can supply accurate and timely studies. It is accurate for it follows precise instructions without mistake. Not merely the bibliothec who will profit to it but besides for the people who searches for their coveted book. it makes the books faster to happen when they are searched for. An machine-controlled system is adaptable to alterations. It can be reprogrammed to be used for different instructions. It allows libraries to add on characteristics when they become available in the future alternatively of holding to make a wholly refit their aggregations and cataloging methods. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ehow. com/list_5744754_benefits-library-automation_ . hypertext markup language ) One of the characteristics of Local Area Network ( LAN ) which makes a system is that it is limited in geographic operation.

It refers to a group of computing machines interconnected into a web so that they are able to pass on. exchange information and portion resources ( e. g. pressmans. application plans. database. etc. ) . It has high velocity informations transportation rates and can hold a full clip connectivity to local services such as the pressman ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bpsharma. in/eLearning/Networking/Local_Area_Network. htm ) . It is besides has easy file sharing in a short distance which is applicable to the library system. And other than that. it is great for synchronising informations over many computing machines. The proposed system will implement the usage of barcode engineering. A barcode is a device used to pull out information optically. It consists of series of perpendicular dark bars separated by light infinites when illuminated reflected light is detected by electro optical detector. It allows real-time informations to be collected accurately and quickly. With the usage of this. the services provided by the library can be faster and efficient.

A barcode contains the book’s International Standard Book Number ( ISBN ) which is a alone figure assigned by the publishing house of the book to a book rubric for the intent of tracking and telling. They offer automatic merchandise designation. highly fast acknowledgment and execution of informations. a really low mistake rate. are highly cost effectual. and can help employers with take downing overhead and cutting down on preparation clip and labour. The modern universe demands that companies stay in front of the competition and maintain up the gait when it comes to modern engineering in concern. It improves public presentation. productiveness and profitableness if used with the combination of computing machine and application package. Using barcodes is a really built-in piece of the stock list tracking procedure that offers up infinite benefits to both the company and its clients ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nationalbarcode. com/info/advantages-of-barcodes. hypertext markup language ) .

Background of the Study

The Antipolo City was named after a tree locally known as Tipolo which was in copiousness in the country during the old times. The early written history of the city’s history was recorded in 1578 by the Franciscan Missionaries who came to Christianize the indigens like the Dumagats. In 1521. the Jesuits replaced by the Franciscans in Antipolo who organizes the small town into parish. They built a chapel in Sitio Sta. Cruz wherein the first homily in Tagalog was delivered in a mass celebrated at what is known as the “Pinagmisahan” . On March 25. 1626 Governor Juan Nito De Tabora brought to the state from Acapulco. Mexico. the image of the Virgin Mary and before he died. he bequeathed the image was installed at Sitio Sta. Cruz and it is said that this was lost several times and each recovered on a Tipolo tree. Because of these unusual incidents. it was decided in 1632 to raise the church at that topographic point under disposal of Fr. Juan de Salazar. By 1850. the town is now portion of the Province of Tondo. The state was divided into two towns which were placed under Manila while others were placed under the District of Morong.

In 1853. Antipolo was officially placed under the District so known as Los Mentos de San Mateo which was subsequently known as the District of Morong in 1857. On December 27. 1854. Juan Sumulong was born of the partners Policarpio Sumulong. Then Captain Municipal of Antipolo and Arcadia Marquez. When the Filipinos rose in rebellion against the Spaniards. many Antipoleans joined the Rebels. They had an brush with the Spanish Soldiers at Mt. Makatubong. a mountain within Antipolo ; Juan Sumulong became the secretary of the revolutionists in the states. Two months after the declaration by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo of the Philippine Independence on June 12. 1898 at Kawit. Cavite. Antipolo officially joined the radical authorities was transferred to the towns of Tanay. After the civil authorities was restored in 1901 by the Americans. Valentin Sumulong became the first Alkalde of the towns.

The Province of Morong was renamed Rizal Province and some of the towns near Manila were made portion of the Province. On January 1. 1919 under executive Act No. 57. Teresa was segregated from Antipolo. In 1929. German San Jose of Malate. Manila composed the vocal of Antipolo ( Tayo na sa Antipolo ) which instantly made national attending. In 1930. Pascual Oliveros became city manager of Antipolo and electric services reach the town proper. In 1952. Hinulugang Taktak was proclaimed a national park under Presidential Proclamation No. 330 of the President Elpidio Quirino. And on January 14. 1854. the Bishops of the Philippines proclaimed the Cathedral of Antipolo as the official shrine of Virgin of Antipolo. In 1960. Sumulong Highway was constructed and the people from outlaying towns migrated and occupied the hills and the versants.

In the 70’s the Marikina-Infanta route better known as the Marcos Highway was constructed tracking the mountains of Antipolo. On February 13. 1898. President Fidel V. Ramos signed into the jurisprudence the measure jointly sponsored by the Congressman Gilbert Duavit and Egmidio Tanjuatco. doing the municipality of Antipolo into a component metropolis of the Province of Rizal. Republic Act No. 8508 became the charter of the City of Antipolo in plebiscite called for the intent and Antipolo acquired corporate being as the City of Antipolo. Across the street from the Antipolo City Hall in P. Burgos St. . housed on the 2nd floor of the COMELEC. the Antipolo City Library is unfastened to provide the populace particularly the Antipolonians. It was April 2003. eight old ages ago. when a airy group of well-thought-of people headed by former Mayor Angelito C. Gatlabayan and members of the Sanggunian Panglunsod. the Antipolo City Library was established. Its one undertaking is to advance “Literacy for All People” and other enrichment activities for the development of societal growing.

The library provides free entree to all beginnings of information to run into the demands of a diverse and complex group of clients who has a assortment of particular intense and demands that must be met. One portion of the library is the Kiddie Area where pre-schoolers and the simple pupils can play and analyze at the same clip. The Audio Visual Area for video presentation to enrich pupil reading. It has a batch to offer that traditional notebooks or printed stuffs can non. With the enterprise of assorted constitutions. private organisations. friends and co-workers. the Library gathered about 10. 000 books and other stuffs. Everybody is welcome to see and utilize the library non merely to develop information literacy but besides as a centre of originative thoughts for preparation and workshops. exhibits of historical events and other societal map.

The Antipolo City Library is manually updating their lists of books. statistics of their library users. and studies which is located in Microsoft Excel. The chief job is that the placement of books is time-consuming. Everyone can entree their files for there is no needful username and watchword when accessing it.

The Antipolo City Library provides free service to the general populace in advancing literacy and humanity plan. Currently. the user must first continue in the enrollment are to subscribe in. The bibliothecs are utilizing a paper and a booklet to hive away the information of the user. The day of the month. name. time-in. time-out. school. and their reference are included in registering. The user must go forth their personal properties to the luggage and procure a stub figure. A personnel-in-charge will help the client by giving the construct of advice and information for speedy location of the research purposes. If the user borrows. he must hold a referral missive from the private persons or he must be a authorities employee.

If so the user are those. the librarians will now inquire for the user to make full up the borrower’s card which is in an index card and the librarian will enter the information in a booklet such as the book name. writer. book codification. and its published twelvemonth. If the user is returning a book. the librarian will return the book in the shelf but will look into the index card where the location of the information of the user in order to corroborate that the book was returned. If the user lost the book. the user must replace it likewise to it and must return to the library once more. The studies made in the library are a boring occupation. The statistics of the books that are available in the library are stored in the Microsoft Access which makes possible the information duplicate. Anyone can entree to their statistics and their studies which makes the current system inefficient.


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