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Mobile Marketing

marketing is marketing that takes place through portable digital devices such
as the smart phone and tablet. Although the digital age is at its peak which
causes almost everything to be executed through a smartphone, it is seen that
the conversion rates on smartphones are significantly lower than the conversion
rates on computers. While the evidence of mobile marketing effectiveness is
still scarce, marketers around the world are spending increasing amounts of
money on marketing activities in mobile media(Webster, 1992) Thus Dilmah will take steps to
perforate this barrier in marketing. 

Social Media Marketing

at the 15th of April 2017, Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly
active users, Twitter has 302 million and Instagram has
300 million. It also apparent that with so many people spending so
much time on social, it’s becoming one of the most important channels for
brands to utilize in order to engage with their current and prospective
customers. (Smartinsights).

Search Engine Optimization

engine optimization is the art and science of making web pages attractive to
the search engines in order to achieve a high search engine ranking (Harold
Davis, 2006). Successful execution of SEO causes Dilmah to appear at the top of
the pages. This is critical as most people only view the first few searches
that appear once a desired product is searched for. Thus Dilmah appearing at
the top of searches will increase number of visits and eventually increase the
number of conversions.

Marketing Automation

marketing has been in the top 3 marketing techniques for the past 5 years.
But at present only a very few companies have identified the future prospects
that marketing automation has to offer. Marketing automation is a software that
automates ones marketing content and actions. This can be utilized to automate
repetitive content such as emails, social media posts and website actions.
Automated marketing can help an organization to nurture
prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects
to customers and turn customers into delighted customers (Hubspot). This type
of marketing generally generates new revenue and significant ROI. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

is when one of your prospective customers takes an action that you desire for
them to take. That is primarily the purchase of a product. But it doesn’t
necessarily mean that the customers need to only make purchase. ‘Conversion’
can mean different things to various it people. It could range from creating an
account, downloading the app, signing up for newsletters, etc. Conversion rate
optimization is a process that will increase the number of visitors that are
converted to prospective customers. 


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