Valentines Day Essay

Valentine’s Day is a twenty-four hours of love and love affair for some. a twenty-four hours of cocoa and cards for others. but for many. it is a twenty-four hours of acrimonious despair and yearning. Every twelvemonth when Valentine’s Day comes about. I hear my friends whine about how they don’t have fellows. They go on about how much better the twenty-four hours would be if they had person with whom to portion it. Blah. bombast. bombast. whimper. whimper. whimper! But I’m non like other misss. I’m your worst incubus if you are holding a commiseration party. I don’t need a fellow ; I am merely as happy ( if non happier ) with some cheesy love affair films and a large box of excess chocolatey don’t-hold-the-fat cocoas.

What I do happen interesting about Valentine’s Day is how it came to be. Though this vacation makes large vaulting horses for confect and card companies. they did non make the tradition. The vacation began with a priest known as Valentine. his illegal activities. and the monetary value he paid.

A long. long. clip ago in a galaxy non so far off. in a topographic point known as Rome. lived an evil adult male named Emperor Claudius II. but for the interest of brevity we’ll merely name him Claud. Now. Claud wanted to hold a large. strong ground forces but unluckily. the work forces of Rome didn’t truly want to contend in any wars. and can you fault them? Anyhow. Claud got this superb thought that the work forces didn’t want to contend because they were married and had childs and all the ingredients for a fabulous peaceable life. So. Claud decided to censor matrimony for immature work forces.

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Here is where St. Valentine enters. A bishop and Rebel who believed in love. he continued to get married twosomes in secret. That merely makes it all the more exciting. in my sentiment. On the other manus. how much would a secret nuptials malodor? It would merely be you. Valentine. and your betrothed. Well. I suppose it would be well cheaper than holding a large knock. but it still wouldn’t salvage you any money on auto insurance.

Acerate leaf to state. Valentine got caught. No more secret midnight nuptialss for him. Claud ordered that Valentine be put to decease. During his imprisonment. nevertheless. he fell in love with a miss. Yes. there is ever a miss. Some beginnings believe the miss was the jailer’s blind girl and that his loving devotedness cured her sightlessness. Before his decease on February 14. 270 AD. he wrote her a missive and signed it “From your Valentine. ” Looks a spot familiar. doesn’t it?

There is some guess as to how St. Valentine died. Some say that he was stoned and beheaded. others believe he became brokenhearted in gaol and died. You can pull your ain decisions. I like to believe that he was abducted by foreigners and is still on Venus … merely kidding.

The above is merely one of many versions of St. Valentine’s narrative. By now it’s likely so baffled that we will ne’er truly cognize what happened. but that is true for about every narrative. What is of import is that St. Valentine died a sufferer for love and matrimony and all that mushy material. And I respect him for that. I know a few misss who would likely decease for the same things. As for me. a mastermind one time anonymously proclaimed. “Forget love. I’d instead autumn in cocoa. ”


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