Value of theory to clients

Theory is every systematic aggregation of thoughts that relate to a specific topic. Observations that can be explained by a construction designed to analyse them is called a theory. It can besides be a series of rules using to something and depicting a set of phenomena. A theory should be able to place this set of phenomena and do allegation about the world of a consistent aggregation of thoughts. Theories are supposed to be practical and they are ne’er considered right or incorrect. They are supported merely by observations and there is some important truth in every one of them but no individual one of all these theories says it all.

On every field, practicians make determinations and give advice based on rules, theories. A good practician demands to foretell the effects of action and if he ‘s non able to make that he is barely responsible or professional. Each calling theory should depict the of import characteristics of the state of affairs and happen cogent evidence of what truly happens. Theory asks “ why does it go on this manner? ” and attempts to give a ground based on the grounds. Understanding the causes and the consequences means that a practician can work out “ what would go on if… ” By making this the practician can see how outcomes alteration if intercessions are different. This is where theory and pattern communicate with each other.

Theories have a great impact on a practician ‘s manner of work and in order to give advice, information and guidance he should be able to use these theories based on the state of affairs. Bing capable to make that gives him the assurance to do the best of his accomplishments to assist the client. By making that he increases his scope of accomplishments, ego consciousness and the chance to give and acquire support. Meeting the desirable result means that the practician has been tested and proved his effectivity and cognition on the topic. It ‘s a manner to measure his accomplishments, dispute his ego and reflect on his action. Having the cognition to accommodate theories to the client ‘s needs improves his public presentation, gives him guidelines and provides him with a mark for pattern. The practician is developing his accomplishments by interacting with people and larning from them. He ‘s being changed by the persons and his ability to near and understand the demands of the client.

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Guidance is a manner of assisting people overcome jobs and accomplishing their ends. The clients should hold the resources needed to cover with any trouble they have and this is what they should seek to derive from a meeting with a calling practician. After the meeting they should be able to do good informed realistic determinations, resolve their jobs and reflect on their egos. In order to accomplish what they desire, they should research their picks, increase their apprehension of the state of affairs and do effectual programs. These can be achieved if the client trusts the practician and understands that he has the best involvement at bosom and his function is to do him more responsible on his determination devising and his hereafter planning.

Using the instance survey provided offer justification as to how the theories studied can lend to our apprehension of the client and the issues that the instance survey nowadayss. Measure the deductions these penetrations have for the pattern of calling counsel.

As we can see from the instance survey Dee is a individual easy influenced by everyone around her. She did n’t travel to college or 6th signifier after she finished school because of her parents, who seem to hold the concluding word on her life ‘s way. She found a occupation to lend to the household income and she got married really immature because her parents believed that is of import to settle down with a hubby and kids. She left others steer her life determinations but now she seems ready to take her life on her custodies. Dee has been through every major passage in her life and I can see that she managed to get the better of many obstructions to eventually make up one’s mind she wants more of her life. Her new-found assurance and aspirations brought the terminal of her matrimony but she seems to be able to do her determinations without the influence of her household.

As her practician I would utilize the occupational pick theories and the passage theories to understand Dee and the issues she presents at the meeting. Transition theory provides a description of ways in which people may get by with alteration and pull penetrations on hoe people make determinations. If the client understands the procedure of passage it would be easier for her to prosecute and take part in the procedure.

Most of the passages in Dee ‘s life were nonvoluntary and a figure of conditions appear to disenable her from taking the following measure, happening a new occupation or traveling to the university. She has no economic security, high committednesss as a adult female divorced with two kids and no 1 to back up her. She is a individual who experienced multiple passages in her life, matrimony, parentage, divorce and from school to work. All these events in her life are possible vehicles for adulthood and personal development.

As practician we should hold in head that each of us cope otherwise with passages and the more cognizant a individual becomes of these facets of himself, the better equipped he will be to command the alteration efficaciously and to be benefited from the passage. Adams, Hayes and Hopson signify that a rhythm of feelings and reactions are expected in every type of passage. The rhythm has seven phases and a individual must travel through them in order to travel on. The first stage of the passage is immobilisation. The individual feels overwhelmed, frozen and unable to make anything about the state of affairs. Then comes the stage of minimisation. At this point the individual is in denial or feels euphoric. Denial is sometimes a positive reaction and a necessary manner to set. The 3rd stage of the rhythm is depression. Peoples are to the full cognizant of the state of affairs and experience powerless. Not being able to acquire control of their life they frequently get depressed, angry and have an intense feeling of hopelessness. As people start to confront the world they manage to travel to the 4th stage. They begin the procedure of unhooking from the state of affairs and allowing travel. At the 5th stage people turn out to be more active, follow new behaviors and life manners to cover with this large alteration in their lives. At the following stage people try to happen a ground for the things that are different now and what this means for their lives. Finally, at the 7th stage of passage people acknowledge the world, have a better apprehension of their egos and prove their behaviors based on their experiences through the passage.

A individual who is already sing a divorce and a calling alteration is possible to be more disquieted and have a more powerful passage. To be able to give advice and steer a individual like Dee means researching all of the facets of her life, how she arrived at this point and how she made all these determinations that brought her today to this office to acquire career counsel. Bing familiar with the occupational pick theory gives as a better apprehension on how Dee decided to alter her calling and what obstacles she may confront during this procedure.


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